Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A mini LUSH and Benefit haul!

I recently uploaded a mini LUSH and Benefit haul to my channel, I'm really enjoying my YouTube at the moment, and am working hard to try and make better quality videos. I'm still trying to equal out the work I do there, the work I do here and school work, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough! 
I've also started selling some CLOTHES on eBay, (tbh I think I've become a little addicted) and am trying to earn enough money to buy myself something. I'm really liking the idea of earning the money rather than simply asking for it for my Birthday next month. Let us all take a moment here to recognise that I'm going to be 19...WHAT?
Also, tomorrow I am going down to Bristol, and I am visiting the 'Being Human' house, jealous? SO EXCITE! 
I'd really appreciate it if y'all took the time to check out my channel, I really want to reach 70 subscribers for my Birthday...Which I will be vlogging. 
I'm also planning...
Yup! I've already started buying, so keep your eyes peeled, I like throwing in favourites of mine. 

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