Friday, 30 May 2014

May Makeup Haul Feat. Tanya Burr Lips & Nails!

It's nearly the end of the month (thank god) and everything starting to wind down, which, to be honest I'm really happy about. I only have a couple of weeks left working on my Final Major Project and then I'll be done! I'm so looking forward to having that weight lifted off my shoulders, then the world will be my oyster. I have a few posts about that coming up soon so 'stay tuned' .
I thought that as this has been a VERY heavy makeup month for me, I'd share with you guys my May purchases (well some of them anyway as you've already seen a lot of them), my May spending ban obviously went down the toilet. However, after my purchases (future) from the MAC x Osbournes collection, I will have to go on a spending ban, so many things have caught my eye! 
I've tried Topshop Makeup for the first time, and bought some bits (quite a few) from the Tanya Burr Lips & Nails line (FINALLY!). You can see swatches of absolutely everything, in the video below.
I'm really enjoying YouTube at the moment, and hope that you will subscribe to see my future offerings! Enjoy! 

Also remember that my newest and latest videos will always be found in the sidebar on the right, so you can check out all kinds of new stuff! I'm planning on expanding my channel once I'm done with this project, as well as doing a load of other things here! Excitement! X

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Topshop Makeup Haul

 I've never bought any makeup from Topshop before, simply because I don't particularly like the packaging. But, after seeing so many people raving like crazies over this stuff, I decided to check it out. I wanted to try out something for every 'part' of my face...and nails. 
I only had to look at the name of this polish 'La Cucaracha' to know that I wanted it, plus, the only matte polish I have is beige, and orange feels like it'd be fun for Summer. Why did the name draw me to this? Does anyone remember that scene in 'A Bugs Life'? Where the cockroaches in the background are singing it? No? Just me? Okay.
Next, is a lip paint in 'Hibiscus'. There are many a Topshop lip paint/gloss formula, and I just decided to go with this as it seems the most basic. From this picture, and the one on Topshop's website, you can't see the teeny blue/purple glitter particles in it. They intrigue me. I chose this colour simply because I don't have anything like it! 
 I was debating between a couple of these double ended liners, but in the end decided to go with 'We're Going Home'. It's a double ended kohl liner, one end is black, the other, metallic silver. 
The reason I started looking at buying some Topshop makeup was because of a rave review I read on a blog. I'm really sorry, I can't remember which one! I also made a dent in it when I opened it...damn! This is the cream blush in 'Flush'. These are £7.00 each. 
The last thing I got was another blush, this one is a powder blush in 'Let Her Go'. The blush colours I picked are pretty similar, but 'Let Her Go' is more peachy/orange. This was obviously another sounds like Let it go okay! I'm a huge fan of Frozen. 
There will be some reviews up of these bits and bobs, and I am planning on doing a little haul, once my Superdrug stuff arrives! 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blog Sale! May 2014

As you know, I have a little tab up there ^ that says 'Shop' on here you can find all kinds of links! 
I have recently updated my Makeup Blog Sale, there are all new things, some Benefit, Barry M, Sleek, Revlon, you name it! 
You can check out my blog sale here. Here are some examples of the bits I have up for sale! 

