Monday, 29 December 2014

MAC Keepsakes Smoky Eyes Palette

I was lucky enough to receive the MAC Keepsakes Smoky Eyes Palette for Christmas this year, thanks Nanny and Grandad! 
So as always, I'm going to review it for you and let you see the ins and outs of this pretty palette. 
Even the packaging is pretty! MAC has done a fab job with this collection as far as I'm concerned, everything is packaged so beautifully. The box is black and sparkly white with an embossed white cameo in the central white stripe, and white 'pearls' either side. 
The design reaches the full way around the box, and as always the information and ingredients are all on the back. It does mention how some of the decorative glitter may transfer, but as a self-confessed unicorn princess, I don't mind. It does however make me doubt the durability of the decoration. 
LOOK AT IT! This has to be one of the most beautiful palettes I've ever seen! The palette is square, but has rounded edges all the way around. It's sparkly white on top and has a matte black base, however the inside is patent black. There's a string of white pearls around the edges of the top, and a white cameo in the centre. It definitely feels like they were channeling Marie Antoinette with this collection, which is cool because she's my favourite royal. 

On the back of the palette they list all of the names for the shadows contained, some are exclusive and some are main-stream MAC shadows. I asked for this palette in particular, as all of the main-stream shadows it contains are ones I don't already own. From what I can tell you get four main MAC shadows, and four exclusive shadows, Kid used to be main but was discontinued from what I have found during my research. 
The closure is a nice, strong magnetic closure. I say that because I know a lot of people worry about magnetic closure, with this one, don't. It's not going to go flapping around like a baby pigeon in your luggage, so you are safe to take it away with you. 
It's so pretty *claps hands with excitement*! There's a nice mix of matte and non-matte shadows, and I love how this palette ranges from the extreme lights like Fancy Dress and Forgery to darks like Noble Spirit and Carbon. The palette also comes with a little double-eneded brush. I liked this palette the most out of the three because of the huge colour differences, Beige Eyes was warm and caramel-y and Plum Eyes was, er, plum-y. 
From top left to top right - 

Fancy Dress - Exclusive
Kid - Was Main (DISCONTINUED) now Exclusive
Honey Lust - Main
Satin Taupe - Main
From bottom left to bottom right - 
Forgery - Main
Divine Rule - Exclusive
Noble Spirit - Exclusive
Carbon - Main 
These are all swatched over Makeup Revolutions Focus & Fix eye primer in Original. The only thing, is I wish that Carbon and Fancy Dress were a little more pigmented, but they are definitely build-able. Forgery is a little chunky, but all of the other eyeshadows are buttery smooth and beautiful to apply. Honey Lust, Noble Spirit and Divine Rule are my top eyeshadows. 

I really love this palette, I think that it would be great for anyone just getting into the world of makeup, looking to build their collection. Or great for someone like me looking for beautiful pieces to add to their collection. All together, I give this palette a big:
It's gorgeous and I adore the colours, yes, some of the formulations could be improved but I do like the variations as it gives you a nice mix of textures, which is EXACTLY what Winter makeup is all about! 

Sunday, 28 December 2014


I know I haven't posted in 20 days, and yeah, that's a really long time. But, I'm finding blogging and YouTube pretty difficult right now. I think it's pretty pointless 'taking a break', because I'm ALWAYS saying "sorry for not posting" etc.  
My motivation is running at an all-time low at the moment, and I'm not really sure what to do.
I'm going to keep my blog here, and keep adding to my YouTube channel, but I just feel like the passion isn't there anymore and I desperately need to get it back. 

Anyway, that's whats up at the moment. 

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas!!! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! - NEW Sleek Palette & The Body Shop Christmas Collection

This Christmas I will be hosting a new giveaway over on my YouTube Channel! 

