Saturday, 29 March 2014

Rimmel I ♡ Lasting Finish S/S 2014 - Review

I bought three of the shades from this collecting for a friend for her Birthday in March. I then wanted them so much that I asked for them for my birthday, and received two shades, Fancy a Dip and Hot Tropicana. I'm honestly not a huge Rimmel fan, it's not the first place I go to get polish simply because I usually dislike their formulas (I'm lookin' at you Rita Ora collection). However I just couldn't help but be drawn to this little S/S collection.
In total there are five shades, Fancy a Dip - A bright powder blue, Hot Tropicana - Somewhere between a bright pink and coral, No tan lines here - A bright peach, It's a scorcher! - Hot tangerine orange and Get it while it's hot! - A tanned nude. 
I LOVE the concept behind this collection, and will be picking up the orange and peach shades too. Nude isn't really my thing.
What I love about this formula is that it's thin. I know that sounds really weird, but I really hate super thick polishes that just have that awful thick look on the nail. Plus I have really short nails at the moment, so the whole thing doesn't work at all! Anyway, I love the formula, it's thin so you have to do three coats to make it opaque. But it's wonderful! Because of it's formula, you get a nice colour without big splodgy nails! 
Can I just say...LOOK AT THAT SHINE! This is one of my favourite 'patterns' to apply polish in, dunno why, I just like it (Hanna from PLL). On the nail it is very smooth, shiny and wearable. It makes my hands look super tanned! 
I'd definitely recommend these polishes to ANYONE who wants a super wearable, bright polish for the Summer, as there's a decent shade range to choose from. Plus I really like the simplicity of these bottles, why I do not know. 
Also, this stuff's all on 3 for 2 in Boots right now, so, go go go!!! 
I want to quickly apologise for the random/inconsistent blogging/videos, I've been sick the past week and it's all just been crazy. I even have hiccups right now. EURGH! 


  1. I love the blue! I've been looking for the longest lasting nail polish possible because I HATE chipped polish. How long does this stuff last?

    1. It's Sunday now and I applied this around Thursday/Friday ish, so I'd say it last pretty long. There's one tiny chip on my index finger, (but for some reason my index fingers wear out super fast) and very, very little sign of tip-wear! X

  2. I actually bought both of these a month or so ago, and the blue is to die for!
    Tania xx


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