Thursday, 6 February 2014

Busy Bee Candles Haul

I have been umming and aahing about buying stuff from Busy Bee Candles for a LONG time. But when they announced their January discount code, (30% off) I decided to take the plunge! I have to say I'm pretty happy with everything I chose.
One thing I was worried about was choosing scents online, it's easy to go in-store and pick something up that you like but online it's riskier. 
I bought eight pots of 'Magik Beans', which are basically scented wax moulded into bean shapes. I'm still planning on planting them in the back garden though...golden egg here I come! 
Golden Caramel - Okay, just the PICTURE of this convinced me. This is the STRONGEST scent in the lot, as in I opened the box and it hit me square in the face. It's sweet and delicious and is really making me hungry. I literally want to eat these (please don't). 
Sweet Cherry Pie - I did buy this one for the name, as it's a line from one of my favourite songs ever (Warrant). Cherry pie is my favourite kind of pie, and these beanz smell JUST LIKE IT! I'mma go make a cherry pie tomorrow. 
Keylime Pie - Is there a pie theme here? Or do I just like the smell of food, probably. There is so much goodness about this lil' pot o' beanz, for one, they are green which obviously makes them far superior. They really DO smell like keylime pie, you can smell all the tones, the lime, the condensed milk, even the biscuit crust! 
Cinnamon Buns - FOOD! Cinnabon is the one place I always treat myself to when I go to America. I LOVE cinnamon buns! But to me, these smell kinda strange, there's definitely some icing drizzle in there. Overall it's not as great an offering as the last three. 
Animal Instinct - Think of the sexiest man ever, this is what he smells like. I'm melting this at the moment, OHMYGOODNESS! This is one of my favourite scents in here, it's masculine but sweet and very sexy. We like. 
Bite Me - Theres something sweet and recognisable about this scent, it reminds me a little of blood orange. I really like this, if you are thinking of a romantic night for Valentines day, melt/burn this! It's lovely and sexy! 
Dragons Blood - This smells woody, almost like myrrh which is one of my favourite deep scents. It reminds me of the dwarves from The Hobbit, earthy and this is getting weird. But seriously! It's natural and deep, if you aren't into myrrh or frankincense  this isn't for you. 
Magnolia Blossom - I suckered myself into this one because it's floral and Spring will be here in a month or so. This is probably the scent I am least keen on, simply because my Mum has bought a bathroom spray that smells just like this. It reminds me of our downstairs loo. It's nice and florally, but it's not a great reminder for me! If you like flowery scents, you will like this!

Overall, I'm happy with my products. I would have liked more colour variation within the beans, but that's just probably because I chose a load of similarly named things. I'd definitely recommend this company, and Busy Bee Candles regularly has a 10% off voucher floating around on their site! 
I ordered these on the 31st of January and they arrived on the 4th of February, so they have pretty amazingly fast shipping too! 

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