Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Helix Piercing Series - 1 Week, 2 Days

I was going to do this post at 1 week, but really didn't have the time, so I apologise. My FMP is crazy! (For those of you who don't know, my FMP is my Final Major Project for my art foundation degree)
But, I'm only two days late, so bare with. 
I've had my helix piercing for a week and 2 days now, and I'm still loving it! It's a bloody nuisance but there are definitely improvements one week on. Also, as you saw in my last post, he is officially named George/My little Buddy. 

Can we just all look in awe at my pointy ears? The earring has definitely pushed the cartilage out a bit to the side, meaning that it isn't as pointed as it used to be, but there's still some Hobbit in there!
This picture is taken just after a shower (moist hair) and after cleaning with Boots Sterile Saline Solution. There's definitely a decrease in swelling around the piercing, I think that's pretty obvious from the top picture. Again, sorry about the quality, but you can only do so well with an iPhone front camera! 
So far I've had no goo or problems with it. 

I must warn you, if you bump your piercing in the first week, it will sting like a mother. I had one day when all I could seem to do was bump the little blighter (George) and it did swell up. I've accidentally slept on it once, which was okay, but I would't suggest doing it, it wasn't very comfortable the next day and I was way more conscious of it. 
Otherwise, I haven't been sleeping on it. 

I have had no trouble with twisting for the most part, there's a huge debate on whether to twist or not. I initially wasn't going to, but when cleaning with a cotton bud and saline, accidentally knocked the back and twisted it anyway. 

I do make sure not to touch it as much as possible, as hands (yes, even yours) are covered in all kinds of bacteria, germs and nasties that you really don't want to get in an open wound. Because that's effectively what it is. 

Cleaning-wise, I have been sanitising my hands with a plain, simple, un-scented hand sanitiser before picking up any cotton buds to clean my ear with. As I said, I try not to touch it as much as possible, which is proving really hard because I fiddle with my ears subconsciously. It's weird but, you probably do something like it too! 

All-in-all George and I are getting along just fine! There'll be an update at about a month or just under, or if anything happens. 

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