Monday, 2 December 2013

5 Christmas Gift ideas for Mums

Since I did 5 ideas for Dads, I guess you could say that 5 ideas for Mums was pretty much the natural development... So here's 5 ideas for gifts for your Mum (aunt/sister/nan), I tried to choose a couple of different price ranges, ranging from less expensive to pricey bits and bobs! 
I chose to add the gift box because hey, who doesn't like a little pamper sesh now and then? Plus I like LUSH more than the Body Shop, but they also have some great gift sets. It's always nice to have a lippy that stays on, and with Mums rushing around doing things, Maybelline's 24hr lipstick is perfect! Creating a perfectly tailored eyeshadow palette is great, because you can personalise it to your Mum's eyes and taste. My Mum likes to cook, and has asked for Gino's book for Christmas, but you could always substitute this for any other kinda book, or even a Kindle voucher! Dad and I bought Mum a KitchenAid last year, and we can't fathom living without it any more. It's an expensive but brilliant and useful gift, you could split the price between other family members or siblings! 

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