Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Furry Friend Tag!

I haven't done a tag in a while, but after seeing this one over on Shona's (Fresh Beauty XOX) blog I couldn't not do it! Just to get it over and done with now, I tag Emma over at Anchor's Away Beauty and Alice over at Alice Poppy. I also tag any of YOU that have a furry friend that you want to share! Please leave a link to the tag below! 
1. What is his/her name?
I actually have two cats, Lillypees and Cleo. But Cleo is my Mum's cat so today I'll be talking about Lillypees (Lilly) because she's all mine! 

2. When did you get Lilly?
I got Lilly in the summer at the end of year 5 so she is nearly 10! 

3. What is something Lilly does that annoys you?
She is THE sweetest/craziest cat in the world, but most recently she's started scratching at the carpet outside my bedroom door at night. She also scratches the door and miaows. She's VERY indecisive, as in she'll be let outside then five minutes later will want to come back in again. Also, as I have silk bed sheets she likes to claw at them...fluffy demon. She also suffers from 'resting bitch face' in the evenings. 
4. What type of breed is Lilly? 
Lilly is a British Shorthair Tuxedo cat, something I found out after playing the Sims 2 Pets. 

5. Has Lilly ever had a near death experience? 
We actually adopted Lilly (and Cleo) from the RSPCA, Lilly and her siblings had been dumped in a river in a cardboard box. Unfortunately the RSPCA couldn't save any of her siblings. 

6. Does Lilly know any tricks? 
YEAH! She can open doors! 
7. Does Lilly like to snuggle?
Only when it's on her terms. She'll sit and be all loveable for 15 minutes, and then decide she's had enough and bugger off. 

8. Where did you get Lilly? 
As I said before, I got Lilly from the RSPCA. A friend of ours worked there at the time, and told us they'd got a little family of kittens in. She'd shown us a picture of the litter and Mum and I had chosen a kitten each (Dad didn't really get a say...sorry Dad!). Unfortunately when we got their the only survivor was the kitten I'd chosen...Lilly! But, in a little 'house' next to Lilly were a load of super energetic tabbys and their Mum. So that's how Mum chose Cleo! 
9. Does Lilly get along with other cats?
No. She and Cleo will have 'play fights', but in the garden there's a lot of hissing at other people's cats. No fights yet though.
10. Does Lilly get along with strangers?
To be honest when you have a cat, it is THEIR house, not yours. So she doesn't really care, but she HATES our cleaner for some reason. She just gives her evil looks and walks away from her. She doesn't bite or scratch though. 

11. How much does Lilly weigh?
Too much! She's a heavy little cat! 

12. Do you ever dress Lilly up?

Haha, cats are extremely hard to dress up. Lilly does have a bandana somewhere, but she doesn't like it. She doesn't even have a collar so no, I don't dress her up.

13. Has Lilly ever tried to run away?

No, she wouldn't survive if she did. She's a homely cat, whether she wants to admit it or not. This cat is basically the animal equivalent of myself! Below is her attempt at being a Hobo Cat for a day. 
14. How did you come up with Lilly's name?
Lilly's full name is Lillypees Fiona Maverick (and then my real last name). Lillypees is a one-word abbreviation (?) of Lily Pad. I didn't like how Lily was spelt to added an extra 'L', and Pad just turned into Pees somehow. It's a great name to squeal at her, my cat's don't mind loud noises. When I call her it's usually Lil'Pees. Fiona and Maverick are her middle names; Fiona because it's one of my three FAVOURITE girl names (my others are Lilly and Elisabeth). Maverick, because its the name of my favourite character, from my favourite film. 

15. How much does she mean to you on a scale of 1-10?
I can't possibly tell you how much this animal means to me, she's my world. I guess it's because I don't have siblings, she's the only one I can run to when I'm upset or angry or even happy! Not saying she's gunna put her paws around me and console me, but animals can be healing. I love Lilly more than anything. Even though she smells. 

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