Thursday, 10 April 2014

Online Shopping - How to get the most out of your money

I've recently been writing a lot of opinion-based posts, and getting some pretty awesome feedback. So, here's a little tips 'n' tricks post! 
I've been looking at ways to make the most out of my money, simply because, if you can save money, why shouldn't you? 
I've always been a sucker for a coupon code, or a percentage off deal, to be honest, I think that's great! It means that I'm always searching for the best deal, some might call it cheap, I call it money-smart. 
Now don't get the wrong idea here, I'm not that crazy person who will haggle over a market stall, or car boot table. But as I said earlier, if you have the opportunity to SAVE money, why not? 
Here's a few tips that I've been bundling my way through, during recent online shopping sprees! 

I'f you're a student you've got it in good!

Yup, you might be low on cash, but shops definitely try to cater to you. (Except River Island) My Uni Days is my FAVOURITE student discount site, there are hundreds of sites there offering great deals and high percentages off. Places like Paul's Boutique, Urban Outfitters and Office always have some sort of coupon. 

Also remember CAG (sounds kinda like a creepy acid-reflux sound right?). 
Checkout Always Google. ALWAYS Google at the checkout to see if there are any current coupon deals online, places like Debenhams and John Lewis usually have these. Even if you can't manage a percentage off deal, you can probably find a code for free shipping, which is always great! 

if you're subscribed to similar American YouTubers that I am, then you will hear them ALWAYS going on about cashback. What is cashback? 
Well, when you go to a site like Top CashBack and the like, you can search through and find the store you want to go to. You can then click through TCB's link and do your usual shop, you can even use it for places like Tesco, Argos and Boots! Once you check out you will get a percentage cashback, which means you will get money BACK! 
There are usually deals on sites like this, they'll have sites that are offering a bigger percentage cashback than normal, or sites that offer a bigger percentage on certain items - like Amazon with DVDs! 

I wasn't sponsored or anything to do this post, I just wanted to share these tips with you guys and thought that they'd be useful. I've been saving a decent chunk of money with my online shopping, especially via Paul's Boutique (had a bit of a fandango there) which I'll do a post on soon. 
Good luck guys, and happy shopping!

Ps. Do y'all like my new 3 column layout? It's making me feel self-conscious. 
Also remember to check out the new little gadget I've added of all my favourite items right now. It's over on the left. 
And I've been adding to my blog shop, makeup, clothes, all kinds of stuff!!! 

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  1. I definitely agree regarding cashback. I use Quidco and over the past two years have had over £250 from things I'd have bought anyway.


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