Saturday, 1 February 2014

LUSH Review: The Comforter bubble bar

Being a cult classic/favourite I was determined to try this thing out at some point. In store I couldn't find the appeal, but when I came to shopping online the other day, I figured why not? 
Let's start with the obvious point, The Comforter is HUGE! I mean it's one of the two biggest bubble bars LUSH sell, and I decided to divide this thing up into six pieces. Yup, you can get SIX reasonably sized pieces of bubble bar outta this one big £4.50 giant (75p per bath!). It smells like blackcurrant, but a more organic blackcurrant than Ribena. To tell you the truth I WISH it smelled like Ribena, but it does not. It smells fruity and delicious though, and if you are a fan of blackcurrant I'm sure you will like this bubble bar. This is definitely one of the better deals you'll find in LUSH, although it seems more pricey than some of their regular bars, it goes a helluva long way. 
The bar is a little smaller than my hand, and is a swirl of bright fuchsia and white, I think it's a really nice contrast to Blue Skies
Now on to the results! This is the only bubble bar that I've had that really smells IN THE BATH, others seem to fade after a while but this one smelt delicious the whole time (which was one episode of PLL). 
In the bath my water turned a lovely deep fuchsia shade, and I had MORE than enough bubbles (with only a  6th of this thing...sorry can't get over it). This had better bubble payoff than some of the other bars I've tried in the past! 
This wasn't even half way through running my bath, the full thing was basically those big white bubbles ALL OVER! I wanted y'all to be able to see the pink water... 
I would definitely recommend this bubble bar to anyone wanting a sweet, fruity bath. YUM! 

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