Monday, 31 March 2014

March Beauty Favourites

I'm really loving these layouts, so excuse me whilst I keep experimenting with them... But I wanted to talk about my March favourites, and I think that this is a great way to show you guys my favourites, and it includes prices and links to where you can buy them!!! Which any blogger knows is super convenient. 
So here's a little run-down of my March beauty favourites! 

I was given a small sample of MAC's Strobe Cream in a purchase I made last year of the Archie's Girls Collection, I never tried it and just put it to one side. Oh my goodness! I'm so happy I found this stuff! It leaves my skin illuminated and dewy. It also seems to be really moisturising on combination skin, so for someone who suffers from that I'd definitely recommend it! I will probably have to go buy some myself! I think that Rimmel do a pretty good dupe though with their Face Illuminators. Let me know if you want me to try those out too! 

I LOVE the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, it makes my BB cream look so natural. I am yet to try it out with a 'proper' foundation, but really love the blended effect with my Benefit concealer. The tightly packed bristles make for a dense, well-shaped brush. And it's pretty affordable too! I love this brush so much I'm giving one away

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Rimmel I ♡ Lasting Finish S/S 2014 - Review

I bought three of the shades from this collecting for a friend for her Birthday in March. I then wanted them so much that I asked for them for my birthday, and received two shades, Fancy a Dip and Hot Tropicana. I'm honestly not a huge Rimmel fan, it's not the first place I go to get polish simply because I usually dislike their formulas (I'm lookin' at you Rita Ora collection). However I just couldn't help but be drawn to this little S/S collection.
In total there are five shades, Fancy a Dip - A bright powder blue, Hot Tropicana - Somewhere between a bright pink and coral, No tan lines here - A bright peach, It's a scorcher! - Hot tangerine orange and Get it while it's hot! - A tanned nude. 
I LOVE the concept behind this collection, and will be picking up the orange and peach shades too. Nude isn't really my thing.
What I love about this formula is that it's thin. I know that sounds really weird, but I really hate super thick polishes that just have that awful thick look on the nail. Plus I have really short nails at the moment, so the whole thing doesn't work at all! Anyway, I love the formula, it's thin so you have to do three coats to make it opaque. But it's wonderful! Because of it's formula, you get a nice colour without big splodgy nails! 
Can I just say...LOOK AT THAT SHINE! This is one of my favourite 'patterns' to apply polish in, dunno why, I just like it (Hanna from PLL). On the nail it is very smooth, shiny and wearable. It makes my hands look super tanned! 
I'd definitely recommend these polishes to ANYONE who wants a super wearable, bright polish for the Summer, as there's a decent shade range to choose from. Plus I really like the simplicity of these bottles, why I do not know. 
Also, this stuff's all on 3 for 2 in Boots right now, so, go go go!!! 
I want to quickly apologise for the random/inconsistent blogging/videos, I've been sick the past week and it's all just been crazy. I even have hiccups right now. EURGH! 

Friday, 28 March 2014

A Pretty in Pink Spring look!

I've been on a HUGE pink hit so far this few days of Spring, probably because a really good friend of mine just had a baby girl...but that's besides the point! I'm really LOVING pink!
I decided to create a little outfit composition for you guys, it's full of pretty pinks and pastels and creams and oh my! I kept it light and feminine and included some alternative makeup products, that I think would work really well this season. I'd definitely recommend LolliTint to ANYONE, I bought it the other day and it's BEAUTIFUL! 
And hey, if you click on these things it'll take you straight to where you can buy them ps. the Naked 3 palette is on SALE!
Okay, so I just HAD to include the Lulu Guiness, it's so cute! And I love the patterns on the skirt and the top, because they are both structured and the patterns don't clash. All in all I love this outfit! 
Please excuse the fact that it's to the left, I can't figure out how to centre the little widget! 
Check out the video that inspired it all here: 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick - Review

One of my Birthday gifts this year was a L'oreal Extraordinaire liquid lipstick. I'd seen Tracy and Stefanie from Eleventh Gorgeous on YouTube talking about these lipsticks, and decided to ask for the one that Tracy was wearing. I'm honestly not a huge fan of lipgloss, but one of the biggest lip trends coming in this spring is the glossy high-shine lip. All I can say about this lipstick...OH MY GOODNESS!
The colour I picked out is number 201 - Rose Symphony. I like how all of these are named after musical productions, like ballet, opera and symphony! 
I personally LOVE the packaging, it's a cool gold colour which I think looks much classier than a warm gold. There is a number and name colour label on the top, the base is the same colour as the contents and there is a little coloured tab on the front. I think that this was a really nice addition. I'm honestly not the biggest L'oreal makeup fan, but this has changed me! 
You can see here that the colour is also show on the inside of the tube, I really like the addition of all these coloured pieces. I think it really helps to convey what colour you are actually getting, and I have to say that the colour on the front and bottom of the packaging is true to colour of the product. 
This applicator is kinda weird, but, I like it. I'm not 100% sure what to call this 'shape' so I call it an 'open heart' applicator. Simply because it is kinda heart shaped with the tip being the point, and the open area in the centre. What I like about this open centre, is that it carries enough product for one nice, even application! You don't have to dip it back in half way through application. But you can build this lipstick up.
Above is just one layer/application of this lipstick. It's so super glossy, but not at all sticky and it feels extremely light on the lips! All-in-all it's a beautiful high-shine thick gloss, that is lightweight and perfect for people who don't like to 'feel' lip products on their lips. It is buildable, but I find that there is enough colour in one application for me. 
For £8.99 a piece, these are PRETTY expensive. However, I think it's totally worth it, and you can make good use of the constant 3 for 2 deal that Boots seems to be running! Hey, I'm not complaining! 
You can even check out this tutorial (YES TUTORIAL)! I use this lipstick for the FIRST TIME so you can see my real first reaction/impressions! 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

❀ Spring 2014 Giveaway! ❀ [CLOSED]

So as you are all loyal readers I thought I'd give y'all a quick head's up about my most recent giveaway...a SPRING giveaway!
This will be announced on YouTube either tonight or tomorrow (depending on when YouTube decides to upload it), and the rafflecopter widget will open the contest at 12:00 tonight! 
This giveaway opens on the 16th of March and will Close on the 6th of April 2014! 
I have included some fabby prizes: chicken socks, a press on manicure, Benefit goodies and a Real Techniques brush! There will also be some other little surprises in the excited? YAYUS! 
This IS a YouTube giveaway, so you must be subscribed over there to enter, but I wanted to let y'all know about it just 'cos. 

