Friday, 2 May 2014

LUSH and Bomb Cosmetics Haul #4

I don't know why, but I always seem to buy LUSH stuff in batches of six. Maybe because then it ends up being a good price? I wanted to try out a couple of new things, plus I needed to get some prezzies for my friends, so decided to make a little haul out of it! 
 The first thing I got was a solid shampoo bar in Seanik. I also bought a little tin for it to go in as well. I really liked the Jumping Juniper one I got a while back, and know that my friend'll love this! Seanik smells a little strange, I couldn't see it as a body wash scent, but I think this'll smell amazing in hair. It's a bright teal shampoo bar, with little flecks of seaweed, I feel like sea grass in your shampoo will always make it feel more natural. At £5.50 for 55g (each) I think this is pretty reasonable, I use Jumping Juniper once to three times a week (more frequently at the moment) , and it's still as big as it was in January! I'd definitely recommend these bars, and really want to go back and grab this one for myself too. 
 Daddy-O is LUSH's offering of a purple shampoo, these are catered towards our little blonde friends on this Earth. They offer to help reduce brassy tones, and brighten golden locks. I often use the John Freida one to help keep my hair cool toned, it works! 
Anyway, 100g of Daddy-O will set you back £5.40. When buying for others, I usually buy 100g bottles because then if they don't like the product, they don't have a huge bottle to use up. Daddy-O is a bright, metallic purple colour. It's a darker more true purple than the John Freida purple shampoo, which is more of a blue-purple. 
You can definitely smell the violet in this, it's such a beautiful fragrance! 
 I have re-purchased and re-purchased this, I think this is my third bottle, and I've never bought one for myself! It's Raining Men smells like Honey I Washed the Kids soap, and I haven't heard a bad thing back about it! This is £4.50 for a 100g bottle, and is totally worth it, it smells like caramel and butter and all the good things in the world. 
 The next sentence is about to make me feel old, so bare with. I remember when (yeah you see where this is going) the LUSH shower jellies used to be in a long rectangular log shape, you always had to ask to have a chunk cut off, just like the soaps. Ah, reminiscing! I decided to pick up a pot of the WHOOSH shower jelly. I've never tried this before, but my friend will definitely be up for trying it. To me this reminds me a little of the Snow Globe soap from Christmas, it's very fresh and citrussy (not a word). At £3.50 a pot (100g) it's definitely worth the money. I can't wait to find out what she thinks of it! 
 Saying I really don't need any more LUSH bath bombs/bath fizzys/bath anything is more than an understatement. But when I saw Sakura on the LUSH site, I couldn't say no. It's a beautiful powder white bath bomb speckled with teal and pink, with some kind of chunky green and pink things in the top. It smells like jasmine and orange flowers, which are two of my absolute favourite scents! Can't wait to use this. These are £3.25 each and I usually get two uses out of a bath bomb of this size, I think it's around the size of Avobath. 
 IT'S HERE! Strawberry Feels Forever! I've been hearing people non-stop jabbering on about this since the Mothers Day collection came out, and it wasn't listed as a single item. SFF is a massage bar, it's smooth and smells sweet like a strawberry sundae. This thing is pretty big but a lot lighter than I expected it to be, it's not as deep. It looks like a giant pink strawberry, it's so pretty and I can't wait to try it out! For £5.75 it's a nice size for being one of the mid-priced massage bars, and its pink, all I need now is a sexy man and...train of thought has gone. 
The last thing I bought I actually got at my local Haskins Garden Centre, I'm known for liking the Garden Centre. I'm an old person at heart okay? I've been wanting this for ages and finally would up with a £10 note in my pocket so decided to take the plunge, it smells sweet and spicy and delicious all at the same time. I can't decide what it smells like, but it's very familiar. Have we looked at the name? It's called MIDDLE EARTH! Can we just bask in the majesty of this? Middle Earth is a handmade soap slice (100g) and cost me around £3 from the Bomb Cosmetics stand, but you can buy it here. I also have a slice that I got about a year ago called Jack the Rippler...brilliant! 

You'll be seeing reviews of a few of these things, so stick around! 


  1. seanik is amazing-you'll love it :D It always leaves me with that really 'deep clean' feeling if that makes sense haha! the strawberry feels forever looks amazing :o) and middle earth is definitely being added to my wishlist.
    L xo

  2. Great haul, I am obsessed with LUSH! I am using that Daddy-O violet shampoo at the moment and it makes my hair smell soo good!


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