Friday, 23 May 2014

MAC Maleficent Lipstick in True Loves Kiss

Just to warn you guys, this is a picture-heavy post! 
When the promo pictures for the MAC Maleficent collection were released, I was pretty excited. I loved the idea that they were releasing a collection that let you create the actual look Angelina wears in the movie, it's awesome! Other people weren't so keen, they wanted greens and purples like the Disney movie, and the Venomous Villains collection. Sure, they could've included a nice green polish or a 'pop of green' liner, the colour of the green flames in the movie. But they didn't so suck it up! 
There was only one thing that I wanted from this collection, particularly after my triple success with the Alluring Aquatics collection and the Osbournes coming up next month. Yeah I am really looking forward to that one! I managed to get my hands on the lipstick in the collection 'True Love's Kiss' from Selfridges. 
I really like the packing, it's nothing special, particularly after the AA collection, but it's simple, sleek and has a variation in finishes within the logo. The lipstick is a shiny black packaging, with the Maleficent logo on the lower half. The logo features matte black wings, and 'Maleficent' in mirrored silver text. 
 If this lipstick had been a pink, purple or nude I would've skipped it. Heck if it'd been a matte red, I would have skipped it. But it's an Amplified finish. I've only ever had one amplified lipstick before, and again that was from the Hey Sailor! limited edition collection, and it was Salute!. I still have this lipstick and it's entirely the wrong colour for me. I digress...I wanted to try the amplified finish on a more wearable colour, another cinching point for me was...
It's sparkly! I don't own ANY sparkly/shimmery/shiny red lipsticks so that was the catch for me. This lipstick definitely adapts more to the wearer than the matte reds like Ruby Woo or Russian Red, I've seen it go pink on some people, stay a true red on others, and on some it leans to a warmer shade. It would depend on the pigmentation of your lips, but is in no way sheer and can be layered. 
Apologies for the lack of 'lip swatch' today, I have some face demons near my mouth and will upload one when they have gone! Because of this I haven't worn it on my mouth for fear of contaminating it (stupid I know but leave it) so can't tell you about wear time just yet. 
This lipstick was £16.50 which is £1.50 more than regular line lippies, I'm really happy with this lipstick, I can see it being a more universal than the likes of Ruby Woo etc. which are definitely blue-toned and unadjustable. 
If you can find a dupe for this either on the high street or in MAC then try it out! You might just find your perfect red! 
Can we just take a quick look at these lippies please, MAC what is goin' on with your moulding? WHY ARE THEY DIFFERENT? The lipsticks contain all the same amount of product but are different shapes, I don't know why but this irks me. 
L-R Mystical from AA, True Love's Kiss, Sushi Kiss, Russian Red. Why is Mystical thicker and stubbier, and TLK long and thin (this is starting to sound like an innuendo but it's not), I've only used mystical a few times...and rarely use Sushi Kiss. 
What is this? 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eyeliner in Black Velvet

This thing has been EVERYWHERE! Urban Decay recently released a collection of black eyeliners, they are meant to be the best of the best black eyeliners. They are all formulated for different people, and different styles of eyeliner depending on what you like in a liner, and how you like to apply it. There's a gel liner (which I also have my eyes on), a new brush, a felt tip liner and quite a few others! 
I saw these first on Wild Kat Makeup's channel, and completely fell in LOVE with this collection. I think it's nice when companies start to come out with something for everyone, they released the Naked 3 for those who love nudes, the Electric palette for bright pigment coveters and finally a bundle of black liners for those who just want the perfect finish. Altogether this year, snaps for Urban Decay! 
The fact that this liner is called 'velvet' is the main reason it sparked my interest, velvet just sounds luxurious and soft and deep...I love velvet in both fabric form and cake form. I'm a girl, leave it. 

The last review of an Urban Decay liner I did was of Bourbon, which you can view here. The packaging for the velvet liner is the same as the regular 24/7 liners. I LOVE the formula of 24/7 liners, for me, they really do last an entire day. I'll leave my eyeliner on overnight and it'll be there in the morning almost completely perfect, I know you're not supposed to do that but hey?! Please note the last UD liner I bought was Bourbon, so the 'original' 24/7 packaging may have changed since then, I don't know. 
The differences in packaging aren't particularly obvious which I like, it's more linear. The Velvet box is a more matte casing than the original boxes. Also, the sticker on the end (above picture) is one long strip down one side of the packaging, the sticker includes the ingredients and the barcode. This is instead of the name sticker being a circle, and the ingredients printed on the box. 
The actual pencil is a matte black casing rather than a shiny/glittery casing, which I really like because it reflects the finish of the liner. Urban Decay do really well here, with their liners the outer casing reflects the finish so that you don't have to open them all to see whether they are matte, sparkly or metallic! The lid and base are a darker, greyer colour than on the originals, which are a bright silver. 
You can see from the picture just how matte this thing is, it's SUPER matte! It's probably the most matte black eyeliner I own, so if that's what you're looking for get it. It's the pencil that's meant for those who love a smokey eye, I love blending this up into dark brown shadow. It also creates an amazing smokey eye just by itself! Again if a smoky eye is your thing, get it! 
This is a quick, one swipe hand swatch. Look at the pigmentation! 
This is that swatch the next morning! Look at the staying power of this thang! 
The formula is thick, smooth and creamy. It applies like a dream, and I've found that the pencil is smoother than Bourbon. 
I prefer to wear this smudged into my eyelashes, rather than in my waterline. I usually go over my waterline once with this really lightly, and whilst I'm doing that with the pointy tip part, I use the wider base bit to smudge it into my eyelash roots(?). Something like this. 
I'm also really loving the Sleek Vintage Romance palette! So pretty! 
I digress...I managed to get this in the Debenhams Sale for around £13, I usually only buy Urban Decay stuff when it's on sale. But you can still buy it there for £15. Is it worth that much? Honestly, I will re-purchase this when I run out, it's my second-favourite eyeliner, it's beautiful! But if you just want a long-wearing black liner, look to the high-street. This is definitely made for people who are willing to pay money for what they specifically want. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

