Thursday, 30 January 2014

LUSH Haul #3

I did it again. Sorry not sorry. The other day I got my tax rebate from work, meaning I GOT MONEY! I know, "you should put that in savings/invest it" but I accidentally left 1/4 of a pot of my LUSH Big shampoo at the manor house we stayed in over New Years. Meaning I missed it and wanted more, and I figured, if I was already ordering online, why not get everything I wanted all for one delivery price? It makes sense when you put it like that. 
I have to say, one detail about their box that they send the products in, is that on the inner sides they have a 'ways to dispose of our packaging' guide. It gives you all kinds of ways to get rid of your packaging that is safe/useful to the environment. The packaging peanuts that they use are made of potato starch so can be put on the compost heap! So onto the bits and bobs, and some first impressions. 
This is a little sample I received of their Ultrabland Cleanser' (£6.95 - 45g). It's bright yellow and a face cleanser, if you like the scent of honey, you'll like this. Unfortunately I really dislike the smell of honey and this smell SO BAD to me! I won't be sticking this anywhere near my face (sorry guys), but I'll get my Mum to try it out and let you know what she thinks. (Don't worry, she likes honey)
This is Sunny Side Bubble Bar (£3.75 - Each). It smells SO good! It reminds me of the lemon fields in Italy, but also mixed with oranges. It's citrussy but not excessively and literally smells ah-mazing. It's super glittery which I am looking forward to. 
Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (£2.50 - Each). This one smells like Rockstar Soap, and is soooo sweet!!! I do like how it was easy to break this in to two pieces (I pre-break all of my things so I can use them straight away before a bath) and the cute little flower on top. It looks small in-store but this thing seems huge, and for £2.50 for 2 baths! Yes please! 
A cult favourite, The Comforter (4.50 - Each) Bubble Bar smells like blackcurrant, that's it. Unfortunately if you are expecting your dream of bathing in a big vat of Ribena-scented water to come true, alas, it will not with this. It is blackcurranty, but not Ribena-y. It does still smell GOOOOOOODDD! I was able to break this into six pieces, which is great and makes each bath only 75p! 
Jumping Juniper (£5.50 - Each) is one of LUSH's famous solid shampoos. It's lemony and herby, but doesn't smell like a hippie's love-in. I have to say though the appearance of the bar looks like either compacted white sprinkles or tiny maggots (sorry for that one). It smells good and is a lot bigger than I remember it being when I saw in in-store. Colour-wise the second photo on LUSH's website is MUCH more accurate.
Shampoo Bar Tin (£2.50 - Each) I know, this one is simple, but I think y'all should know a few things. This thing is a B*$!H to open, I mean SERIOUSLY! It's hard to open it with dry hands, can't imagine how irritated I'm going to get in the shower. My tip, don't push the lid all the way down. Also, it seems a little small for the bar, people have said you have to use it a few times, then it comes out easier. But I feel like you should be able to GET THE THING OUT to use it?!?!?! 
BIG shampoo (£11.50 - 330g). Love it, this is my second pot. Reviewed it here. This is my replacement pot for the one I left at the manor house. 
This is Curly Wurly (£9.95 - 220g) shampoo, I WISH it smelled like actual Curly Wurlys but no. It's a coconut shampoo, and my initial scent thought was coconut, but it kinda smells bananary. It contains no bananas. Maybe this is what natural coconut smells like? Okay then. It looks thick and because it's for curly hair I'm excited to try it out! But this will definitely be a love/hate scent, I'd recommend checking it out in-store. I think it'll smell great on my hair though! 
So that's my most recent LUSH haul, I know it's bigger than normal, but I figured why not! 
What's your favourite product from LUSH? Have you tried any of these before? 

