Tuesday, 25 March 2014

L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick - Review

One of my Birthday gifts this year was a L'oreal Extraordinaire liquid lipstick. I'd seen Tracy and Stefanie from Eleventh Gorgeous on YouTube talking about these lipsticks, and decided to ask for the one that Tracy was wearing. I'm honestly not a huge fan of lipgloss, but one of the biggest lip trends coming in this spring is the glossy high-shine lip. All I can say about this lipstick...OH MY GOODNESS!
The colour I picked out is number 201 - Rose Symphony. I like how all of these are named after musical productions, like ballet, opera and symphony! 
I personally LOVE the packaging, it's a cool gold colour which I think looks much classier than a warm gold. There is a number and name colour label on the top, the base is the same colour as the contents and there is a little coloured tab on the front. I think that this was a really nice addition. I'm honestly not the biggest L'oreal makeup fan, but this has changed me! 
You can see here that the colour is also show on the inside of the tube, I really like the addition of all these coloured pieces. I think it really helps to convey what colour you are actually getting, and I have to say that the colour on the front and bottom of the packaging is true to colour of the product. 
This applicator is kinda weird, but, I like it. I'm not 100% sure what to call this 'shape' so I call it an 'open heart' applicator. Simply because it is kinda heart shaped with the tip being the point, and the open area in the centre. What I like about this open centre, is that it carries enough product for one nice, even application! You don't have to dip it back in half way through application. But you can build this lipstick up.
Above is just one layer/application of this lipstick. It's so super glossy, but not at all sticky and it feels extremely light on the lips! All-in-all it's a beautiful high-shine thick gloss, that is lightweight and perfect for people who don't like to 'feel' lip products on their lips. It is buildable, but I find that there is enough colour in one application for me. 
For £8.99 a piece, these are PRETTY expensive. However, I think it's totally worth it, and you can make good use of the constant 3 for 2 deal that Boots seems to be running! Hey, I'm not complaining! 
You can even check out this tutorial (YES TUTORIAL)! I use this lipstick for the FIRST TIME so you can see my real first reaction/impressions! 

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  1. Looks sooo pretty on you! Glad you got one! I just tried one and loved it as well!


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