You could win, 
- The NEW Sleek Highlighting Palette
- Sleek Matte Me in Rioja Red
- The Body Shop Hand Cream in Frosted Cranberry
- The Body Shop Lip Balm in Glazed Apple

Remember that I will contact you through my BUSINESS email - - and please be aware of scammers and ass holes that may try to take advantage. I will NEVER ask for payment for ANYTHING within my giveaways! 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Body Shop Christmas Haul

To be honest, I rarely 'brave' The Body Shop. As you know if you watched this video, I LOVE TBS's body scrubs, they give me life and make me look less like the lizard in Spiderman and more like Gwen Stacey (if only!). 
Alas, I will never be Emma Stone, but, TBS's body scrubs are fab-u-lous! By 'brave' I mean the lady always trying to throw body butter on my hands when I get through the door scares me, really.
Also, spritzer girls. Terrifying. 

Aneh-whay I made a quick (it was meant to be quick, but turned into about an hour) trip to The Body Shop in Bluewater on Monday, there was ONE thing I wanted. But, as we all know, when it comes to body products I have the breaking strain of a KitKat. 

I went in intending to buy the Glazed Apple Body Polish. The Glazed Apple range was the one that immediately caught my eye online, it's bright green and smells like on of my favourite foods. So, yes. Low and behold when I arrived in the store, they only had two display bottles, no scrub for Steff! Then, I looked up, and right on the top shelf of the display was the last damn-ass bottle in Bluewater!!! 
It's big, it's green and it's sparkly (like if the Hulk was a fairy in a bottle). I will be doing a review of this so stay tuned! 

They had a deal of 2 body scrubs or body butters for £16 which is a decent deal as they are usually £10 each, so you get £2 off each one. Not bad. So I had to get another scrub (as I said earlier I do not like body butter, at freaking all! No sir), I'll admit I was at a cross-roads between the Vanilla Brûlée and the Frosted Cranberry scrub, but decided on Vanilla Brûlée. I don't know what it is, but for some reason I really LOVE the scent of Vanilla. 
I love it so much to the point that I have perfume with vanilla undertones, because I like the vanilla in it! You'll be seeing a review on this. 

I wanted to try something from their bath range, it's nowhere near as big as their shower range which is the opposite to LUSH, but they brought some new bits out for Christmas. This little pot intrigued me the most simply because there's a spoon! 
Yes, I would very much like to feel like Sabrina the Teenage Witch cooking up my bath water like a potion. Thank You. This is the Glazed Apple Bath Jelly, it's more emerald-coloured than the rest of the Glazed Apple collection and I can't wait to use it in a bath and review it for you guys! 

I then picked up a couple of basic bits, a Frosted Cranberry hand cream. No you won't be seeing a review of this, you'd know why if you followed me on Twitter! I decided on the Cranberry because I thought it'd be a more universal favourite than the Vanilla, and they don't make an Apple one. I have to say that I really love the packaging for their hand creams though! 

I also bought a couple of Glazed Apple lip balms, because trust me, once you smell this ish, you'll want to rub it all over your face like I do! 

And again, there's two...hmmm, I wonder why? I really like the new tin packaging that TBS seems to be using on their more recent lip balm releases. I feel like it looks a lot cleaner, although I do like the coordinating colours on the original lines, and feel like that packaging is a little more durable, less dentable. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the bits and pieces I decided to buy from The Body Shop so far this year! Is there anything you want from the Christmas collection? Have you got anything yet? 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

