Tuesday, 6 May 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Bronzer Compact in Golden

I feel like I keep repeating myself here, maybe because I want you guys to get to see these products before they sell out in-store and online! If you want to check out my review and swatches of the Mystical lipstick or the Seduced at Sea ED blusher slick on 'em! 

Right now though, I'm reviewing MAC's Alluring Aquatic Bronzer in Golden. 
Packaging, as I have said many a time before, is one thing MAC always does well, and here they've REALLY excelled themselves. The Alluring Aquatic collection was a totally random find on my part and the packaging is gorgeous. It's a bright teal mirror with 3D water droplets, however because of the mirrored packaging, it easily picks up fingerprints, which you can easily see in the above picture. 
Golden is a staple bronzer in MAC's permanent line, in regular packaging it is £20, in the LE packaging it is £22. I decided to pay the extra £2, simply because I know that this will be a compact that I will be happy to re-use when I run out. Meaning I can buy myself a new bronzer, powder, whatever and depot it into this compact. (You can check out YouTube videos of this, it's super easy) 
Compared to the original, this edition of Golden seems to have 10g or 0.35 US oz of product, whereas the original has 10g or 0.30 US oz of product. Which confuses me. Can y'all explain this? 

The first thing that struck me when I opened this compact (bare in mind this is my first ever MAC bronzer) is that it looks so velvety and soft. I could tell that the powder was very finely milled just from looking at it, I mean, look at it!!! It's a very soft texture and is definitely russet toned, so if you go more red brown (like me) in the sun than gold brown, this will be perfect for you. (And no I don't mean red brown as in sunburn!) My skin leans to the more russet tones than the golden tones that most people seem to have. 
It has a very nice, subtle golden red glow/shimmer to it. It's truly beautiful. 
It's a very pale bronzer, so wouldn't be suitable for darker skin tones (I'm a MAC NW10/NC10-NW15/NC15 I think that's neutral right?), I'm really looking forward to using this to warm up my skin a little more towards Summer. I have a couple of contouring bronzers, but don't have one like this. 
Would I recommend buying this product? Yeah! It comes in beautiful packaging, and it is a really nice product, very smooth and soft and it feels lovely on the face.  

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