LUSH Review: Granny Takes a Dip

One of LUSH's newest additions to the bath bomb family is Granny Takes a Dip (GTaD), a huge psychedelic circular bath bomb. The bath bombs are £3.25 each. It's a combination of different-sized brightly coloured circles, off set to one side. It's very bright, colourful and fun so is definitely a treat! 
One thing that did concern me/creep me out were the odd colourings in the pink part.
Was this just a weirdly mixed batch? Have you tried one? Has it looked like this? 
It has a slightly spicy, peppery scent as it is raw, but this definitely dissipates when in the water. 
This bath bomb is pretty heavy and could easily be used for 2-3 baths depending on tub size, please remember I have tiny hands! This is probably one of the biggest bath bombs I've used. It's definitely on par in size with the likes of The Comforter, or the old Happy Pill (why did you discontinue this LUSH? WHY?) 
In the water it generates a few little bubbles, but remember it's a bath bomb NOT a bubble bar. It's definitely very psychedelic and leaves a bright tie-dye look in the bath when it's dissolved. I do find that when it's dissolving the mixture of the blue, green and red (as you can see above) mixes together to form a really creepy bloody/black colour. It looks gross but there's no evidence of that once the bomb has dissolved. 
It has a sweet, black peppery scent when raw but that definitely dissipates when it's dissolved in the water. It doesn't give off a huge amount of fragrance when it's in the water, but it has a nice, calming, warm scent to it, slightly gingery and lemony but not unpleasant. 
Once it gets through the pink outer layer, it starts to propel itself around the bath, flipping and swirling all over the place. It also turns the bath water BRIGHT pink! I love when my bath water is turned a bright, fun colour, it just makes taking a bath that more fun. However  although I didn't feel like my skin was softer after the bath, I did feel that it was squeaky clean and refreshed. 
Would I recommend this? 
Yeah, I really enjoyed using this. If your looking for something clean and warming then GTaD is definitely for you

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My phone case addiction*

The first thing you should know about this post, is that if I were to become an extreme hoarder and be on that programme, I would either be hoarding Makeup Packaging Boxes (yup not even the actual packaging, the boxes they come in) or phone cases. I have so many phone cases it's actually ridiculous. What's worse is that they make so many nowadays, it's freaking hard to keep up with. I can list that for my phone I have at least seven phone cases, one that is covered in pink and silver diamantes, one that looks like a big red bunny, one that looks like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch...the list goes on. 
Today I wanna talk about a phone case I received in the post from Mr Nutcase. 
I was contacted by Mr Nutcase to try out one of their custom phone cases, and having seen so many people with custom cases I said yes. Because, why not? I had a really hard time trying to choose a design from their site, as there are so many. So I decided to go out on a whim and make something of my own, now you know I LOVE 'The Hobbit', and Thorin's Map is one of my favourite 'symbols' from the series. So...I HAVE A HOBBIT MAP PHONE CASE!!!! 
The case is pretty sturdy, and the print on it is perfect. If you choose a custom case, I'd definitely suggest choosing a really LARGE picture. Simply because if you use a small picture, your print will come out pixelated. I had to go through loads of versions of the map before I found one that would work! 
I will probably add something sparkly to this phone case over time, simply because I really like glitter, but for now it's normal. 
The style of case I chose, is one with the print on the back and clear sides. I feel like the side parts of this case, where the clear meets the print will start to wear first. 
I'm really happy with how my custom phone case turned out, the print is smooth and I like how sleek this case feels. Particularly when compared to my red bunny one....that thang was huge! 
The Ultra Light Slimline cases, like the one I made above, are £14.95, which I have to admit is pretty pricey. But, you can completely customise it yourself, and unless you have a phone case printing machine, and the patience to hot glue diamantes onto your phone case, this is a decent price. They offer a few different styles of phone case and cases for Apple products, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and more, plus if they don't have a case for your phone, they'll go out and look for one so that they can print on it for you! 