Monday, 27 January 2014

LUSH Review - Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt

Okay, okay I know this was a Christmas release for 2013, but...I've only just used it... This is probably you right now eh?
LUSH's Star Light Star Bright (SLSB) was one of those things that I just did NOT want to pick up in store. For some reason, it wasn't even the HUGE amount of glitter, I just didn't care for it...then I decided to order it online. Logic. Not. 
I had to take pictures of it in it's packaging, there was no way I was letting this little bugger out of it's wrapping in my bedroom! Let's start off with the look, it's a little five-pointed star COVERED in silver glitter. It's SO SPARKLY! 
I'm very much one who likes to make the most out of my LUSH stuff, so I decided to cut this up into five pieces. It's soft but not as soft as a massage bar, this was my first time using a bath melt. I have to say I did really like the bright turquoise 'surprise' centre. 
This little sucker smells divine, I don't know where LUSH gets ginger and lime from. That scent description would completely put me off. This thing smells like LEMON SHERBET, straight up. It's so sweet and lemony, I swear it actually smells fizzy, how do they do this? No idea! 
When in the bath I used one segment, and really like the results. I got a pale turquoise bath (obviously if you used the whole thing you'd get a deep turquoise) and a lovely sherbet scent. If you don't like lemons (like me) don't be put off by this, it's ah-mazing! 
I will definitely be buying more LUSH bath melts this was so cool, and I kinda love that it looks like butter. 
I'd recommend this to you, but it was limited I'm a bugger aren't I? I have my fingers crossed that they bring out something with this scent in soon, I would honestly buy a shower gel, ANYTHING in this scent! 
Also, I caved and ordered more from LUSH...

Friday, 24 January 2014

'Being Human' Nails

YES, YES, YES! I hate to say it but there is nothing wrong with these nails!
I have been obsessed with Being Human since it's release in 2009. This means I was 13 when I first watched this show, now wonder I was the 'weird' one at school. I'm not sure my parents really understood how mental this show is. 
If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a BBC series in which a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a house in Bristol, and it's amazing. Go watch it. 
It's a simple manicure, Model's Own Black Cab, with white acrylic paint to write out the words and China Glaze's fast forward top coat. 
This is in the original show's text, there is a US version, it's not as good (sorry not sorry). But I have to say after series 3 the UK version went to shit. Anyway, I'd love to see you guys' interpretations, maybe use the opening title from your favourite TV show as inspiration? 
Have you guys noticed a recurring theme over the past few designs? 
Face of realisation right? 
If you guys wanna see how I physically manage manicures like this, just let me know in the comments and I can make a YouTube video!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"It's fabulous" - LUSH Review - FUN

I do aim to post at LEAST once a week, but sometimes, sometimes our own shit gets on top of us... At this very moment in time, I have one project due this week, another project to finish from three weeks ago and two online portfolios to start, as well as one 100 word essay on why I want to go to a certain uni. It's not a whole lot compared to most, but for a person who HATES responsibility it is a WHOLE LOT! So, right now I'm watching 'Ab Fab' and taking a breather by writing a post or two for you fab people. 
The above picture is from the scene the title of this post is taken from in the first episode of the first series of Ab Fab. 
So, what is all this random rambling about?'s a review of LUSH's FUN of course! I was lucky enough to receive a block of LUSH's gold FUN for Christmas from my Auntie and Uncle, and I must tell smells DIVINE!
I'd been dubious about FUN (god doesn't that sound depressing?) because people liked it so much, and usually I'll find a reason to hate something...but here it is literally IMPOSSIBLE! 
FUN is a soft er...thing...that can be used for well, just about anything. FUN comes is a clear biodegradable plastic wrap, and a big label describing everything you can do with FUN (is this starting to sound a little dirty to you too? Yes? I'll continue then!).
My gold fun smells so good, it's described as smelling like 'Honey I washed the Kids' soap, but its a lot more fragrant and I feel like the scent lingers longer. Also, it's quite fun, this FUN. It's squidgey and squashes into all kinds of shapes, perfect if you want to leave funny little pictures on your shower to freak out the cleaner or your siblings. Another thing, this thing is effing HUGE! It's £5 for one block of FUN in any colour, and for that you get 200g of FUN. It's probably the best buy at LUSH money-wise and FUN-wise, simply because you can do so much with it. You can mould it, shower with it, use it as bubble bath, or even SHAMPOO! So, this is basically a bubble bar, play doh (don't eat it), shower gel, soap and shampoo in one big block of squidgey FUN! 
One thing I have to say I really liked about this product was the glitter, it's not just on the outside but it's been folded into the inside of the block too. Being so squishy means that unlike other bubble bars (etc) that I've been messing around with over the past month or so, it's very easy to break of an appropriate chunk. 
So, the big question DOES FUN DELIVER? 
Yes, it does! I have used it successfully as shower gel, my skin felt smooth and soft and even had a little sparkle afterwards...although what blue FUN would leave behind I do not know. I have used it as bubble bath, and even as shampoo on a day when I had none. If you DO want to use this as shampoo, break off a chunk, lather it up in your hot, sweaty phalanges and then chuck it on your scalp. Do make sure that the chunk has lathered up and disintegrated before using it as shampoo. 
I do hope you guys go out and pick your favourite scent/colour of FUN in LUSH and try it out, it's truly awesome and definitely worth the hype. 
 Also, go and re-watch AB FAB, you'll thank me later!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

