Tuesday, 20 May 2014

LUSH Review: Granny Takes a Dip

One of LUSH's newest additions to the bath bomb family is Granny Takes a Dip (GTaD), a huge psychedelic circular bath bomb. The bath bombs are £3.25 each. It's a combination of different-sized brightly coloured circles, off set to one side. It's very bright, colourful and fun so is definitely a treat! 
One thing that did concern me/creep me out were the odd colourings in the pink part.
Was this just a weirdly mixed batch? Have you tried one? Has it looked like this? 
It has a slightly spicy, peppery scent as it is raw, but this definitely dissipates when in the water. 
This bath bomb is pretty heavy and could easily be used for 2-3 baths depending on tub size, please remember I have tiny hands! This is probably one of the biggest bath bombs I've used. It's definitely on par in size with the likes of The Comforter, or the old Happy Pill (why did you discontinue this LUSH? WHY?) 
In the water it generates a few little bubbles, but remember it's a bath bomb NOT a bubble bar. It's definitely very psychedelic and leaves a bright tie-dye look in the bath when it's dissolved. I do find that when it's dissolving the mixture of the blue, green and red (as you can see above) mixes together to form a really creepy bloody/black colour. It looks gross but there's no evidence of that once the bomb has dissolved. 
It has a sweet, black peppery scent when raw but that definitely dissipates when it's dissolved in the water. It doesn't give off a huge amount of fragrance when it's in the water, but it has a nice, calming, warm scent to it, slightly gingery and lemony but not unpleasant. 
Once it gets through the pink outer layer, it starts to propel itself around the bath, flipping and swirling all over the place. It also turns the bath water BRIGHT pink! I love when my bath water is turned a bright, fun colour, it just makes taking a bath that more fun. However  although I didn't feel like my skin was softer after the bath, I did feel that it was squeaky clean and refreshed. 
Would I recommend this? 
Yeah, I really enjoyed using this. If your looking for something clean and warming then GTaD is definitely for you

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