LUSH Review - Father Christmas Bath Bomb

I rarely buy bath bombs, and this became apparent at the unfortunate moment when I had my towel round my ankles ready to get into a bath of clear, clean water. Where was my scented, colourful, misty, soft water, waiting to accept me like some bath-bound mermaid? Needless to say it ("unfortunately") meant I needed (yet another) trip to LUSH, and whilst Mark Constantine remains to be one of my least favourite people, The Body Shop doesn't sell many bath products. But they have brought out a few bath-y things with their Christmas Collection, so y'all know I'm hitting that Monday at Bluewater! (PS. I'm vlogging my shopping trip!) 
Aneh-whay the issue remains, so I popped into my local LUSH store (I swear they are starting to recognise me there!) and picked up some goodies. 
One of the things I bought was the 'Father Christmas' bath bomb. I'm pretty sure that this has been out in previous years, I've just never bought it, and I will be going back to get another one. (AKA - Yes'm, I like this)
FC is about the same size as your average LUSH bath bomb, it's a pink bath bomb with white detailing to make FC's face. I really like this detail, I especially like that mine had a little white blob on his nose, Lifeguarding Santa (oh yeah). 
FC is £3.50, and has a beautiful, sweet scent. If you like Snow Fairy you're sure to like FC was well! You could easily crack this bath bomb in half for two baths, but as my baths are a one - two times per week treat, I used the whole thing! 
I had to share this picture, I thought the face parts looked so funny! I like that the white parts and the red parts fizz away at different moments, so you can get an effect like this! It makes his facial hair look so bushy. 
I found that my skin felt really nice and smooth after this bath, it must be that white stuff? I find that if a bath bomb has the white foam that sits on the water, it's a lot more likely to be moisturising. 
Inside FC is a gorgeous, rich Christmas Green. It's that perfect tree/garland/wreath green and smells delightful in the bath. I find that to me, a lot of bath bombs from LUSH can lose a lot of their scent, but even I noticed that I could actually smell this one during the bath! It smells lovely and sweet. The scent lingered on my skin nicely, and I got a couple of compliments. 
Look at those swirls! Da Vinci would be proud. 
Overall I give Father Christmas
To be honest, and this IS just me being picky, I would have preferred something sparklier inside, lots of gold lustre maybe? I feel like they could make it more special for Christmas, as it IS a Chrimbo bath bomb. But otherwise I liked the scent, my skin felt smooth and moisturised and I smelt really good afterwards! 

I have a LUSH haul and storage video coming up on my channel THIS FRIDAY, to be notified when it's up Subscribe in the RIGHT sidebar, or check back in the LEFT sidebar to see my most recent videos. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Maverick Does Christmas | Top Tips on Preparation

My friend Emma over on Anchors Away Beauty, recently did a post on her top tips for preparing for Christmas. It's a brilliant idea and I find that Christmas is all about preparation! 
So today I'm going to share with you my top tips on how to prepare for the Holiday Rush! 

1. Lists - (Emma's first point was the same! Just goes to show how important they are!)
Make Christmas Card lists, gifts for others lists, where you put things lists, as well as your own Christmas list! 
I find it really handy to have one notebook in which to write everything, that way everything is in that notebook. Or if you are accident prone (aka. you lose things all the damn time, like me) make your lists on the computer, (doubt you're gunna lose that!) and then print them off! It means you can still cross things off, but also that you don't have to try and read that hasty scrawl because you've got the advantage of Helvetica! Plus, if you lose the initial print-out, hey you wrote the list on your computer! Print it again! No list-losing stress! 
2. Organise your gift wrap - Organise it into one place, I LOVE using structured bags like this one from Clintons. 

You could also use a gift wrap organiser bag (yes, those are a real thing) to store your wrap. But, I like to have my bows, bags, ribbon, tags, post-its and wrap in the same place. You could organise it all into big boxes too! My bags are a quick, temporary solution as I ALWAYS manage to use up all of my gift-wrapping things, but if you like to save wrap, or find yourself having some execs products, big plastic boxes like these from Homebase, or these from Ikea are great for year-round storage. 

3. Retain anything you can use to wrap - Remember that Victoria's Secret bra that was wrapped in red tissue paper? Or that fragile china ornament you ordered online that came wrapped in bubble wrap? Save that stuff! It's an easy money-saving device, meaning your gifts will look beautiful, but, be protected at the same time. 
4. Keep those 'good' bags! - By good bags, I mean the nice structured ones that you get when you go shopping, sturdy bags not plastic ones. They are great for quick, good-looking organisation, and for people like me who don't want containers hanging around for a whole year. 
5. Separate gifts by person - I use the above bags to separate my gifts by people, I like to add a tag to each bag letting me know who the gifts are for. 

