Thursday, 15 May 2014

My phone case addiction*

The first thing you should know about this post, is that if I were to become an extreme hoarder and be on that programme, I would either be hoarding Makeup Packaging Boxes (yup not even the actual packaging, the boxes they come in) or phone cases. I have so many phone cases it's actually ridiculous. What's worse is that they make so many nowadays, it's freaking hard to keep up with. I can list that for my phone I have at least seven phone cases, one that is covered in pink and silver diamantes, one that looks like a big red bunny, one that looks like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch...the list goes on. 
Today I wanna talk about a phone case I received in the post from Mr Nutcase. 
I was contacted by Mr Nutcase to try out one of their custom phone cases, and having seen so many people with custom cases I said yes. Because, why not? I had a really hard time trying to choose a design from their site, as there are so many. So I decided to go out on a whim and make something of my own, now you know I LOVE 'The Hobbit', and Thorin's Map is one of my favourite 'symbols' from the series. So...I HAVE A HOBBIT MAP PHONE CASE!!!! 
The case is pretty sturdy, and the print on it is perfect. If you choose a custom case, I'd definitely suggest choosing a really LARGE picture. Simply because if you use a small picture, your print will come out pixelated. I had to go through loads of versions of the map before I found one that would work! 
I will probably add something sparkly to this phone case over time, simply because I really like glitter, but for now it's normal. 
The style of case I chose, is one with the print on the back and clear sides. I feel like the side parts of this case, where the clear meets the print will start to wear first. 
I'm really happy with how my custom phone case turned out, the print is smooth and I like how sleek this case feels. Particularly when compared to my red bunny one....that thang was huge! 
The Ultra Light Slimline cases, like the one I made above, are £14.95, which I have to admit is pretty pricey. But, you can completely customise it yourself, and unless you have a phone case printing machine, and the patience to hot glue diamantes onto your phone case, this is a decent price. They offer a few different styles of phone case and cases for Apple products, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and more, plus if they don't have a case for your phone, they'll go out and look for one so that they can print on it for you! 

If you want one of these custom phone cases, you can use the discount code below to get 10% off your case! 


A little question here. I've been thinking about re-naming my blog, something a little more fun? And maybe re-designing it? Your feedback here would be useful! Thanks X


  1. That is a cool case, but I have a galaxy and it seems no one makes cool covers for them that are actually nice, so I haven't had a phone case since I switched. Love the blog, I found it through a blog hop and I followed :)

    Laurie M.
    The Makeup Squid

  2. I've literally just ordered mine too to do soon! Ah, I love yours doll! :D

    Emma x

  3. That's so cool! I used to love phone cases for my iphone 4 too but since I upgraded to the 5c I can't seem to find many phone cases for it!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog


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