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Helix Piercing Series - Piercing Day! - A LONG but informative post

Hold on to your wigs and pantaloons my revolutionary friends, because I am writing a new SERIES! What? Yes, I know. I am actually going to try and work on a blog series! 
This is a series that I, personally, would really have liked to have read before my own experience and I hope that someone out there, will read my experiences and use them...somehow. How exactly I do not know, but somehow. 

This series is all going to be about my Helix piercing, taking you from day one (TODAY!) to whenever the heck I get sick of this shiznit. Tips and tricks that I really hope to learn, as well as jewellery and other bits and bobs along the way. This post probably makes no sense and I feel like I'm rambling. 

Also I'd like to quickly apologise for the quality of the pictures in this post, I was taking them myself through a front camera...try it and see how hard it is! Also, this is a LONG but VERY INFORMATIVE post...and I use a lot of CAPITAL letters to get my point/ideas across. 

This morning at 9am I had my Helix pierced, (the outer one not the inner one...not that brave!) I did have it done with a gun. Please don't bitch in the comments. Simply because it was the right choice for ME. (I am so phobic of needles that when the dentist tried to put some filler into a TINY hole in a tooth, I freaked out because the filler was in a long tube that looked like a needle but wasn't. Literally, I was in hysterics. Plus I had some AWFUL childhood needle experiences I'm terrified of needles.) 

I went to a salon that I trusted, and felt comfortable in. I had my second lobe holes pierced there and had no problems with them, whereas I had my first ones done in Claire's in Crawley...yeah put two and two together (but I'll detail that REAL HORROR STORY another time, it's quite a good one!). 

I arrived by myself and was ridiculously nervous, I am one not to show my nerves, I just get really quiet kinda like a serial killer. 

I decided to go for implant-quality titanium as it's pretty much hypo-allergenic and I wanted the best chances for my new buddy. The salon stocked both gold and titanium, my second lobes were done with gold studs with orange crystals. But I know that cartilage (thanks auto-correct for that one, I still can't spell it!) is much more sensitive and prone to infection/bad juju than lobe piercings, so I went with my safest option. 

The 'snap' for me is the WORST part of any piercing, because it's right next to your ear. 

The truth? It hurt. Like someone's grabbed a bulldog clip and snapped it shut quickly and firmly onto your ear with some force. But then again, you're making a hole in your body...when's that NOT going to hurt eh? We went in to do the second piercing (just above the first) but because I have ridiculously awkwardly shaped ears (just take a look at the pictures! I have pointed Hobbit ears.) and the first piercing had irritated the area, the piercer didn't feel comfortable doing the second at that time. Which I totally understood and accepted. 
When I got home I took two Ibuprofen tablets, and that definitely helped! (I don't believe in taking medicine before you go to get something like this done, I always drink something sugary and eat a good meal.) 

I've spent the day visiting relatives, and friends that are over from Bristol. I made sure that when hugging them that they didn't knock my ear, but didn't mention that the earring was new. I could occasionally feel a little throbbing, but nothing awful, it was just weird. 

If you are a person (like me) that itches when you have a healing wound, this shiz will drive you bonkers. SO FREAKING ITCHY!!!!! But that's a sign for me that I am healing, for others it might not be, remember this IS an individual experience! 

There was some initial swelling, but only a little, and almost all the redness has gone. My ear is slightly swollen, but not like a crazy troll, and it's very hard to notice unless you're me...which you're not. It's a little tender but not unbearable. 
I accidentally knocked my ear when tucking my hair back earlier, and barely felt it. It honestly doesn't feel any different most of the time, I guess I'm just more aware of my ear because I don't want someone knocking it and hurting me. 

I do get the occasional stinging sensation, followed by some itchiness but as I said earlier, from what I've learned of MY body, this means it's trying to heal itself. 
My ears have felt 'liquidy' inside all day, but that is purely a mental thing for me. I have been able to use a cotton swab in my ear and that didn't hurt at all. I haven't tried an earphone yet, and will wait a few days as I have tiny ears anyway and don't want to cause harm to my little buddy. 
(Here you can see the tiny amount swelling, it's only a little red around the actual pierced area. I also have really squishy pointy ears, which for some reason don't look anywhere near as pointy here as they do in real life. I also wanted to show y'all the angle.)

I also cleaned my earring, I am still unsure on the twist/no twist front as my piercer didn't specify. Googling hasn't helped but almost everyone says no twist. So for NOW I am not twisting (it's my first day, bare with) but my twist later on in the healing process (3 days?). 
To clean it, I used Sterile Saline solution from Boots (you'll find it with the contact lens stuff). I washed an egg cup in the dishwasher, as the heat sterilises it. I then made sure not to touch the inside, and dropped in a decent amount of the solution. 
I used cotton swabs to clean the back and the front. If you use this method, PLEASE do not swab and then dip back into the solution and swab again...DOUBLE DIPPING. Not cool. Also please use an antibacterial handwash/soap to CLEAN YOUR HANDS before hand and make sure that there is not residue of the soap on them before touching your ears!

Right now, after cleaning and everything, it feels fine. I'm conscious of it, and there's the occasional twingey sting but otherwise everything is awesome! 

This is the hairstyle I used to keep my hair out of the way of the piercing all day, (I've also decided to name the piercing George) 
I'll see you guys soon for more updates! 

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