Sunday, 4 May 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Blush in Seduced at Sea

As you already know, I made a few purch-a-ses from the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection last week, and thought it'd be nice to share them with you. You can check out my review of MAC's Alluring Aquatic Collection Lipstick in Mystical.  
I present to you MAC's Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Blush in Seduced at Sea. Okay, MAC, please stop with the randomly long names! That almost took up a whole line! Le'ts start on the packaging, which I think is the one thing that has really made this collection stand out above all the others. 
It's a beautiful, bright blue-toned teal which looks a little more green in my images. Sorry about that. Due to this being a bright, shiny material, it does pick up fingerprints easier than packaging from previous collections that I own. But this is probably the most beautiful packaging I've seen on a MAC collection. I raved about it here, but just as a low-down the water droplets are 3D and clear. They look like real little rain droplets all over the casing, it's so unbelievably beautiful, and I can honestly say that I've never seen anything like it! 
This is my first ever Extra Dimension Blush, so I was really excited to see how it compared to regular MAC blushes. I own one cream one and one from the Marilyn Collection, so was really intrigued as to what made this different. 
It's set out in the same mould as normal ED products, and comes with a little plastic dome to protect your product. Probably to stop product getting on the lid (?), but if you get it in the case properly, it will stay in the case lid when you open it! 
It's a very pretty peach with a distinct pink and champagne shimmer, I usually hate sparkly blushes, but this is beautiful. I think that this will work well for peach and pink toned skin, as it is perfect for mine and I'm a little of both. 
I now see why it's called 'Extra Dimension', it holds something within it that is just that little bit more than a regular MAC blush. Which kinda creeps me out as the colour really lives up to it's Seduced at Sea name. 
You can see above that it's very nicely pigmented, it's not too pink and has a nice peach colour to it. It's very, very beautiful and will definitely sit well with me for the coming seasons! 
Seduced at Sea is the peach offering from the Alluring Aquatics Collection, the other being Sea Me, Hear Me which is a nice berry-toned pink. Seduced at Sea is described as a "mid tone neutral plum", it's not a plum colour, if we're talking fruit it's more peach, apricot or nectarine. 

The ED blushes from this collection are £20 each, which is £2 more than MAC's regular powder blushes. However in the ED blushes you get 0.5g more product than in the regulars. Making it 6.5g or 0.22 US oz instead of 6g or 0.21 US oz. 

This is a very beautiful product, and I'd definitely recommend picking one of these blushes up if you can. I want to go past the MAC counter and swatch the rest of the products at some point, if only to see what MAC managed to develop! 
I know that some people seem concerned that this collection is not bright, but I think that the colour palette is beautiful, it reminds me of the ocean much more than a bright orange or pink could. 

Also, if the teal/warm shades aren't your thing MAC's Playland collection is coming out here in the UK soon, and has already been released in the USA. Its full of brights, and hold up, there's even a yellow lipstick and matching gloss! 


  1. Very pretty!

    Beauty By Jennafer

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  2. That blush shade is so pretty and that packaging is amazing! great post :)


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