'Kili' inspired nails

Recently I haven't been up/able to write anything, so much with school and UCAS. But now, my UCAS form is in! YUP! I have officially applied to five Unis and feel like a proper grown-up. Bad english I know but just let me have this okay? 
Maybe, just maybe I have a little's a hobbit. Or in other terms 'The Hobbit', if you couldn't guess from my last post, I'm 'Hob-sessed'! 
Kili is my favourite of the dwarves in Thorin's company, if you've no idea WTF is going on right now, take a break, click here and come back later
Kili is portrayed by Aidan Turner, who was also my favourite character in 'Being Human' he was John Mitchell the some of you are starting to remember yes? I decided to make myself another 'Hobb-ituss' manicure and went with Kili's runestone from 'The Desolation of Smaug'.
(psst...look at those sexy hands...sorry couldn't stop myself)
I went online and found the text below, which is a clearer version of the inscription:
The runes read something along the lines of 'Return to me', but I'm not sure if anyone's 100% sure...
The stone is made of Labradorite;

so I decided to go with a blue-ish route. But this could easily be done in a different colour if you want! (I know my nails are much shorter than last time, I took off my acrylics)
A little bit
1. I started off with a single coat of Barry M's 'Navy', I only used one coat as I didn't want it too thick or dark. 
2. Then I added a coat of Barry M's 'Aqua Blue', it's basically a thin light blue glittery nail polish. 
3. Using a black nail art pen (or a striper and black polish if you want) I drew on the runes, you can read them in order in a ring from the left of the thumb up and round to the pinky. 
4. I topped it all off with China Glaze's ' Fast Forward' top coat.

This design felt more complex than the last one, it doesn't look it, but unlike the other if you go wrong there's no way to correct it. This is a very simple design with hard, bold lines unlike the last mani which was swirly and a bit nuts. 
I hope you guys liked this one and apologies for the load of manicure posts.
But the Hobbityness of everything, sorry not sorry. 
You will be getting a lot of new stuff this year, just gimme a while to deal with my crazy school projects! And my complete fascination with this franchise. 
Let me know if there are any more movie manicures you want to see! 


Monday, 6 January 2014

'The Hobbit' inspired nails

AKA. The best nail design I've EVER done! 
So as you all know I am a HUGE fan of 'The Hobbit' movies, much more so than I am of the 'Lord of the Rings' series. However, I've never read the book, and won't do so until the last film has been released and I have seen it. Simply because I really do LOVE the movies and don't want to ruin them for myself. 
So, ramble finished, lets get down to les fingers!
1st Coat - Jessica - Pumpkin Patch
2nd Coat - Collection - Sphinx
3rd Coat - OPI - Goldeneye 
Black script - Black acrylic paint
Top Coat - Seche Vite

So...Isn't it freakin' FABULOUS!??!?! I LOVE IT! (I'm feeling particularly chuffed because my left hand looks pretty much the same, except the rest of the saying obviously.)
The whole thing reads along the lines of 

'One ring to rule them all, 
One ring to find them, 
One ring to bring them all, 
And in the darkness bind them' 

Didn't even have to copy and paste that... This hand is along the first two lines. 

Now, on to how I did it. 
I layered up on my polishes to achieve the burnished gold colour, rather than the bright yellow gold that Goldeneye usually achieves. 
I layered Jessica's Pumpkin Patch (an orangey bronze), under Collection's Sphinx (a light gold), with OPI's Goldeneye on top. 
I then drew on the Tengwar script with a couple of cocktail sticks and some black acrylic paint, and finished with a THICK layer of top coat. 

I'm so glad that this is my first post for 2014, and am starting the year on a crazy note. I'm loving all 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings' madness, I'm even starting to add a few inspired pieces into my wardrobe. 
Ramble over. 

I hope you guys will try this out if you are a fan too, and link your blog below! It's WAY easier than it seems (TRUST ME!)
 I will be doing a nail challenge this year, but I'll be doing it my own way. If you are interested in joining me (I'll be making my own) just let me know below in the comments! 
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