Monday, 7 October 2013

LUSH Review - Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon

A while back I shared with you guys a small LUSH haul, I have since been back and purchased some bits and bobs from their Christmas Collection ahead of the Christmas rush (simply because I missed out on it last year), I digress. 
I purchased the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, or as I have come to call it Terry's Bubble Bar (like the chocolate oranges...get Okay). I have to say this was my first go at 'properly' using a bubble bar, as in crumbling it under running water rather than just tossing it in and seeing what happened...and I was DELIGHTED! 
It doesn't 'crumble' because it's full of oils so it becomes slightly squishy, and you have to try and crumble it like that, it kind of reminds me of the texture of rubbing butter and flour together. 
It broke up into little pieces (I snapped it in half, therefore I can now use it for two baths rather than one) and sort of sunk to the bottom of the bath. I was expecting a soft foam, but is became SUPER BUBBLY! Remember the bubble bath that we all had as kids (the kind shaped like sailors or pirates?), it was THAT bubbly. 
Once in the bath the scent is dulled, but its still there, it's light and pleasant. The bubbleroon is very moisturising, even with my weirdly textured rubbery skin, I felt moisturised. It was actually really nice to get out of the bath and feel rejuvenated. Once my skin had dried, there was a very slight scent left on my skin, but I have to say it was something I had to search for. 
Overall, I really, really liked this bubbleroon and will probably ask for one or two for Christmas this year. I think I'll leave the green one to try for the Springtime though as I'm totally in the Autumn mood at the moment! 
If you are looking at starting to try out LUSH products, definitely give this a try! But remember my tips in my last LUSH haul, they are all priced at £3.25, but aren't necessarily all the same size...walks out enigmatically. 

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