Friday, 4 April 2014

Sexism at it's finest.

Sexism - prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

Now I know, we women are constantly complaining about being belittled by men, the whole 'make me a sandwich' or 'get back into the kitchen' malarkey. But because I've been ill, I've recently read a few articles that have REALLY disturbed me.

Article One

The first article I want to address is this one, girls at a High School in Illinois have been banned from wearing leggings. These are one of the most fashionable and most comfortable fashion items, so why have they been banned? Because BOYS are getting distracted. 
"It's a lot like saying that if guys do something to harass us, it's our fault for that. We're the ones being punished for what guys do."
I'm sorry but why don't you ban guys from wearing their trousers round their hips and showing off their underwear? To be honest though, that look to me is just gross anyway...but really! 
"Our gym shorts. We have to put them over our leggings. It's humiliating to walk around the hallways wearing bright blue shorts. Boys yell ''dress code!'' when they see you. They act more inappropriate when you're walking around in blue shorts when you've gotten dress-coded than when you're just wearing leggings."
I read another version of the article from an American paper, (can't find it now though, typical right) which had an interview with one of the girls. This girl said that she and a friend were walking down the corridor and they were BOTH wearing leggings. (Please remember that at this age girls bodies are changing some quicker than others) The girl got told off and her friend did not, when she asked why, the teacher told her that it was because she had a different body type to her friend. 

What kind of message is that to girls at that age? Teenage girls are much easier to influence than a girl at any other age. Are these people idiots? Can you sense my rage? 
Just wait and see what the next article is. 

Article Two

It's another American article from a site called 'Swoop the World'. Lemme just tell you the title - 'Why I hate Fat Girls'. 
Yup. Really. That's it. 

This article is basically the most sexist piece I've ever read, it's one American guy complaining that fat girls are the reason he can't get laid. Sorry mate, it's your personality. 
He thinks that because America has such a high obesity rate, that thin/skinny/fit girls are more stuck up. 
"fat people really believe this. They think that they are not hurting anyone and that it is their body to do with as they please. But they do affect other people. They affect men and the dating market. Not only do they make it harder for men to score with the girls they are attracted to, they are forcing some men to choose something that is unattractive to them"
Yup, what an arsehole. 
"If every one of these girls made it their number one priority to lose weight, not only would they be happier, but society would be happier."
I really can't express my rage here, this guy is so obnoxious and rude! He feels like all women want to do is satisfy a man's 'fantasy' of a woman...
He says that women are far less picky when it comes to appearance, yes, we bloody are, because we actually care about the person beneath all the skin, muscle and bone. Unlike this little sod. His 'solution' is for men to go to a country with a low obesity rate, and find a beautiful woman there. 
"I hate fat girls because of how hard it makes getting laid, but you can escape fat girls."
Reading the comments it's clear that many people have the same opinion (most of them are men). There's no one thing I can put my finger on, but I just find this article sexist and offensive, as if WE have to be the ones to change because men don't want us. Maybe you should change and get rid of that beer belly? Because THAT SHIT AINT NICE!
Men don't have to like fat girls because that's what's there, I'm just saying they shouldn't go around being narcissistic douche bags. 

I'm just going to insert one of my favourite comments here: 
"You're saying rise up - be better. For yourselves and the world. But in the same breath you're saying "do it because we hate you otherwise"
  That's the point, he's trying to get fat girls active, but at the same time is saying you must otherwise no one will ever like/love you, and we have to look at you at our expense. 
I do not judge guys by their height, I'm a decently 'short' person at 5'4", my all-time favourite actor is only 5'7". Because I've been constantly picked on for my height I think this kinda works in my favour here. 
I'm not bothered by looks, I can see a hot guy and admire, but can't we all? The same guys do with girls! 
I'm saying that if I were in a relationship with someone and he didn't have Taylor Lautner's abs, that I'd never force him to go the the gym/go on a crazy diet! That's not right. I'd be dating him for who he was when I met him, not how I want to change him. I'd expect the same courtesy. 

I think that's everything for now, there'll probably be way more edits someway along here, but heck. 
I know I'm bringing in the heavy, but my blog is here for me to do this, to express myself. 
Let me know what your opinions on these articles are! 

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  1. I completely agree with you, I can't believe they banned LEGGINGS, what the hell? Who do they think they are, honestly if I had a kid that went to that school I would look for a different school, why should they put up with that? That's making me furious! It's leggings for goodness' sake, it's not like they're wearing nothing! And they should be able to wear whatever they want, experimenting with clothes is a big part of a teenager's life and forbidding it is not helping anyone! Ugh, I just can't...
    And the other article, oh my, that man deserves to be alone forever only for writing that article, what a dick!
    Thanks for the post, it's quite controversial but I hope it will open people's eyes and know that it's not ok to say those things.


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