Sunday, 2 February 2014

OPI - Skyfall and My Vampire Is Buff

I feel like every so often in my nail polish collection, I find two perfect polishes that were literally made for each other. The same thing happened yesterday when I decided to try out 2 of my favourite OPI polishes together, and this happened!
Epic right? It seems that loads of people have found this combination and agree, these polishes are perfect for each other. This is currently the manicure I'm wearing and I LOVE IT! I can't wait for my index and middle finger nails to grow longer so that the pointed tip looks awesome like it does on my thumb. I'm not a fan of stiletto nails, but I'm loving the slight point to this shape! 
I digress...on to the review. 

My Vampire Is Buff

This is a gorgeous cream polish from OPI, and is one of my favourites in my collection. It was even my choice of polish for our Sixth Form Leavers Ball last year (with accents of OPI's 'I only drink Champagne'). It's smooth and is opaque in three thin coats or two thicker coats if you don't mind the drying time. 
(Apologies for the splodge on the adds character though right? RIGHT? Right.)
To say that I love this polish would be an understatement, with a glossy topcoat over the top it is so pretty and shiny, or you could add your favourite glitter polish over the top. I like to use two coats of Nicole by OPI 'Hayley good lookin'' for a pretty, girly manicure. All-in-all a great cream coloured nail polish, and one I'd definitely recommend you add to your collection. 


I own two polishes from the James Bond collection, and this is by far my favourite of the two. It's a deep brown-red and is a cream formula. 
Again the layering applies the same, three thin coats or two thick coats, however I have found that I can easily get away with two thin coats as this polish is so pigmented! I prefer to use this as an accent nail polish, or for nail art, rather than doing my whole hand, but that's just me. It's a browny bloody red, the kinda blood that you see on CSI red, and is absolutely my favourite red throughout my entire collection. 
Two hits from OPI there, I hope you guys consider checking these polishes out! Have you got any favourite nail polishes from OPI? Or seen any that you want to know about/see swatches of/me to try out? Let me know below in the comments! 

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