Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"It's fabulous" - LUSH Review - FUN

I do aim to post at LEAST once a week, but sometimes, sometimes our own shit gets on top of us... At this very moment in time, I have one project due this week, another project to finish from three weeks ago and two online portfolios to start, as well as one 100 word essay on why I want to go to a certain uni. It's not a whole lot compared to most, but for a person who HATES responsibility it is a WHOLE LOT! So, right now I'm watching 'Ab Fab' and taking a breather by writing a post or two for you fab people. 
The above picture is from the scene the title of this post is taken from in the first episode of the first series of Ab Fab. 
So, what is all this random rambling about? Well...it's a review of LUSH's FUN of course! I was lucky enough to receive a block of LUSH's gold FUN for Christmas from my Auntie and Uncle, and I must tell you...it smells DIVINE!
I'd been dubious about FUN (god doesn't that sound depressing?) because people liked it so much, and usually I'll find a reason to hate something...but here it is literally IMPOSSIBLE! 
FUN is a soft er...thing...that can be used for well, just about anything. FUN comes is a clear biodegradable plastic wrap, and a big label describing everything you can do with FUN (is this starting to sound a little dirty to you too? Yes? I'll continue then!).
My gold fun smells so good, it's described as smelling like 'Honey I washed the Kids' soap, but its a lot more fragrant and I feel like the scent lingers longer. Also, it's quite fun, this FUN. It's squidgey and squashes into all kinds of shapes, perfect if you want to leave funny little pictures on your shower to freak out the cleaner or your siblings. Another thing, this thing is effing HUGE! It's £5 for one block of FUN in any colour, and for that you get 200g of FUN. It's probably the best buy at LUSH money-wise and FUN-wise, simply because you can do so much with it. You can mould it, shower with it, use it as bubble bath, or even SHAMPOO! So, this is basically a bubble bar, play doh (don't eat it), shower gel, soap and shampoo in one big block of squidgey FUN! 
One thing I have to say I really liked about this product was the glitter, it's not just on the outside but it's been folded into the inside of the block too. Being so squishy means that unlike other bubble bars (etc) that I've been messing around with over the past month or so, it's very easy to break of an appropriate chunk. 
So, the big question DOES FUN DELIVER? 
Yes, it does! I have used it successfully as shower gel, my skin felt smooth and soft and even had a little sparkle afterwards...although what blue FUN would leave behind I do not know. I have used it as bubble bath, and even as shampoo on a day when I had none. If you DO want to use this as shampoo, break off a chunk, lather it up in your hot, sweaty phalanges and then chuck it on your scalp. Do make sure that the chunk has lathered up and disintegrated before using it as shampoo. 
I do hope you guys go out and pick your favourite scent/colour of FUN in LUSH and try it out, it's truly awesome and definitely worth the hype. 
 Also, go and re-watch AB FAB, you'll thank me later!

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