Saturday, 19 October 2013

100 little things part 1

Yup, it's exactly what it says in the title image, a WHOLE POST on 100 little things about me! I'm doing this because I love when my favourite bloggers and YouTubers share random little facts about themselves, it makes them more identifiable, I like finding things that I have in common with them and I want to share some of those little things about me with you guys! 
So, here goes! 
1. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter nerd (Potterheads unite!), I grew up learning to read from the books and I can thank J.K.Rowling for my strange and unusual sense of self, and imaginative childhood. 
2. I'm an only child, it can get lonely, and it can really, really suck sometimes. But I do like being an only child, it means I don't have to compete for anyone's attention. 
3. I have no cousins...yup it's literally just me! 
4. I'm a massive Tom Cruise fan...can you tell?
5. I don't like how whiney Elena Gilbert is becoming in 'The Vampire Diaries', Elena please, we already have a Bella Swan. 
6. I predicted the entire final episode of Season 4 of 'The Vampire Diaries'...I have a very good intuition when it comes to TV series'. 
7. I have a really good sense of direction, I lead my family straight out of a maize maze when I was 6 with no map. 
8. I have the same red bunny phone case as Jess in 'New Girl'.
 9. 'Rizzoli and Isles' is my all-time favourite TV series. 
10. Sometimes I hate the singers on 'Strictly Come Dancing', they can't sing Gaga. 
11. I'm kinda attracted to Nick from 'New Girl'.
12. I found out about two weeks ago that I'm lactose intolerant, needless to say it's incredibly annoying to someone who likes milk, cream and cheese...chocolate (burgh!). 
13. I still can't bring myself to watch the last two episodes of 'Merlin'. 
14. I love my cat Lillypees more than most humans. 
15. My biggest fear is becoming a psycho and chained up in an old 1800's style asylum. 
16. I have been prescribed glasses, but the prescription is so low that one of the lenses is just clear glass.
17. My favourite eyeshadow of all time is MAC's Vex. 
18. The reason MAC's Vex eyeshadow is my favourite is because it looks like the eyeshadow used on Lucy Hale in 'Pretty Little Liars', also the alpha wolf in 'God Save the Queen' is called Vex...and I love him. 
19. I like the Anita Blake novels, but the 'raunchier' scenes freak me out. 
20. I don't eat pork. 
21. I wear a checked shirt to feel like a lumberjack. 
22. I'm feeling bad about the 'Vampire Academy' movie promotion, the posters look like they belong to the modern 'St. Trinians' movies. 
23. I am emotionally unstable.
24. I'm trying to make a pair of walkable shoes out of papier mache and card. 
25. I have a fish called fluffy. 
26. I own a cream shirt covered in cowboys. 
27. I am so body conscious that I wear a maxi dress by the pool all the time, and didn't even attempt to put a swimsuit on whilst on my cruise this year. 
28. I want to visit Moscow.
29. I want to visit Dubai. 
30. My future goal is to live in America. 
31. I'm starting to really like the idea of becoming a housewife (sorry feminists). 
32. I bought 'Rock of Ages' on DVD, then saw that the Blu-Ray version was the extended I bought that too.
33. I dance around my room like crazy. 
34. There's not one day that I don't listen to a song by Bon Jovi, Def Leppard or from the 'Rock of Ages' soundtrack. 
35. I think that my old art teachers hated me. 
36. If I could look like any actress it'd be Lucy Hale. 
37. If I could look like any singer it'd be Katy Perry.
38. My favourite movie of all time is 'Top Gun', my second favourite is 'The Breakfast Club'. Can you tell I love 80's movies? 
39. I wanted to be Lydia Deetz growing up, and am still looking for a 'Beetlejuice' dress.
40. I force my family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving together every year, no, we're not American...yes it's kinda ironic, but hey! 
41. I will never stop loving the Supernatural, I grew up around it, it's the norm to me. 
42. I think its funny watching people at my new job using the WiFi to do their jobs. 
43. My favourite older actor is Billy Nighy...he is MAJESTICAL!
44. Orlando is my favourite place in the world. 
45. As crazy and fantastical as my personality/mind may be, I still want my pink room to make me feel like a french princess. 
46. My favourite monarch of all time is Marie Antoinette.
47. My favourite song of all time is 'Wanted Dead or Alive' by Bon Jovi. 
48. I LOVE Christmas more than any time of the year. 
49. I recently got my first job, which I'm super excited but super nervous about. I had my first shift on Wednesday and found out I can't use squirty cream, but have decent interpersonal skills...maybe...I don't know! 
50. I don't drink. I don't club. I hate parties. I'm not a 'normal' teenager. 

BLIMEY I'm half way there already! The second half of this post will be coming soon, but I think that I should spread these posts apart a little. Maybe? Yes.
I am tagging my friend Emma from 'Anchors Away Beauty' to do this as a little tag, and feel free to do it yourself! Let me know in the comments if you do and leave a link to your blog! 


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