As I said earlier, you could totally use plastic containers for this, but as I'm on a budget at the moment these bags are cost-friendly. Why? Because they are free when you buy your gifts! Another quick tip, when in store, always ask if it's possible to get a bigger bag. You can fit more stuff in it when you get home, and if you go to another store and only get one or two things, you can pop it in the big bag you already have (saving the Earth here people!). 

6. Pre-Decorating - A new tip for me this year because I finally got a 'proper' tree! I'm so utterly chuffed with how amazing this UNDER £20 (!!!!) tree is! But I want to do a whole post on that! 
By pre-decorating, I mean figuring out how your ornaments look on your tree, checking if you need any more or if you need to take something back to the store. 
I have pre-dec'd my tree, I remember to keep all the price tags on all my baubles. I now know from pre-dec-ing that I need another chain of crystals, another feather boa (don't ask) and some more individual baubles. I also know that I need to give the gold baubles in my big set to my Mum for our downstairs trees, as the gold colour doesn't match my gold. I know that my shell and purple ones look great! Also remember to bring out your lights early and make sure they work! Because ain't no chance that you'll get any the week before Christmas! 

7. Watch Videos! - I know it sounds weird, "Steff why in fresh hell do I need to know how to dec-out my tree?", well my sweet and unassuming friend, this woman is why. She has great tips on how to decorate, fluff, place, and add general wickedness to Christmas. She also has videos on how to organise and put your stuff away after Christmas, so you can prep for that early on too! Also check out Organized Like Jen, as she always comes out with great Christmas organisation tips around this time of year! 

Have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope I helped you with my tips!!! 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Previously in my life...

I know, I forever feel like I'm writing these sorts of posts! But, I have been at my new job for just over a whole month now, and I'm still really enjoying it. I've never worked with such nice people, if you have questions or anything they'll all always take time out of their day to show you how to do something. Everyone's so nice! 
I also took a weekend short course at a Makeup Academy in London, it wasn't too great. I had an allergic reaction on the first day, my face stung so badly I couldn't go the second day, which sucked! 
I've been working on my YouTube channel A LOT! I'm trying to make a presence for myself there, and it's really, really, hard, but muck like here in the blogosphere I will keep persevering (I'm singing 'I will survive' right now in my head!).
I have a few posts planned, I want to do some more LUSH reviews for you guys, as I find those very helpful when deciding on what I want to buy myself or others (it's coming up to Christmas you know). 
I also want to do some Christmas organisation and planning posts and videos this year, I LOVE organising things, and it's becoming something I feel like I'm getting better at. I'm going to be posting a video on how I cut up and store my LUSH stuff soon so look out for that. 
I'm well aware that I haven't been here, and no matter how long my list of excuses is, I feel really, really bad for neglecting my blog. I want my blog and YouTube to co-exist alongside each other, whether that means changing themes or creating co-ordinating blog posts for my videos like Organized Like Jen does, I WANT to become more pro-active and organise my time to fit this little beauty in to my schedule. After all, it is through this blog that I've 'met' the internet! But I do want them to be a little more streamlined together, so whilst I sort that out please bare with me! 
I feel like I've gone through more blog designs in the past through months, than Kat Von D has tattoos on her body! 
Now I'm just going to share with you a few of my most recent videos, because why the hell not?!?! 

