Monday, 28 April 2014

Divergent - Erudite Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Yes, I know, I know, Erudite is the 'blue' faction. I included some gold in this video simply because I think it made the look so much more awesome, and way more wearable. Also, I know that having the YouTube play button in the middle of my thumbnail makes me look cross-eyed. There it is, it's all out there! 
I really love how this look came out, it's way more intense in the video so I'd really appreciate if you took a look and subscribed! 
In to the tutorial!!! 
[Top-Bottom - MR Focus & Fix in Original, NYX eyeshadow base in White]
The first thing I did, was to prime my eyes (and under-eyes!) with my Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Primer in Original. I also used NYX eyeshadow base in white all over my lid. 
[Top-Bottom - MR Matte Brights Blue, GDE Twi-shadows Mood Swing (discontinued), GDE Super Shadows Vigilante]
I then used the bright blue on the right side of the Makeup Revolution Matte Brights palette, to create a bright base for the blue shadows. I used this to create the general shape for the shadows. I contoured it through my crease, slightly up onto the brow bone, and brought it down under my eye to the middle(ish). 
I used Glamour Doll Eyes' pigments in Mood Swing (discontinued) and Vigilante to add to the crease area, and brought some under my eye keeping tight to the lash line. Making sure to blend it all out. I used a little more Vigilante to add more depth to the crease. 
[Left-Right - UD Naked 2, MAC Ricepaper]
This is when I added the NYX primer to my lid. I'd advise doing this step here, as it means you have no blue on your eyelid, meaning you have a clear, white base to pat your Half Baked gold shadow onto. I used the one from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I then used MAC's Mystery (but I keep calling it Brown Down...I am wrong) to define the outer corner of the gold lid and brought it slightly along the upper lash line. 

I added MAC's Ricepaper as an inner corner highlight, you can also use this on your brow bone if you want. 

To finish off, I did my brows as usual, and added my favourite black liner to the outer half of my lower lash line, and a sweep of my favourite black mascara. I also added a hint of blush, and topped it all off with a Revlon lip butter.


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I love this look, even if you aren't a Divergent fan, you can definitely wear it. If you wanted a cooler toned look, you could replace the golden shadow with a grey or silver. If you want the gold to be even more pigmented/metallic (which would create an amazing contrast!) try adding a little bit of moisture to the brush before application! 

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