Saturday, 19 October 2013

LUSH Review - Big Shampoo

LUSH's 'Big' shampoo is probably the best thing I bought in my LUSH haul. I literally LOVE this stuff, I can honestly say I've never had better hair! I can see why Elle Fowler raves about this little miracle, my hair feels thicker and fuller than it has in a long time. 
You need about an equal amount of this as you would your regular shampoo, it feels thick and sticky on your hands and initially when you put it on your head. You do need a lot of water to be able to successfully lather this up, more than you'd expect, but it lathers up surprisingly well and much like regular shampoo! 
Most of the flaked salt will dissolve in the water, but some bigger chunks do have to be washed out afterwards. My hair feels so clean afterwards, and when I pull my hair to get the water out it's literally squeaky clean
You can either leave your hair to dry naturally, in which case it dries in waves and makes your hair feel thick and full. But I've found that this product really shines when you blow dry it. It adds 'oomph' to your hair like crazy, you've seen Elle Fowler's hair? My hair seems to now dry just like hers! It's B-E-A-UTIFUL
If sea salt spray works well on your hair, I think that you'll get on well with this shampoo. It's definitely worth the money, I've never loved a shampoo this much. 
Now, onto the scent. I expected this to smell like sea water, salty and fresh but it's actually fairly light. The addition of neroli oil, mandarin oil and orange flower absolute creates a beautiful, light orangey scent that isn't super strong but ladylike, sweet, light and fresh. It's really lovely and I hope that they've put this scent in something else, I really, really like it. 
I would totally recommend this as a first-try product for those looking for a really nice LUSH shampoo. I'm considering trying out some of the solid shampoos, but the little white pieces kinda look like little maggots to me, and once I have something like that in my head it's  hard to get rid of. My friend pointed out that she thought that they looked like little cake sprinkles, which I guess is a better thought eh? 
Look out for my new (yeah I have a problem) LUSH haul coming up in the next few days, I went a little crazy with the Christmas stuff! 


  1. They did a perfume for a weekend, they usually come out around November and are various scents from around the store! Big was stunning!

    Ruby xo

  2. I've not tried any Lush hair products but this sounds really good. Defo going to pop it on my Lush wish list. Raspberrykiss xo

  3. Big Shampoo is absolutely the best thing I have ever bought at Lush!!! I must admit, I have moved on to new shampoos because I get bored sometimes, but I think I will get this again next time I need shampoo. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I've heard such great things about this product. I think I might actually FINALLY go pick it up! New follower :)

    1. You totally should! Make sure you use less if you have finer hair, I've heard that a LOT of scrubbing can damage some fine root hair. But if you have thick hair go for it, scrub away! And hey! Thanks for joining me! xX


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