I hope y'all enjoyed that! Please stay tuned for actual stuff! 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

LUSH Review - Sparkly Pumpkin

I haven't really done a LUSH review in a while, but that's because it hasn't been nearly Christmas/Halloween/Guy Fawkes night for a while (a year). If you want to check out my LUSH haul video, just scroll straight to the bottom of this post! 
 The Sparkly Pumpkin (or SP as we'll cool-ly abbreviate it to) is £3.50 for the one bubble bar, but it could easily be separated into two pieces for two baths. It's part of the LUSH Halloween collection, and is the only thing from the Halloween collection I've purchased so far. Nothing else really caught my eye, although I've heard that the Lord of Misrule has a deep red centre, and if it looks like blood, I'll bathe in it! 
 SP is a bright orange, circular bubble bar, shaped like a pumpkin and coated in gold glitter. It has a little cinnamon twig as the stem of the pumpkin, I actually took this little twig out before crumbling the bar into the bath. Simply because I didm't want it ending up anywhere untoward, and I don't really like when bath products have chunks of anything in like dried flowers etc. 
 Look at that action shot! I found that this was a little harder than the regular bubble bars, but that just might be my weakling-ness. This definitely needs a lot more crumbling than something like the bubbleroons to get more bubbles. I usually like to do an initial crumble then leave it to create more bubbles, but that wasn't so successful this time around so more attention needs to be paid to this one. 
It gives the water a lovely warming, pumpkiney, honey scent. And look at that colour! The water becomes almost opaque it's so highly coloured, and the gold glitter floats on the surface beautifully. If you don't like glitter then you'll have to make sure to wipe it off after being in the tub, but if you're like me and don't mind looking like the pumpkin fairy then leave the glitter to dry on your skin! You will have to wash the remaining glitter down the drain afterwards though, as there is some excess. 
I give this bubble bar a: 
I like it, but it could be more bubbly and the scent could be a bit stronger. This is perfect for people who want a warming scented bubble bar, but don't want the strong, heavily-scented Christmas products! If you want, you can check out the bubble bar here, and my video below.

Monday, 6 October 2014


Please remember, I am taking a HUGE risk in posting this, if you leave any nasty/rude/hateful comments, they WILL be deleted. 
Thank You. 

If you have your toes or eyeballs in the YouTube community you will have heard of many, many scandals involving YouTubers, their fans and sexual abuse/harassment. The most recent of these - Sam Pepper. 


I cannot comprehend why anyone would think it okay to go around touching anyone in a sexual way, and NOT expect to get backlash. These recent events have made me think, more than ever before about sexual abuse and harassment. 
It doesn't just happen to women/girls, please remember that! 
But, as I am a female, I feel it is right for me to talk about it from a female point of view, as I physically can't give you a male point of view. It would be wrong for me to 'imagine' a man's point of view on this, as I am not one. 
After watching Emma Watson's UN speech, I can fiercely say that I am a feminist. When we say 'Feminist', the type of people that spring to mind are the extremists, but feminism is the want of equality for all sexes. We want women and men to stand together as equals, for us to be paid the same for the same jobs, for it not to be a 'miracle' or 'special' that a certain percentage of Parliament is female. 
But, at the same time, if a certain woman is not good enough for a job, I don't think she should be hired because she's a woman and she'll make the company look good. Job opportunities and the like should be equal, if a certain man is better suited for the job, he should be hired instead. The same way as if two women were competing for one role, the best would be hired. 
I feel like this example brings me to one of my main points, equality. You've probably all seen teenage boys wandering around, with their 'Calvin Klein' waistbands on full display. It's become a weird and unusual normality, so why if a girl were to wear her 'Victoria's Secret' underwear higher than her jeans, to show of the waistband, is it suddenly sexual? Is it because we've become normalised to seeing the top of boy's boxers and not the top of a girl's thong? They're the same type of underwear aren't they? 


