Sunday, 12 January 2014

'Kili' inspired nails

Recently I haven't been up/able to write anything, so much with school and UCAS. But now, my UCAS form is in! YUP! I have officially applied to five Unis and feel like a proper grown-up. Bad english I know but just let me have this okay? 
Maybe, just maybe I have a little's a hobbit. Or in other terms 'The Hobbit', if you couldn't guess from my last post, I'm 'Hob-sessed'! 
Kili is my favourite of the dwarves in Thorin's company, if you've no idea WTF is going on right now, take a break, click here and come back later
Kili is portrayed by Aidan Turner, who was also my favourite character in 'Being Human' he was John Mitchell the some of you are starting to remember yes? I decided to make myself another 'Hobb-ituss' manicure and went with Kili's runestone from 'The Desolation of Smaug'.
(psst...look at those sexy hands...sorry couldn't stop myself)
I went online and found the text below, which is a clearer version of the inscription:
The runes read something along the lines of 'Return to me', but I'm not sure if anyone's 100% sure...
The stone is made of Labradorite;

so I decided to go with a blue-ish route. But this could easily be done in a different colour if you want! (I know my nails are much shorter than last time, I took off my acrylics)
A little bit
1. I started off with a single coat of Barry M's 'Navy', I only used one coat as I didn't want it too thick or dark. 
2. Then I added a coat of Barry M's 'Aqua Blue', it's basically a thin light blue glittery nail polish. 
3. Using a black nail art pen (or a striper and black polish if you want) I drew on the runes, you can read them in order in a ring from the left of the thumb up and round to the pinky. 
4. I topped it all off with China Glaze's ' Fast Forward' top coat.

This design felt more complex than the last one, it doesn't look it, but unlike the other if you go wrong there's no way to correct it. This is a very simple design with hard, bold lines unlike the last mani which was swirly and a bit nuts. 
I hope you guys liked this one and apologies for the load of manicure posts.
But the Hobbityness of everything, sorry not sorry. 
You will be getting a lot of new stuff this year, just gimme a while to deal with my crazy school projects! And my complete fascination with this franchise. 
Let me know if there are any more movie manicures you want to see! 


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  1. Great blog! I found you through this weekend's blog hop and started following :)


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