Tuesday, 4 March 2014

LUSH Review: Golden Egg

LUSH released their Easter and Mother's Day collections ready for the start of Spring at the end of this month. So naturally I somehow found myself in the LUSH shop, and I picked out a few bits and pieces and I'm chuffed! 
But this review is of the Golden Egg, which is an Easter version of Star Light, Star Bright from the Christmas collection. The outer layer is a bath melt and the inner 'yolk' is a bright yellow bath ballistic.
I LOVE the scent of Honey I Washed the Kids, and this smells exactly the same but STRONGER. So if your a fan of the sweet, syrupy scent, definitely check this out!
The outside is COVERED in glitter, and the inside is packed with the stuff, so there is some glitter residue left in the bath afterwards. 
In the bath it reminds me of a Creme Egg and sweet syrup, it's so cool! I appreciate that some may not like the colour, these shades can look kinda dodgy. But to me it looks like honey...kinda the point right?!?!?! I used a 1/2 of this for one bath and it was definitely enough. 
A lot of reviews have complained that the scent didn't linger, but blimey! I found that this was one of the most scented bath 'things' from LUSH that I've ever tried. I was sitting in class today with Alice and I could still smell this thing on my skin from the night before! I'm truly loving this bath 'thing', I don't necessarily think you can call it solely a ballistic. 
It was particularly hard to cut in half, as you know I like to cut up a lot of my products for max usage, and I'd recommend cutting it on a proper chopping board (not the side of your bath PLEASE...it will be RUINED!).  
At £3.50 a piece I think this is pretty decently priced, particularly as you are getting a decent amount of melt AND ballistic! 
All-in-all I give this Golden Egg 'ballistic' a 9/10. I love the look, the glitter and THE SCENT! But the colour of the water is kinda dodgy...maybe the outer melt could be white with gold glitter on top? Remember only try this if you LIKE the scent of Honey I Washed the Kids. 

Psst. I hauled all of my new goodies here! 
Have you guys tried anything from the new ranges? Let me know if there's anything else you want to see reviewed! 


  1. HI! I really want to buy this but don't want to look too glittery after, does the glitter stay on your skin a lot? Thanks for the post, it really help me make up my mind regarding this product:)

    1. There isn't a whole lot of glitter, don't worry you wont come out of the bath looking like a broody teenage vampire. It just gives you a nice healthy 'glow'. X

  2. Oh, good, I wouldn't want to look likr a Cullen! Haha Thank you :) x


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