I want to tell you about a real-life experience of my own. As you know I have my own online jewellery business, and so I have to make my products and then take them down to the Post Office to send them off. On this particular day earlier this summer before I went to France, I went to a Post Office that was not the one I usually visit. I went up to the counter and was being served by a lovely woman, I was wearing a black loose fitting maxi dress and a baggy beige 3/4 length sleeve blazer/jacket thing. In fact this is the EXACT (right) outfit I was wearing (I've cropped my friend out as I haven't asked her permission to use a picture of her on here - aka-privacy!). So I'm filling out the customs forms for my parcels, when some guy (older than me) came up behind me and started making comments about my bum. Yes it's definitely 'there', one side of my family has 'bums Kim K Style' and I've inherited that trait. He was making out-loud comments about my appearance, then began muttering 'big bum' songs. His father came over, and he asked his Dad if he'd ever seen an "ass like that", his father said nothing, but didn't tell him to stop. Please bare in mind that it was a WOMAN serving me behind the counter, and there was a sheet of glass between us. I've been behind one of those and she could hear what he was saying, but she said nothing. She didn't politely ask him to stop, she just waited for me to put in my pin number. Needless to say I've never felt more betrayed in my life, by a fellow female. I don't know what she could have done, but something, anything, would have been better than nothing. 
I realise now that this is why I can't take this Sam Pepper thing sitting down, it's not okay to say nothing. 


Every human belongs to themselves, you never belong to someone else. Ever. Your body is yours, not a strangers, not your boyfriends/girlfriends, not even your husbands/wives! When you talk about someone else's hair for example you say 'their hair' not 'MY hair', if you are talking about someone else's hands you say 'their hands' not 'MY hands'. So why should any part of the rest of our bodies be different. 


Think of it this way, if you grab something you make it 'yours', you take the last french fry, it's yours. You buy that pair of boots, they're yours. Hold up a second, let's rewind and look over the last two sentences. What are the subjects? Objects. So when you grab someone's  bum...? Are they an object? Are PEOPLE objects now? When it comes to human beings, when did yours and mine become ours? When people are married they don't say our body. They are not one being, one person, one entity. They are two, joined by something else, but it does not make them one person. It's our bodies, two, plural, separate, belonging to ourselves. 


One thing that really shocks me is the lack of caring for the victim in these situations. People saying "Oh they were asking for it", really? Was I asking for it when I went to the Post Office to mail a package in a floor-length, chest-covering, arm-covering outfit? If a girl wants to wear a bikini on the beach is she asking for it? Even though there are men there in ONE LESS piece of clothing than she? This is what I mean. Equality, it doesn't really exist does it? Are we going to become like the Abnegation in Divergent? Covering our bodies from others and ourselves? 
A rape case a while back in America in a University caught my attention, simply because all the sympathy was for the criminal, not the victim. (I don't remember the names or the University but if you do, please let me know in the comments). The guy was an athlete and was having his name 'besmirched' by a girl that he'd raped, because she'd reported him, she was shunned. Because she was the victim. I've recently read a book which gives more insight into this sort of case - 'Easy' by Tammara Webber - Within the book a sorority girl gets raped by one of the schools leading athletes, and her sorority sisters actually have to debate whether to stand by her or not. Why? Because his reputation is on the line. Why? Because he's a criminal. ANYONE, female or male is a criminal if they sexually abuse in any way, many forms of sexual harassment are also criminal actions. 


I've also watched this video by YouTuber ThisBeDottie, it's an insight into her experience with Sam Pepper. There are comments on this video saying 'you lead him on', 'this is what you should have expected'. Going on a DATE with someone is not consent. A date is where two people expect to get to know each other. Kissing someone isn't consent. When did kissing become the international sign of 'I want to have sex with you'? 


