Saturday, 30 November 2013

5 Christmas gift ideas for Dads

My Dad is one of the easiest people to buy for at this time of year, mostly because (like me) he knows exactly what he wants. This is a little guide for those of you who have Dads (brothers/boyfriends/uncles) who are a little harder to buy for! 
If you have a Dad like mine that works long hours, the wake up kit from L'Oreal is a perfect start to the day! My Dad likes to golf, so you could get your Dad something to do with their favourite sport, football, rugby. It's a pretty diverse present, and can be tailored to the individual. Socks, because why not? You could get him that movie that he's always loved, but never go around to buying, or the movie of the year. Yup, even guys get cold, and I love how this jumper would suit most men because of the navy colour which is pretty much universal. 
Hope that gave you some ideas! 

1 comment:

  1. Haha DVDs or golf related things are pretty much what I was going to get my dad.


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