Saturday, 3 May 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Lipstick in Mystical

This collection is becoming more and more hyped up online, it was a random, unknown release last week and already (I think) all of the lipsticks have sold out. It's the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection. Usually MAC collections are released in the US first, and then gradually (and very slowly if I may add) make their way across the atlantic to our little British hands. But this time it was released here in the UK first, and it took us all by surprise. No press had been done, there were no online swatches, it just seemed to be this random beautiful collection that people were stumbling across online! 

I received a promo email for MAC's new Patent Polish lip pencils, and decided to take a quick look, and stumbled across this random new collection. Unfortunately, the 'real' promo emails for the Alluring Aquatic collection only came out a few days after the collection was released. This meant that for people who weren't already 'in the know' some of the colour part (lipsticks, blushes etc.) of the collection were already sold out. 

I managed to pick out two items the lipstick in Mystical and a blush, which I will review later. At this precise moment, I am also waiting for a bronzer to arrive (come on Yodel!) . I've never had a MAC bronzer, and always wanted to, so decided to take the plunge. 
I feel like we should just address the packaging first, it's a bright teal, a little less green than in my images but still, it's a teal/turquoise and not an aquamarine/blue. This is honestly, some of the most b e a u-tiful packaging I've ever seen. It's gorgeous. It's definitely bright and summery, and the 3D (!) water droplets definitely add that extra bit of detail. It's probably my most favourite packaging from MAC so far, and I've loved a LOT of their packaging, (I'm a packaging fiend if you remember) but this collection is just stunning. The tubes have a black rim around the break line. 
You can see here how the droplets stand out from the casing, I think that this means that all the packaging will be individual, because they simply can't get the exact same droplets on everything can they? Because it's a shiny, bright teal casing, fingerprints are very visible on this packaging, unlike the usual matte black packaging. I do wish I could find out what they used to make those little droplets though! 
The lipstick is a traditional MAC Cremesheen formula, it's smooth and pigmented and very soft on the lips. It's easy to apply, with very little if no dragging upon application. It's a beautiful deep peach/rose colour and is more warm than cool toned. 
This is a very pretty colour and I'd definitely suggest picking it up if you can! 
The wear time is much better than my other owned Cremesheen lippies, being around 4 hours of decent wear, with some pigmentation being left on the lips. I'm honestly completely in love with this colour, it's rich and pretty and it's so beautiful!
These lipsticks are £16.50 each, which is pretty steep. You're paying £1.50 more than a regular MAC lipstick for the limited colour, and pretty packaging. If you check out my post here about MAC recently, you'll see my opinions on their pricing. 
It's a decent amount of money for a lipstick, if you can find a high-street alternative please let me know! 
Would I say go get this? YEAH! It's a stunning lipstick, and the packaging is beautiful. It's definitely one of the most eye-catching pieces in my collection. I really want to see some swatches of Goddess of the Sea, simply because it's the other lipstick I was considering getting my mitts on. All-in-all this is a lovely lipstick, more than a neutral but not OTT and it'll definitely transition from Spring to Summer (it's basically an all-year-rounder) easily. 


  1. I am loving that shade! It looks great on you :)

  2. Great post :) the packaging is so adorable!


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