Friday, 14 March 2014

Elegant Touch Express Nails - Review

Today I am going to be reviewing something that I used to use A LOT, but have grown out of love with...Fake Nails. Now as I have been getting into the fake tan and the teeth whitening, the natural next step would be fake nails right? Whilst I was checking out the packs in Boots I had been intending to grab a couple of packets of Impress' nails, but none of the colours I wanted were there. 
Next to that display were some Elegant Touch nails. I used to use Elegant Touch 'back in the day' and decided to take a look, as they have come out with their own form of press on nails 'Express'. 
I came out with two packs of nails. 
These nails claim to last 7 days like Impress Nails, but I feel like they are longer. I almost always have to glue on my index fingernails, even with Impress and the Elegant Touch nails proved no different.  
These come in a really cute carrying case, which has a clear bottom and black top, so if you wanted you could re-use them. Or could use the left-overs! 
I found that the sizes of these nails were a little large, particularly for my small fingers/nail beds. But again this is no different to Impress. I wish that they would make smaller sizes! The ends of these nails are the thing I noticed that was the most different between the two kinds of nails, ET nail ends seem so much more 'finished'. By this, I mean that they don't have that little square tab bit on the end that makes IN look a little unfinished. 
These have great staying power, but I honestly don't think you can expect them to last a week if you are actually DOING stuff. As I said I always glue the index finger on because that one never lasts on me. 
The thinner piece at the base of the nail 'cuticle' helps them to look more natural, whilst the thick tip aids long wear. I love the shape of these nails and the finish on them. There are some really cute designs available, and I'm loving the pastels and the glossy shine! 
The colour I am wearing is Polished Pastel Pink, and the other colour I bought is Polished Pastel Green:
All in all I give these nails an 8/10. The colour range is HUGE, much bigger than IN. I prefer the packaging and the finish on these nails, and they feel much sturdier even though they are longer. I am still looking for the 'ultimate' press on manicure, so if you have any suggestions please let me know! I would like smaller sizes...because after size 10 and 11, the nails are too big. But all together, I'd definitely recommend these nails, they are on a similar price point to IN at £7.99 for plain colours, and £8.99 for designs. 
I would recommend fake nail novices check out these nails, you'll love 'em! 

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  1. I've not seen these before, but wouldn't mind giving them a shot as they aren't too expensive!
    Tania xx


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