Saturday, 2 November 2013

Just take my credit card, lock it in a box and throw it in the ocean...

Long post title right? It stemmed from something I posted on Twitter a couple of days ago. I got my first ever pay check on Friday and decided to treat myself to something nice, durable and new Ted Baker handbag! I've never gone and bought myself anything like this before, and I LOVE it, his name is Pierre and he's having his first outing tomorrow... I also bought myself some little fashion goodies, a new pair of boots (I can never have too many!) and a slouchy jumper. 
I've also bought a LOT of wrapping paper, more than I should have...and I already have my eye on a few Sainsbury's patterns too...but I got some great deals! 
If you want me to, I can do a full breakdown blog post, but at the moment I have condensed it into a (my first ever!) YouTube haul, check it out here!
Please remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, I've got a LOT of exciting things planned, Christmas DIYs, VLOGMAS (YES!) and some Christmas giveaways! (Yes, plural!) 
Can you tell I'm excited from the amount of exclamation points I'm using? If not, I am! 

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