Sunday, 8 December 2013

London's Borough Market

I LOVE going up to London at Christmas time, it's just so much fun seeing all the decorations and lights. So when I had the chance to go up to Borough Market yesterday I jumped at it! It was PACKED with people as always, but all the stalls were selling something Christmassy. I saw the HUGEST loaf of bread at the bread stall, and the Mushroom pate is ah-mazing, especially on steak! YUM! I also went into a little cake shop and had a very tasty raspberry cupcake, and if you go soon you MUST try the salted caramel macarons on the pastry stand, ERMAGHERD! I ate three! I've been motivated to try and make some, so come this Wednesday my kitchen will turn into baking zone! Here are a few pictures from my trip. 
Can you tell there was a LOT of cheese? Sometimes it really sucks being lactose intolerant! EURGH! Anyway, this was less than half the pictures I took of cheese, but if you guys can I'd definitely recommend getting up to Borough Market before Christmas. You can buy make your own gingerbread reindeer kits, and for those who don't like to bake, the gingerbread is already made, all you have to do is assemble it! 
Also, how ah-mazing do those raspberry cupcakes look? YUM! The curly wurly chocolate brownies from this shop were amazing too. 
You can view my VLOGMAS from this day just here: 

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