Sunday, 13 October 2013

LUSH Review - Sultana of Soap

I bought this block of Sultana of Soap and showed it to you guys in my LUSH haul, it's the first time that I've ever purchased this soap so naturally I was a little curious. 
This is definitely one of my favourite soaps from LUSH that I've had the chance to try, it's smells super sweet and is melty and creamy to the touch. 
I've actually been using this to shave my underarms, it's really creamy enough for that! The smell is sweet and warm, it's a lovely scent for this time of year and I also like how it contains sultanas that are used in christmas cakes! I haven't found any problem with the sultanas so far, although I can imagine that they might start to fall out once the 'outer' layer of soap that's holding them in rubs off/starts to disintegrate. There are little things in it that I thought were nuts but they are actually smaller translucent pieces of the soap that are a little less creamy.
With LUSH products like this, you can easily cut them into smaller pieces to use. I managed to cut the above piece into four smaller rectangles. Surprisingly this soap doesn't melt in the shower like I expected it to, I do already have a square LUSH tin, but I've found that you don't actually have to keep it in there. You could just leave it out in a soap dish, or on a shower shelf and it would be totally fine and it shouldn't melt like I found Rock Star soap did in the past. 
Altogether, I'm surprisingly impressed with this soap, I feel like it's a little gem that not many people know much about and I'm a huge advocate of it. It's literally that perfect 'pick me up' that keeps you feeling moisturised and squeaky clean! 

[Sidenote - I feel like I'm doing a lot of reviews etc. recently, I'd like to know if there's anything else you guys would like to see? Thanks!]

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