Sunday, 20 April 2014

Divergent - Candor Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Gosh, I'm really into series' at the moment aren't I? Plus I want to film the last three of these within the next two days before returning (shudder) to college (only a few more weeks and then I'm free). 

This is the blog post to accompany my Divergent - Candor Faction look from this video

If you haven't cottoned on yet, this series is to accompany my videos, it will give you a look at the products that I used because you might already have some great dupes for them! It'll also give you links as to where to find them all! 
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1. As the colours for Candor are black and white, we are starting off with a white base. Here, I used NYX's eyeshadow base in white. You could use any white primer or cream shadow instead. I applied this all over my lid area but not up onto the brow bone or the crease. 
2. I then went over that with the white from Makeup Revolution's Matte Brights palette (a fab palette for the Summer/Spring time if you ask me!), but any matte white will do. 
3. I used Maybelline's Gel liner (sorry no pic) in black to create a large triangular flick at the corner of my eye, and then made a parallel line on top, to add a bit of sumn' sumn'. I then went over that with Maybelline's Master Kajal liner in Pitch Black (Rise of the Guardians anyone?), and set all of that with Illamasqua's Lestat Shadow
4. I did a pale matte base, and a nude lip and then done! Remember to check out the tutorial for the HAIR!!! 

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