Thursday, 24 October 2013

100 Little things part 2

This is part 2 of my 100 Little things about me posts! I hope you guys do get to know me better!
51. I have already started planning Christmas this year. 
52. I find all my Christmas wrapping paper online and then go in-store to get it, every year. 
53. I have bought almost everything for my Christmas Giveaway this year, it's super awesome and I am so EXCITED to get it going in November! 
54. I LOVE Yankee Candles, but hate how my Candy Corn one is throwing off soot like a crayzee mutha. 
55. Ruby Woo used to be my favourite red lipstick, but MAC's Deeply Adored is my new favourite. 
56. I HATE super spicy food. 
57. I tend to choose the hardest thing to do and do it the hardest way possible, but usually it ends up good. 
58. I recently cleaned up my room and feel super awesome when walking into it now. 
59. I want a Autumn/Winter wedding. 
60. My favourite restaurants of all time are Yo! Sushi and Wagamama's. 
61. Along with everyone else in my last year of school, I was given a medal for finishing senior school and sixth form. People laughed but I bloody deserved that thing! 
62. I don't tend to hang out with guys because I don't feel comfortable around them, I was bullied pretty bad by some guys in my senior school and it's ruined an aspect of general social interaction for me. 
63. I hate and have a vendetta against the above mentioned guys. 
64. I've learned to stand up for myself and for others. 
65. Social interaction has become easier for me at College. 
66. It's sad that I find it unusual for my College art teachers to like me. 
67. I keep ALL of the packaging from my MAC and 'high end' products for absolutely no reason. 
68. I have a collage of all my 18th birthday cards in my studio room. 
69. My favourite colours are purple, red, black and pink. 
70. I want to learn how to make candy.
71. I would love to be on 'Cupcake Wars'.
72. My ideal man is probably Wolverine...he's nuts. 
73. I don't like hipster but I do like indie.
74. I don't like the moustache trend, I think it's overworked. But, I do like the mugs that make you look like you have a moustache when you drink from them. 
75. Tim Burton is my FAVOURITE creator, director, writer, whatever-er! 
76. I enjoy vlogging a LOT more than I expected to. 
77. My YouTube is turning into a vlog channel and not a beauty channel, who expected that? Not me!!!
78. I'm scared about going away for New Year's, the big house we go to scares me so much. It's got a room called the 'Red Room'. EURGH! 
79. I have already bought my Christmas tree. 
80. I am saving up to buy my friends, family and you guys Christmas presents.
81. I work in a coffee house.
82. I hate most root vegetables, parsnips, swede etc. But like carrots and some beetroot.
83. Salted Caramel is my favourite flavour of everything, if I have a Salted Caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks, I ask for more salt. But I don't really like salty food... 
84. I panic and get angry really quickly.
85. I am unbelievably arachnophobic and insectophobic. I even hate butterflies (bad childhood experience).
86. Cooked sushi is my favourite kind of food.
87. My first and only copy of 'Rolling Stone' is the 2013 Johnny Depp edition.
88. I'd love for my room to look kitsch, homey and cute, but I've realised that I hate clutter and mess. 
87. I have an electric guitar called Selena and an acoustic guitar called Taylor, after Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner. 
88. I'm more scared of Freddy Kreuger than ANY other horror movie villain/serial killer.
89. I'm scared of masks.
90. Next week I am going to the Tulley's Farm Horror Night...bricking it...and it was my idea. 
91. I chose my bed sheets because they were inspired by two of my favourite famous people, one by Marilyn Monroe and the other Marie Antoinette. 
92. I like bedazzling things, if it can have glitter, sparkles or shine, it should. 
93. My favourite indie makeup companies are Dark Heart Designs and Glamour Doll Eyes. 
94. My favourite vampire/supernatural TV programme was 'Being Human' (original not US) but they ruined it when the killed off my favourite character (then all the other character) and started talking about a 'war child'...WTF BBC? 
95. I don't eat shellfish unless it's a prawn cracker.
96. I am non-religious. I respect other people and their beliefs, I find religions EXTREMELY interesting, but hate it if others try to push their religion on me.
97. I HATE being over influenced by others and pushy people. 
98. I like finding new things to love.
99. Pretty Little Liars is my favourite teen programme. 
100. I'm a 'leave me alone and let me deal with it myself' kind of person.

I just shared 100 things about me on the internet for all the world to see. Now it's YOUR TURN! 
Link your 100 Little things posts below in the comments! 
I tag my friend Alice from Alice Poppy to do the 100 little things tag! 

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