Sunday, 27 October 2013

LUSH Review - So White Bath Bomb

Since the weather is rather...wet...I've decided to stay inside and not go get the shit scared out of me tonight. Because it is rainy and stormy and I wan to ride all the rides, not just the indoor ones at Tulley's. 
I digress (as per-usual) back to main point at hand. This morning I decided to try out LUSH's So White bath bomb for the first time, I was really excited to try this out because I love the scent of it. It's sweet and appley and delicious and it's really a nice girly treat (more on that later). 
The bath bomb is priced at £3.25 a piece and is a very generous 'helping' at that. It's as big as the 'Luxury Lush Pud' and other large round bath bombs, and I'm really quite happy to pay that amount for this bath bomb. I think it's pretty reasonable. 
Now from the serious to the best bit! It has a pure white outer shell, which actually wasn't as thick as I expected/wanted it to be. Once that pure white outer shell melts away, it reveals a bright fizzy raspberry core that I found did have some movement around the tub. This stuff turns the bathwater a bright, vibrant raspberry pink. It's girly and makes you feel just that little bit special! 
One thing I did want the bath bomb to do that it didn't was to make the water opaque, as in so that you couldn't see through it. But I guess that's what bath melts are for right? I was expecting a milky baby pink bath, but as this is my first ever experience with a bath bomb, I think it's okay to go in with some expectations. 
All-in-all I really loved this bath bomb, it's sweet and appley and I really like the hidden pink core. It's nice to have the raspberry shade rather than a bright pink, or a pastel pink. I'd recommend this for first-timers or bath bomb lovers, it's a definite must-have and I'm going to get a couple more next week before they run out of stock! 
Check out the So White bath bomb in action in my latest 'Follow me around!' video! 

Have you guys tried this bath bomb? What were your first impressions? 
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Thanks Guys!


  1. Fab review! I actually learnt something here, bath melts make the water opaque! I did not know this. I need to get onto the Bath Melts bandwagon.

    This bathbomb does sounds divine. T'is the season of indulgence and pampering.



  2. Cool! I'd love to have a bath and try things like this sooo badly haha. xo

    1. I use my parent's bath because they don't use it, they refused to put a bath in my bathroom because they wanted one... O_O
      Steff Xx


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