If you want one of these custom phone cases, you can use the discount code below to get 10% off your case! 


A little question here. I've been thinking about re-naming my blog, something a little more fun? And maybe re-designing it? Your feedback here would be useful! Thanks X

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Face Wipes - Review

This is a quick review of the Yes To Grapefruit Face wipes, I have been using these for about two weeks or more and have given them chance after chance. But I'll get into that later. 
The packaging is really nice, it's my favourite kind of packaging on makeup wipe/face wipe products. The packet is bright pink with little light pink grapefruit slices all over it, and it has one of those clicky lid things. 
^ These ones. I like the clicky lids because it actually makes you feel like you are closing the package, rather than just trying to stick a piece of plastic back down. They never lose their seal, so your wipes will always be moist, whereas on other packaging the piece of plastic you're supposed to stick down always seems to lose it's stickiness. Yah know? 
The wipes have this weird cube pattern all over them, like they are quilted. 
These are meant to be "Cleansing, Exfoliating and Brightening". They are cleansing, they are exfoliating and they are brightening, if bright red is your thing. You are supposed to use them gently 1-2 times a week, or "as needed". I don't feel like these have significantly improved my skin. A few days ago I tweeted saying that I'd used a wipe and my face felt like it was on fire, now, usually after using exfoliating products, my face feels smooth and a little warm, but not too red. I put down this 'fiery' feeling to me maybe using the wipes too roughly...alrighty then I'll use them gently next time. 
That next time was about five minutes ago this is my face now...
The end of my freaking nose is red! My nose NEVER goes red, from anything! It looks like I've got a really bad rash or something, and my face is really hot. It's smooth but not at all comfortable. I don't like these wipes, I really want to try the Yes To Cucumber ones, I think that they'll be more soothing. But these promised to "Correct and Repair", and now I'm just sad. If you want something super exfoliating use these, but they are a no from me. 

-Sidenote: I've seen the Vampire Academy movie, and as an avid lover of the books, I liked it. There will probably be a tutorial or TWO coming up *wink but not in a creepy way*- 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Urban Decay Cream Shadows - Radium, Delinquent & Whipped

The Urban Decay Cream Shadows, have been some of my favourite eyeshadow bases for a long time. I have just re-found them, and really wanna share them with you guys. They are easy to get and pretty cheap as I think they've been discontinued for a while. They can cost anywhere between £2 and £7 on Amazon. For this you get 6.7ml or .2 US fl oz of product. 
I went with a couple of pretty vibrant shades, Radium and Delinquent as well as a more neutral colour; Whipped. I love the packaging of these, they come in what looks like a squeezey tube, but aren't. They all have a white doe-foot sponge applicator attached to the inside of the lid, and have the name written on the back on a colour-corresponding sticker. I've had these for a long time, and none of the stickers are anywhere near coming off. The clear parts are covered in sic-fi alien style silver swirls. 

Radium is a bright, metallic blue with faint shimmer. When applied the metallic properties definitely take over from the sparkle. It's a more teal/ocean blue than a powder/sky blue. 
Delinquent is my favourite shade, it's also the one I bought first. It's a bright metallic purple, with a nice amount of blue and pink micro glitter. The metallic aspect here again takes over from the glitter. It's a night-shade of purple rather than a pastel/lilac purple. 
Whipped is an extraordinary peach with gold shimmer, there's something about this shade that makes it so much more than a regular shimmery nude shadow. It's peachy and golden, it's a very beautiful Summer shade, with almost rose gold undertones. 
These have a lovely, blend able formula, however it does sit a little heavy, but they do wear well for a long time. They are very buildable and there are a huge variety of colours to choose from. If you're a nudes fan, there are colours ranging from the warm Whipped, to the cool toned Mushroom, or the brown Rehab. There's a HUGE variety of bright colours too, greens, pinks, purples, everything! 
Would I recommend these? Hella Yeah! They are pretty inexpensive, easy to find and theres a huge range of colours and tones to choose from, as well as them being relatively long-wearing. 
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