Friday, 6 December 2013

LUSH Review - Golden Wonder

So after Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter mentioned that these bath bombs were her favourite because they were turquoise with gold stars, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy one (or two). Let's just say I was NOT disappointed! 
To start with the bath bomb looks like a sparkle-covered golden present with a white bow, I think it's a nice touch having the bow a different colour. 
If you were to crack one of these beautiful little bath bombs open, you would see a little turquoise 'gift' inside, made up of two halves. Inside that are little orange and yellow circles, which kinda look like red blood cells in shape. 
The real magic happens when you drop this thing in your bathwater, BLIMEY! The water turns bright turquoise, and slowly but surely you will see little gold stars appear in the bath water. These stars somehow dissolve which I think is awesome, because it means you're not left washing down your tub after a luxurious bath. 
Let's move on to scent, what I like about this is that the cognac scent isn't too strong, which I have found in some of LUSH's other products. For some reason, this bath bomb reminds me of hotel bathrooms in Florida...why I've no idea. It's comforting, slightly orangey, and champagney. You can't smell the alcohol scents too strongly, which as I mentioned before I like. It has the same scent as Celebrate body lotion. 
For the price point of £3.50 you're definitely getting your money's worth. It's a big bath bomb, between the size of So White and Secret Santa, and you can definitely get two baths out of this if you want! What I like is that with this bath bomb, you can take it apart and have a shimmery creamy bath with the outer layer. Then a crazy glitter/colour fest with the inner cube. So you can get two totally different baths out of one bath bomb! 
To say I love this bath bomb, would be an understatement. This is the ONLY bath bomb I have so far gone out and duplicated on purpose (others I've HAD to duplicate because they broke and were intended for I'm using up the broken ones and sending out all new ones from online). 
The reason the above pictures are in the plastic packaging is because I can't bring myself to take the bath bomb out before my bath, I'm sorry but I LIKE the plastic packaging. Whilst I do appreciate the paper from the stores as it is MUCH more eco-friendly, the plastic allows for less fragrance oil and colour leakage. 
What do you think of the Christmas offerings from LUSH this year? Have you tried Golden Wonder

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