Thursday, 30 January 2014

LUSH Haul #3

I did it again. Sorry not sorry. The other day I got my tax rebate from work, meaning I GOT MONEY! I know, "you should put that in savings/invest it" but I accidentally left 1/4 of a pot of my LUSH Big shampoo at the manor house we stayed in over New Years. Meaning I missed it and wanted more, and I figured, if I was already ordering online, why not get everything I wanted all for one delivery price? It makes sense when you put it like that. 
I have to say, one detail about their box that they send the products in, is that on the inner sides they have a 'ways to dispose of our packaging' guide. It gives you all kinds of ways to get rid of your packaging that is safe/useful to the environment. The packaging peanuts that they use are made of potato starch so can be put on the compost heap! So onto the bits and bobs, and some first impressions. 
This is a little sample I received of their Ultrabland Cleanser' (£6.95 - 45g). It's bright yellow and a face cleanser, if you like the scent of honey, you'll like this. Unfortunately I really dislike the smell of honey and this smell SO BAD to me! I won't be sticking this anywhere near my face (sorry guys), but I'll get my Mum to try it out and let you know what she thinks. (Don't worry, she likes honey)
This is Sunny Side Bubble Bar (£3.75 - Each). It smells SO good! It reminds me of the lemon fields in Italy, but also mixed with oranges. It's citrussy but not excessively and literally smells ah-mazing. It's super glittery which I am looking forward to. 
Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (£2.50 - Each). This one smells like Rockstar Soap, and is soooo sweet!!! I do like how it was easy to break this in to two pieces (I pre-break all of my things so I can use them straight away before a bath) and the cute little flower on top. It looks small in-store but this thing seems huge, and for £2.50 for 2 baths! Yes please! 
A cult favourite, The Comforter (4.50 - Each) Bubble Bar smells like blackcurrant, that's it. Unfortunately if you are expecting your dream of bathing in a big vat of Ribena-scented water to come true, alas, it will not with this. It is blackcurranty, but not Ribena-y. It does still smell GOOOOOOODDD! I was able to break this into six pieces, which is great and makes each bath only 75p! 
Jumping Juniper (£5.50 - Each) is one of LUSH's famous solid shampoos. It's lemony and herby, but doesn't smell like a hippie's love-in. I have to say though the appearance of the bar looks like either compacted white sprinkles or tiny maggots (sorry for that one). It smells good and is a lot bigger than I remember it being when I saw in in-store. Colour-wise the second photo on LUSH's website is MUCH more accurate.
Shampoo Bar Tin (£2.50 - Each) I know, this one is simple, but I think y'all should know a few things. This thing is a B*$!H to open, I mean SERIOUSLY! It's hard to open it with dry hands, can't imagine how irritated I'm going to get in the shower. My tip, don't push the lid all the way down. Also, it seems a little small for the bar, people have said you have to use it a few times, then it comes out easier. But I feel like you should be able to GET THE THING OUT to use it?!?!?! 
BIG shampoo (£11.50 - 330g). Love it, this is my second pot. Reviewed it here. This is my replacement pot for the one I left at the manor house. 
This is Curly Wurly (£9.95 - 220g) shampoo, I WISH it smelled like actual Curly Wurlys but no. It's a coconut shampoo, and my initial scent thought was coconut, but it kinda smells bananary. It contains no bananas. Maybe this is what natural coconut smells like? Okay then. It looks thick and because it's for curly hair I'm excited to try it out! But this will definitely be a love/hate scent, I'd recommend checking it out in-store. I think it'll smell great on my hair though! 
So that's my most recent LUSH haul, I know it's bigger than normal, but I figured why not! 
What's your favourite product from LUSH? Have you tried any of these before? 

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  1. I love LUSH so much, I especially love their masks. I don't have a bathtub, which makes me so sad, but one day! And then I can use all the bath soaks! Great haul!


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