-Must be 18 or over/ have parent/guardian's permission
-Must be a UK(!!!!) resident. 


I wish you all the best of luck! 

EDIT - Congratulations to Emily M for winning! 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Elegant Touch Express Nails - Review

Today I am going to be reviewing something that I used to use A LOT, but have grown out of love with...Fake Nails. Now as I have been getting into the fake tan and the teeth whitening, the natural next step would be fake nails right? Whilst I was checking out the packs in Boots I had been intending to grab a couple of packets of Impress' nails, but none of the colours I wanted were there. 
Next to that display were some Elegant Touch nails. I used to use Elegant Touch 'back in the day' and decided to take a look, as they have come out with their own form of press on nails 'Express'. 
I came out with two packs of nails. 
These nails claim to last 7 days like Impress Nails, but I feel like they are longer. I almost always have to glue on my index fingernails, even with Impress and the Elegant Touch nails proved no different.  
These come in a really cute carrying case, which has a clear bottom and black top, so if you wanted you could re-use them. Or could use the left-overs! 
I found that the sizes of these nails were a little large, particularly for my small fingers/nail beds. But again this is no different to Impress. I wish that they would make smaller sizes! The ends of these nails are the thing I noticed that was the most different between the two kinds of nails, ET nail ends seem so much more 'finished'. By this, I mean that they don't have that little square tab bit on the end that makes IN look a little unfinished. 
These have great staying power, but I honestly don't think you can expect them to last a week if you are actually DOING stuff. As I said I always glue the index finger on because that one never lasts on me. 
The thinner piece at the base of the nail 'cuticle' helps them to look more natural, whilst the thick tip aids long wear. I love the shape of these nails and the finish on them. There are some really cute designs available, and I'm loving the pastels and the glossy shine! 
The colour I am wearing is Polished Pastel Pink, and the other colour I bought is Polished Pastel Green:
All in all I give these nails an 8/10. The colour range is HUGE, much bigger than IN. I prefer the packaging and the finish on these nails, and they feel much sturdier even though they are longer. I am still looking for the 'ultimate' press on manicure, so if you have any suggestions please let me know! I would like smaller sizes...because after size 10 and 11, the nails are too big. But all together, I'd definitely recommend these nails, they are on a similar price point to IN at £7.99 for plain colours, and £8.99 for designs. 
I would recommend fake nail novices check out these nails, you'll love 'em! 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Spring Primark Haul

Those of you who are subscribed to my YouTube may have already seen this, but this is my first ever Primark Haul! 
I  have a few things planned/in the works for my YouTube this month, and a load of new things coming up here on the blog. I'd really love it if you could join me on both platforms! 
Coming up this month, there will be a couple of OOTD posts, some tutorials, a cookbook and at least one get ready with well as the usual vlogs and a couple of hauls, because it's MAH BURFDAY!
These will obviously be separated between my blog and my YouTube channel. You can check out new videos in the sidebar over there -> 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

LUSH Review: Golden Egg

LUSH released their Easter and Mother's Day collections ready for the start of Spring at the end of this month. So naturally I somehow found myself in the LUSH shop, and I picked out a few bits and pieces and I'm chuffed! 
But this review is of the Golden Egg, which is an Easter version of Star Light, Star Bright from the Christmas collection. The outer layer is a bath melt and the inner 'yolk' is a bright yellow bath ballistic.
I LOVE the scent of Honey I Washed the Kids, and this smells exactly the same but STRONGER. So if your a fan of the sweet, syrupy scent, definitely check this out!
The outside is COVERED in glitter, and the inside is packed with the stuff, so there is some glitter residue left in the bath afterwards. 
In the bath it reminds me of a Creme Egg and sweet syrup, it's so cool! I appreciate that some may not like the colour, these shades can look kinda dodgy. But to me it looks like honey...kinda the point right?!?!?! I used a 1/2 of this for one bath and it was definitely enough. 
A lot of reviews have complained that the scent didn't linger, but blimey! I found that this was one of the most scented bath 'things' from LUSH that I've ever tried. I was sitting in class today with Alice and I could still smell this thing on my skin from the night before! I'm truly loving this bath 'thing', I don't necessarily think you can call it solely a ballistic. 
It was particularly hard to cut in half, as you know I like to cut up a lot of my products for max usage, and I'd recommend cutting it on a proper chopping board (not the side of your bath will be RUINED!).  
At £3.50 a piece I think this is pretty decently priced, particularly as you are getting a decent amount of melt AND ballistic! 
All-in-all I give this Golden Egg 'ballistic' a 9/10. I love the look, the glitter and THE SCENT! But the colour of the water is kinda dodgy...maybe the outer melt could be white with gold glitter on top? Remember only try this if you LIKE the scent of Honey I Washed the Kids. 

Psst. I hauled all of my new goodies here! 
Have you guys tried anything from the new ranges? Let me know if there's anything else you want to see reviewed! 
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