Please DO watch that video by Dottie, and then when you read the comments, notice how so many of the comments are by FEMALES. 
Question - Why should men take us seriously when we're always trying to tear each other down? It's what women do, it's why it's called 'BITCHING'! Bitch is FEMALE! We look for each other's weaknesses and tear each other apart, rather than standing together. 
I don't understand why other women aren't supporting Dottie, because she deserves it. She's BRAVE for standing up for her rights, for not giving in, and for posting online, because guess what? It's made many, many more victims come forward. If there are this many people, how can we deny the truth? 
Why do women constantly feel in competition with each other, we feel the need to impress each other, to be the best dressed, the prettiest, the smartest. As if being ourselves isn't enough any more! 
When I was at secondary school, I overheard a group of much younger girls talking, they were talking about another girls acne. "She's ugly because she's got so many spots, her face is red, like, all the time" still rings through my head today, please bare in mind, these girls were about twelve. They're twelve and they're thinking like this, that because someone has a skin condition that the majority of people suffer through, that said person is ugly. 
One other thing I noticed at school, was that girls would always try to hide their acne, because we could with makeup etc. It was a vanity thing that we all still pertain to today, we like the look of clear, fresh skin. I noticed that the girls with fresh skin got boys attention, and the girls with acne, didn't no matter how they tried to hide it. BUT when it came to the boys, no one cared whether they had acne or not. Acne on girls was ugly, acne on boys, normal. This harks back to my underwear debate at the beginning. 
GIRLS we need to stand together, because if we can't love and respect each other, we have nothing. Why do we expect respect from others, when we can't love each other? Think about it. 


Whilst I've used literature as an example, please remember that this is a REAL problem. It affects REAL people, it may have even affected you. It's not something thats just in the papers or on TV in the news, it's happening to real people, maybe even people you know. If you have a story, please share it. The more we talk about these things, the more people will realise it's happening, that it's a problem, and that it needs to be stamped out. 

Please check out the HeForShe campaign


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sleek Brow Kit | Dark 818 | Review

As you can probably tell from my recent posts, I'm having a little love-affair with the brand Sleek. You can find it in Superdrug and Boots (although I'm not sure whether they are 'in store' in Boots), and the brand is unbelievably reasonably priced for their products! 
Today I'm reviewing their Brow Kit in Dark, it's something I've had my eyes on for ages. I had the Benefit Brow-Zings a while back (as in when it was in shiny curved packaging not the packaging it's in now), and thought this looked like a great dupe/high-street alternative. 
I love the packaging, it's sleek and matte black with 'Sleek MakeUP' written on the top, but it's shiny. The packaging whilst sturdy to protect the product it very easy to open, which I like as I hate having to wrangle with packaging to get that ish open! 
Inside there's an eyeball-sized mirror (so you can see the whole of one brow in the mirror) in the lid, there's the wax on the left and a brow powder on the right. There's also a little compartment that houses a mini curved brush, a mini angled brush and a mini pair of tweezers! Cute! 
I found that the wax and the powder pulled neutral on me as I have neutral skin, however I know that for some people with cooler skin tones it has pulled too warm. 
The wax is nice and thick, but is buildable. If you want brows that aren't too dark, you can use a few strokes of this, or if you're like me and like a very dark brow, you can easily build this up! The powder is a smooth consistency, I usually just use this to set the wax as I find it too light for my personal preferences. 
| Left - WAX | Right - POWDER |
I prefer to use the angled brush with the wax and the curved brush with the powder, but you can use whichever you want! Above you can see one stroke of the wax with the side of the angled brush, and one stroke with the flat of the angled brush. On the right is one stroke of the powder with the side of the curved brush, and one stroke with the flat of the curved brush. 
Due to the two mini brushes being synthetic (Sleek does not test on animals), it means that they do not absorb any product, like porous animal hair would. This also means that the application is a lot sleeker and more defined, and the brushes keep their shape amazingly well. I like the addition of the mini tweezers, and these make this a great little brow kit to travel with. However, they are a little clunky and I find them hard to work with as opposed to my Superdrug's Own brand tweezers. 
Overall I give this product a:
I think it's a great alternative to an expensive Benefit kit, and at only £8.49 a kit compared to Benefit's £24.50. They also ship internationally if you check out Sleek's own website here. It's a definite recommend from me, and it's completely transformed my brow routine! I don't find myself having to edit the shape of my brows with eye makeup remover at all, and it's so precise because of the little brush. 
Have you tried this or Benefit's Brow-Zings? What do you think of them? 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Just a quick post to let y'all know about my Autumn Giveaway! 


