Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 in review and goals for 2014

It feels like this year has been totally, and completely mental. So many good and bad things have happened, and I know that I am not the same person now that I was this time last year. 
There have been some serious medical cases, some operations and heck, my Dad went to hospital for some kind of crazy medical test and they killed him for 14 seconds! WHAT? I know...he's fine by the way.  
I have also had one of THE BEST years so far, I've finished at the hell hole of a Secondary School.
I've started my 'future' career already, taking Illustration in my Fine Art Degree. 
One of my closest friends was (don't worry she's 30) married in May and is now expecting a baby in March (the same week as my birthday!). 
I gained and then lost a job, I lost my job because I was very ill for a while. Still pretty pissed about that. But to be honest I wanted to quit anyway, so when the time came I took it.
I made some new friends, and tried to take part a little more in things, I'm still trying to 'take part' but I have to admit I do like smaller outings. But I think that's okay. 
I had two AMAZING holidays this year, I'm SO lucky! My favourite was in Orlando, which you can actually see here in my VayKay Vlogs. 
I met Gary the Snail.
 I'm really lucky to have gone around Eastern Europe as well this summer, and really want to re-visit Finland, Russia and Estonia.
I've also become obsessed with 'The Hobbit' but refuse to read the book until the movie series finishes. Simply because I have enjoyed the movies so much...but more on that in the New Year. 
So, my plans for 2014? 
Well...I'll be applying for Uni in January, and hopefully will start in September next year. I already have my first choice and I have my heart set on it, which is good for me because it means I'll actually want to work for it. 
I'll be turning 19, which sounds really strange. It also means I'm a year away from turning 20, I will never have a 1 at the beginning of my name again, unless I'm lucky! (Well that escalated quickly) 
I will hopefully be expanding my line in my ETSY shop - 'The Ever After Nook'. I have a couple of awesome 'geekdom' things planned. 
I want to start doing more tutorials on here and on YouTube. I'd like to hit 70 subscribers on YouTube before my birthday in March (fingers crossed). And I would like to take part in some kind of 'challenge' I'm definitely considering a nail challenge. 
But I'll let you know when I get there, also I intend to improve on my acrylic nails skills...because I CAN DO THEM NOW! But my left pinky just popped off as I got it caught in my USB drive when piking up my laptop to write this (whilst listening to The Hobbit of course).
I'm also intending to develop my style, luckily my four new friends at College are fashion students...yay! And I intend to pay my parents back as much as possible. 
I won't be getting a new job, or even looking for one up until springtime. Because I'm now realising how much I HATED my job! 
I want to develop my hair skills too.
2014 for me is going to be a year of developing, I want to improve on my skills and myself. I'm now about half a stone lighter than I was this time last year, and feeling VERY happy about it! But I want to keep going. 
Thanks to all of YOU for reading and sticking with me! It means more than you can imagine, that all the time and effort I've put in is actually paying off and you guys LIKE my stuff! 
See you in 2014! - Now I feel like Dr Who...

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  1. Your years looks like fun! Hope you're new year will be even as amazing as the previous one! Enjoy the celebrating! hope you'll have a lot of fun!

    Much love!


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