Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Makeup Revolution Haul

Makeup Revolution is a brand-new company that was recently released up in London, their products are affordable for everyone. The line will soon be released in Superdrug stores across the country, and I think it's also been released in Spain. I heard about the brand from a blog post that claimed that MR's Iconic Palettes, were almost if not exact dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, which we all know and love. 
I was on the fence about Naked 3 so decided to check this brand out. 

From what I can discern they are owned by Medichem, the company that is also behind things like ColourB4 and I ♡ Makeup London. They also claim to not test the Makeup Forever products on animals, and whilst I'm not some crazed vigilante with this, I really like when my products actually ARE animal friendly. 

So let's get into my purchases! Warning, this is a very image-heavy post, but I wanted y'all to get the full impression of the products I bought. 
I like many others, am always in the market for a good eyeshadow primer. What I like about MR's primers is that there's a good assortment. An assortment of primers you say? What do you mean by this? They currently sell three different primers, the Original, the Brighten and the Matte. The Original is used for any and all shadows, the Brighten is perfect layered under foiled or sparkle shadows, and the I really have to spell it out? Each Primer is £2.50 a piece. 
I decided on the original primer, and I really like it! It's not greasy, or glittery (which I seem to have a problem with) and it's skin-coloured. It's also very lightweight, so doesn't feel like your caking it on and then piling loads of eyeshadow on top! All-in-all I'd recommend this, and would REALLY like to try out their other primers.

 I also decided to try out two of their Scandalous Single Eyeshadows, in Pink Is It and Go!. Now, I would like Pink Is It to be named Pink It Is, no idea why, maybe it's the weird English Lit student in me? Aneh-whay I picked these two as I've been eyegogging the new Urban Decay Electric Palette and can't bring myself to pay that much money for so many blue eyeshadows (if you've seen it you know what I mean). 
Both eyeshadows have an extremely soft formula, and both are matte. Pink Is It is a beautiful bright fuchsia, and Go! is obviously a highlighter green. I think that these would turn out even brighter with a primer. Plus these are only £1 EACH!!!!! 

 As I mentioned I was going for some bright, electric colours, so decided to check out the Matte Brights Redemption Palette. I chose this over the Acid Palette, simply because I hated the khaki colour in it. 
 As you can see, with no primer the lighter colours aren't particularly prominent. The white, grey, light blue (above) and light pink (below) barely show up without a primer. I will do some eye looks with these though so you WILL eventually see this stuff WITH primer. I was really looking forward to the dove grey colour, as it's a colour I've wanted to experiment with for a WHILE! (I call it Gandalf) However, the brighter colours are MUCH more pigmented, and have a huge amount of colour payoff. The purple is a little crumbly though.
ALL the 12 colour palettes are only £4!  

So, back to where I started. The initial reason I checked out the company, was because their Iconic 1, 2 & 3 palettes are tipped as being nearly EXACT dupes of Urban Decay's 1, 2 & 3. Naturally normal bloggers would choose to buy the dupe of the palette(s) they have and compare them, but I didn't want to buy something I already had. Sorry. So I went for Iconic 3 (and am now seriously considering buying Iconic 1!)
 These are all beautiful rose-tinted tones, which go great with greenish/blue/grey eyes. There are 3 matte shades in this palette. 
 The cream matte is not very pigmented, it was a little powdery, but there was no fall-out. Much like the UD Nakeds I found that the shimmers etc. were MUCH more pigmented than the matte shades. 
 Can I just say, this copper colour is STUNNING! But again the matte shade is not too pigmented. (Also please excuse the creepy hand-bruise in the middle, didn't remember it was there!)
The palette finishes off with three cool-toned pinkish neutrals, the shade second from the right had a LOT of fall-out, unlike the rest of the shades. So much so that I actually noticed it. 
I like this palette, and I'm glad I didn't splurge on Naked 3, because whilst these shades ARE beautiful, for me Naked 2 is my holy grail. But I'm very keen to try out Iconic 1! Simply because I hated Naked 1's packaging. 

All-in-all I'd rate this company and their products an 9/10. The products are great, I really like the packaging, to me it doesn't feel as cheap as other budget-line beauty products. I also like that you can see the shadows through a little window on the palettes, and I love the rose-gold lettering. 
The products were prompt to arrive, I ordered them Saturday night and they arrived this morning (Wednesday). They were all packaged nicely in bubble wrap, and foam so nothing was damaged. 
I really can't say enough good things! I'm really enjoying these products, and will probably go back to this company for more! 
Look out for some lary makeup looks this Spring and Summer! 

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