Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Colour - Review

(Just a quick note, I will have swatches up when I'm feeling a bit better, I don't want to use my makeup products whilst I'm sick)
I’ve been gandering at Benefit’s new Hydra-smooth lip colours ever since they came out with them, and finally decided to take the plunge a couple of weeks back. I’m still testing these out, but so far everything is gong really well. I’m even asking for a couple more for Christmas! First off I’ll say I’m a matte lipstick girl, if it’s matte I must have it - Really excited for the Revlon matte collection! But these lipsticks have definitely changed my mind towards creamier formulas, I used to think that creamier formulas were greasy and basically, the lipstick Devil. I’ve bought several creme lipsticks from MAC and love them because I have  a method of making them matte and long-wearing. But I feel like around this time of year, you need a bit more moisture on yah lips, and these are the perfect thing to do just that! 
Let’s start with the packaging, Benefit is world-renowned for their cute vintage-inspired packaging and they definitely hit the target with these cases! I like how the cardboard is slightly thicker than boxes for other products, as it shows that these bright green cases are meant to be more durable. However, one problem I’ve had is that for some reason the case on Dare Me is a little loose, so I go to pick up the box and the lipstick and inner card casing falls out. But Wing Woman’s casing is fine! I’m just going to give props to Benefit here for having two lipsticks named after things from Tom Cruise films...just added to their awesomeness in my eyes. 
The packaging of the actual lipstick is cream and kinda looks like a greek column but in a vintage 1920’s way, does that make sense? No? Okay. It’s beautiful and one of the things that really draws your eye when looking at your lipstick collection, they stand out amongst the black lipstick cases of other brands. The Benefit girl on the front corresponds to the colour of the lipstick inside, and you do get a little booklet inside the card tubes. 
The lipstick is a strange shape, and I’m not too sure that I like it. 
(Apologies for the blurred photo)
I like the look of it, but for my lip shape it doesn’t correspond particularly well, as I have a more ‘defined’ or ‘pointed’ cupid’s bow. So bare that in mind. But I do like how it makes them look a little more individual, and the shape does visually correspond well with the packaging. However I can see this lipstick turning into more of a ‘nub’ quicker than say a MAC lippy, because of the shape. The formula is light and creamy, but not creamy and slippery like lip balm but just beautiful. 
These glide on so well, and don’t show up any flaws you may have on your lips, being hydrating they don’t show cracks either! They are pigmented and long-wearing, but if you want to wear these out for the day, I’d take it with you because naturally you will need to touch-up. 
Dare Me is a bright red-toned fuscia, it’s on the warmer side rather than the cooler, you can see me wearing it here in my LUSH Christmas haul. I found that the pigment in this slightly stained my lips, leaving them a beautiful pleasant pink when I took it off. I’m considering wearing this on New Year’s eve because it’s so bright, this is definitely the brightest out of all the hydra-smooth lip colours. 
Wing Woman (come on you know...like Wing Man from Top Gun!!!) is a peachy neutral. I usually have a problem with neutrals washing me out, but this one really doesn’t! It looks slightly brown toned in the tube, which actually put me off a little but once tried it is MUCH sheerer than Dare Me and is definitely a peach rather than a brown. Again this is beautiful and moisturising, however has a shorter wear time, more top-ups would be needed. But I really do like this lippie and have asked for Frisky Business (come on...that’s a T Cruise MOVIE!) for Christmas. 
All together I love these lipsticks, they are balmy but not slippery, pigmented and packaged beautifully! I would definitely recommend these, and they might just change other matte lipstick lovers out there like me! May I just say that I’ve had so much writing this post, why? I’m in the car on my way to Falmouth and listening to Bill Nighy sining that song from Love Actually (yes, I have it on my computer and it’s one of my favourite Christmas songs of all-time) and Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl. Needless to say I’m feeling VERY festive, so look out for a ‘favourite Christmas songs’ post coming up soon! 


  1. These sounds really nice. I love the bright pinky red colour! I'm not so sure about the shape of it though...


  2. I just love Benefits packaging with all their products, it always looks so nice!! Do they twist up or is that all the product there isÉ
    I found your blog on the blog hop, now following :)

    1. The bottom circle on the tube with the name etc on the bottom, twists up. Xx


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