Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pink Parcel May 2014

Pink Parcel is a new(?) monthly subscription service, and by that I mean monthly. It's designed to help ease your monthly (and please refrain from wincing or laughing because this is what I like to call it) shark week, by providing you with a nice supply of tampons of your brand of choice, as well as makeup, skin stuff and chocolate!
 The box is separated into three sections, For Now, For Later and For You. 
 The For Now bag is so that you can pop your bits into the little bag, and keep it your bag without it looking like a bundle of tampons. Which it is. It's basically there so you can grab it and go. 
 The For Later section is actually two thin big boxes, you can choose from different 'plans' when you sign up, and choose which brand you want to receive. All the popular ones are there so you'll be fine!
 You and I both know this little box is the reason I signed up. The little For You box. It's filled with nice little goodies and treats that I can't wait to use! 
The two things I will not use are the Dove Deodorant and the Teapigs Teabag. I saw that some people received a fruity teabag, which I would definitely have loved to have tried, but I don't drink tea and hate camomile. I'm also allergic to spray on deodorants, dunno why, just am! The Skinade things are creepy, apparently you have to put them in a drink and drink them, that scares me a little as there weren't any other instructions. I would really like to see a little guide card like Glossybox has, simply because I don't know what these things do! There's a travel-size righteous butter from Soap & Glory, I love righteous butter, it's so moisturising and will be great for my dry elbows and knees. 
I've wanted to try the Baby Lips from Maybelline for ages, but never took the plunge so I'm glad to have received this! I saw that some people got the Baby Lips and the Baby Skin instead of the righteous butter, which I would have preferred as I've never tried that before either. I'm looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about though! 
The last item was a mini bar of Montezuma's Organic Milk Chocolate, if you've never heard of/eaten Montezuma's before YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON LIFE! It's my all-time favourite chocolate, and is so delish! 

As a round-up, I liked this box. It'll help stock up my supply, and it's nice to have a few treats if I want them! The first box is only £5.95 with FREE SHIPPING! After that it's £9.95 a month again with FREE SHIPPING, so all-together this box is less than a tenner, and you can try all kinds of brands if you want! 
I'd recommend the trial as it's less than £6 and you can suspend your subscription at any time.


  1. This is such a fantastic idea! Being housebound means I have to order online as hubby would rather not shop for "supplies", I'm thinking this is a better solution! I think that's how I'll sell it to him ;-) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am seeing this for the first time, would try it I hope they ship to Nigeria. Thanks for sharing found your blog on meet me on the bright side beauty hop, followed on GFC follow back? :) thank you

  3. I just came across your blog searching for a review on this Pink Parcel - I've just seen it on Facebook and wanted to check out what it was like! :)
    Thanks for the review, I'll definitely sign up for the £5.95 trial box and see how it goes from there, love the idea of this box!

    Also, I've really been enjoying reading your blog, your design is really nice, and your photographs are fab too! Followed you on GFC - I'd love if you could stop by my blog too :)

    Laura x


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