Friday, 23 May 2014

MAC Maleficent Lipstick in True Loves Kiss

Just to warn you guys, this is a picture-heavy post! 
When the promo pictures for the MAC Maleficent collection were released, I was pretty excited. I loved the idea that they were releasing a collection that let you create the actual look Angelina wears in the movie, it's awesome! Other people weren't so keen, they wanted greens and purples like the Disney movie, and the Venomous Villains collection. Sure, they could've included a nice green polish or a 'pop of green' liner, the colour of the green flames in the movie. But they didn't so suck it up! 
There was only one thing that I wanted from this collection, particularly after my triple success with the Alluring Aquatics collection and the Osbournes coming up next month. Yeah I am really looking forward to that one! I managed to get my hands on the lipstick in the collection 'True Love's Kiss' from Selfridges. 
I really like the packing, it's nothing special, particularly after the AA collection, but it's simple, sleek and has a variation in finishes within the logo. The lipstick is a shiny black packaging, with the Maleficent logo on the lower half. The logo features matte black wings, and 'Maleficent' in mirrored silver text. 
 If this lipstick had been a pink, purple or nude I would've skipped it. Heck if it'd been a matte red, I would have skipped it. But it's an Amplified finish. I've only ever had one amplified lipstick before, and again that was from the Hey Sailor! limited edition collection, and it was Salute!. I still have this lipstick and it's entirely the wrong colour for me. I digress...I wanted to try the amplified finish on a more wearable colour, another cinching point for me was...
It's sparkly! I don't own ANY sparkly/shimmery/shiny red lipsticks so that was the catch for me. This lipstick definitely adapts more to the wearer than the matte reds like Ruby Woo or Russian Red, I've seen it go pink on some people, stay a true red on others, and on some it leans to a warmer shade. It would depend on the pigmentation of your lips, but is in no way sheer and can be layered. 
Apologies for the lack of 'lip swatch' today, I have some face demons near my mouth and will upload one when they have gone! Because of this I haven't worn it on my mouth for fear of contaminating it (stupid I know but leave it) so can't tell you about wear time just yet. 
This lipstick was £16.50 which is £1.50 more than regular line lippies, I'm really happy with this lipstick, I can see it being a more universal than the likes of Ruby Woo etc. which are definitely blue-toned and unadjustable. 
If you can find a dupe for this either on the high street or in MAC then try it out! You might just find your perfect red! 
Can we just take a quick look at these lippies please, MAC what is goin' on with your moulding? WHY ARE THEY DIFFERENT? The lipsticks contain all the same amount of product but are different shapes, I don't know why but this irks me. 
L-R Mystical from AA, True Love's Kiss, Sushi Kiss, Russian Red. Why is Mystical thicker and stubbier, and TLK long and thin (this is starting to sound like an innuendo but it's not), I've only used mystical a few times...and rarely use Sushi Kiss. 
What is this? 


  1. Oooh it looks lovely! Gorgeous colour.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Oh I wanted this and now it's sold out. Boo! Will have a peek in store at the weekend and see if my luck holds! I found your blog on the #bbloggers blog hop by the way! Love your stuff so I'm going to follow!

    Jaq @

  3. This MAC x Disney new collection makes me can't wait to watch the movie! Love the shade that you got.



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