Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Divergent - Amity Makeup and Hair Tutorial

I know, I've skipped on Abnegation. It's only for now though! I've already filmed the tutorial, but I just didn't like it, and I do not want to publish sub-par videos, I want to give you guys the best and if I can't do that I won't. I think I want to see the movie before doing my Abnegation tutorial. 
But anyway, here's my tutorial for Amity! Can I just say, this is probably the easiest, but most colourful look I've done in this series. 
1. The first thing you're going to want to do, is apply a neutral primer (like Makeup Revolutions Focus & Fix) around the eye. By this, I mean in the crease, on the brow bone, inner corner and lower lash line. Then take a white primer like NYX eyeshadow base in White and apply that to the lid. This'll help the eyeshadows to really stand out and 'pop', yeah, I said it, the cheesy line. 
2. Then using a sponge applicator, pat a bright, matte yellow onto the inner half of the eyelid, and slightly nudge it into the inner corner. I used Makeup Revolution's Matte Brights Palette
3. Then, using an almost matte red like Dark Heart Design's Vampire Heart, I covered the outer half of the eyelid and lightly blended the yellow and red together in the centre with a soft brush. Finishing off the eyelid with Glamour Doll Eyes' Pigment in Taylor, (a very sparkly russet red) just under the crease, and blended up a little. 
4. I finished off my eyeshadow, by using a matte white as an inner corner highlight, and a brow-bone highlight. I decided to use a matte as it balances the matte and shimmery aspects of the look, you then have two matte shades and two sparkly shades. 
5. I finished off the eyes with a coat of a new favourite mascara, NYC Big Bold Eyes
6. I used Rimmel's Match Perfection Foundation and a MAC finishing powder, to create a plain, matte base. I wanted my face to be very plain so that the makeup would be bright and bold. I like to think that Amity are the Hippies of the Divergent world, so they'd really appreciate these 'trippy' bright colours. 
7. I finished it all off with a red Barry M lip pencil. I often like to apply just a lip pencil, it feels more natural and 'breathable' on the lips to me. 
You can check out the rest of the tutorial below! 

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