I will be giving away a few of my favourite Autumn lip products, I know this giveaway isn't huge but I thought it'd be nice to share a few of my favourite things with you guys!


Remember that I will contact you through my BUSINESS email - - and please be aware of scammers and ass holes that may try to take advantage. I will NEVER ask for payment for ANYTHING within my giveaways! 

I hope you guys enjoy it, and good luck! 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sleek Gloss Me Lip Glosses | Phoenix Rising, Hawaii Honey & Thai Orchid | Review

 After my rave review of the Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams, I could hardly skip out on the Sleek Gloss Me Lip Glosses now could I? If your answer was no, you're correct! 10 points to Gryffindor! 
 I decided on the colours Phoenix Rising, Hawaii Honey and Thai Orchid. I wanted Hawaii Honey as I'd swatched it in store and it's beautiful. Thai Orchid is purple lipgloss so that's a given, and Phoenix Rising is nothing like anything I own. 
The packaging is a clear tube with a matte black lid, exactly the same as the Matte Me Creams, but they have 'Gloss Me' written on the front. The name of the colour is featured on the bottom, but is also featured on the back or opposite side to 'Gloss Me'. Meaning no matter if you want to store them upside-down or on their sides, you can easily check the colour! 
Phoenix Rising has a beautiful brown, red base gloss with tons of purple and gold glitter. I do wish that this glitter would show up more on the lips but ho hum! It's like nothing I own, I really do see where they got the name from, these are exactly the colours I associate with Phoenixes (Pheni? Phoenixi? A herd of Phoenix? Plural? I presume Phoenixes is right, as it has no red line under it in my spell check?), red, gold and purple! 
Look at that applicator though! It's odd-looking but makes applying these glosses a dream, because of their smooth texture and glossy finish, they are wonderful to apply and to wear! 
Hawaii Honey is a gorgeous orangey peach with gold glitter, I really am not usually one for glitter, but if you see these in real life (or IRL as the young ones say these not hip and trendy!) you will understand, they are beautiful! Hawaii Honey is that perfect colour to just throw on when you're in a rush. It has a very subtle gold glitter, but the addition makes your lips look plumper! It is also a lovely little thing to see in certain lights, and adds a little glamour to an otherwise everyday product.
 Y'all really think I'mma pass on purple lipgloss? It's a pretty purple cream base with a translucent finish, and pink and gold glitter. What about that description doesn't make you think that this is some magical Unicorn ish? NOTHING! It's glorious to behold!
All the glosses are rather sticky, but not uncomfortably so. I find that HH and TO sit more on top of the lips, whereas PR seems to set 'in' them, but not in a feathery gross way. It just looks a little more 'proper' or 'grown up'. I definitely don't have one that I prefer, they are all equally stunning. I never thought I'd describe a lipgloss as stunning! (Ha ha!) 
They all have glitter, it's pretty and not over-done (although I kinda want a SUPER glittery lipgloss so if you know of one, tell me!), and they blends are beautiful. 
As mentioned before, they have a sticky texture, but this means that once you've applied your gloss perfectly it's on your face! I wore HH to an auction the other day, it was 'fresh' feeling for at least 2-3 hours until I ate a jacket potato. 
Despite the odd applicator, this actually makes the glosses REALLY easy to apply! You don't get gloss on anywhere but your mouth, and the thin pointed-ness of the applicator means you can get it into the corners without getting it on the rest of your face. It also means you can create some killer cupid's bows! 
I'd give these glosses a:
They are beautiful, have lovely packaging, convenient applicators and LONG wear time for glosses. Plus at £4.99 a piece (and often on some kind of deal in Superdrug or Boots - They're on buy 1 get 1 1/2 price in Boots right now!) the price is nothing to be sniffed at!
There's NOTHING to not like about these, and I really want to "Catch 'em all!". 
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