Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pumpkins scream in the dead of night!

Today is Halloween, and that means but one thing! PUMPKINS! 
I actually carved my pumpkin this year in record time, about 30 minutes which is surprising because I'm really happy with how it has turned out. I will be taking some 'proper camera' photos tomorrow and adding them to this post, but for tonight y'all will have to put up with my iPhone pictures. Because I am tried and I have lost my camera cable - First world problems eh? 
This year I decided to carve Tinkerbell from Peter Pan into my pumpkin, my Dad's nick name for me is 'Tink' after her and she is one of my favourite disney characters. 
Anyway onto the pictures...
(The one on top is Dad's pumpkin, it has a witch and stars on the front, a moon and owl on the side and a traditional pumpkin face on the back!)
Hope you guys like my pumpkin, one little tip is to carve out the smallest pieces first! For example, here I carved out the hands and wand first. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bibbity Bobbity Boo!

My friend Emma over at 'Anchors Away Beauty' did a recent post on the pumpkins she carved in the past. I LOVE that idea, particularly because carving the pumpkin at Halloween is usually my job, because my Dad's usually at work and doesn't have time, and my Mum has no artistic talent unless it's baking. As y'all know I'm an only child, so it's usually just me, my over enthusiasm, a pumpkin, a knife and the entire kitchen for one (always intense) evening. I do get very frustrated when I can't do the pattern...I will one day create a marvellous Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow pumpkin but alas, that will not be this year. 
I usually go through two to seven (really!) ideas before I carve my pumpkin. I'm excited for this year thought because my Dad's going to be doing it with me, I bought two monster pumpkins from Sainsbury's. 
This post is to just show you guys my pumpkins over the two previous years. Hope you like 'em! 
I apologise for the quality, but I usually just take a picture of them with my iPhone... 
This is my Gryffindor pumpkin from 2011 it took me bloody ages, I tell you, when I want to carve a decent pumpkin I have to donate an entire afternoon/evening to it... The lion looks kinda curved, but it was the Gryffindor lion from the crest, and the script is original Harry Potter script. I learnt from this that you should always cut the little pieces out first, because it can be bloody hard later! 
This was 2012's pumpkin, and it's Emily, The Corpse Bride. This took me a decent amount of time but I'm really happy with how it turned out! You've always gotta have a little Tim Burton around at halloween right? I didn't think this would turn out this good, and when it did I was so happy! Not bragging...but you've no idea how pleased I am. 
I already have a plan for my pumpkin this year, so Jeepers Creepers keep your peepers open! 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

LUSH Review - So White Bath Bomb

Since the weather is rather...wet...I've decided to stay inside and not go get the shit scared out of me tonight. Because it is rainy and stormy and I wan to ride all the rides, not just the indoor ones at Tulley's. 
I digress (as per-usual) back to main point at hand. This morning I decided to try out LUSH's So White bath bomb for the first time, I was really excited to try this out because I love the scent of it. It's sweet and appley and delicious and it's really a nice girly treat (more on that later). 
The bath bomb is priced at £3.25 a piece and is a very generous 'helping' at that. It's as big as the 'Luxury Lush Pud' and other large round bath bombs, and I'm really quite happy to pay that amount for this bath bomb. I think it's pretty reasonable. 
Now from the serious to the best bit! It has a pure white outer shell, which actually wasn't as thick as I expected/wanted it to be. Once that pure white outer shell melts away, it reveals a bright fizzy raspberry core that I found did have some movement around the tub. This stuff turns the bathwater a bright, vibrant raspberry pink. It's girly and makes you feel just that little bit special! 
One thing I did want the bath bomb to do that it didn't was to make the water opaque, as in so that you couldn't see through it. But I guess that's what bath melts are for right? I was expecting a milky baby pink bath, but as this is my first ever experience with a bath bomb, I think it's okay to go in with some expectations. 
All-in-all I really loved this bath bomb, it's sweet and appley and I really like the hidden pink core. It's nice to have the raspberry shade rather than a bright pink, or a pastel pink. I'd recommend this for first-timers or bath bomb lovers, it's a definite must-have and I'm going to get a couple more next week before they run out of stock! 
Check out the So White bath bomb in action in my latest 'Follow me around!' video! 

Have you guys tried this bath bomb? What were your first impressions? 
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Thanks Guys!

Friday, 25 October 2013

YouTube - Follow me around!

This is my first follow me around video, I guess you could say that a follow me around and a vlog are pretty much the same thing...yeah they are. But I'm super chuffed with this so far! 
I'm actually taking part in Vlogmas/Vidmas this year, and I am working really hard on some of my YouTube stuff! I'd be chuffed if you'd take a quick look at my channel! 
I will be vlogging etc. once or twice a week as with my schedule it's pretty easy right now. I have some super cool stuff planned for next week because I am on half-term (a perk of being at College!), can you say pumpkin carving anyone? 
Anyway, here's my most recent follow me around video, take a look!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

100 Little things part 2

This is part 2 of my 100 Little things about me posts! I hope you guys do get to know me better!
51. I have already started planning Christmas this year. 
52. I find all my Christmas wrapping paper online and then go in-store to get it, every year. 
53. I have bought almost everything for my Christmas Giveaway this year, it's super awesome and I am so EXCITED to get it going in November! 
54. I LOVE Yankee Candles, but hate how my Candy Corn one is throwing off soot like a crayzee mutha. 
55. Ruby Woo used to be my favourite red lipstick, but MAC's Deeply Adored is my new favourite. 
56. I HATE super spicy food. 
57. I tend to choose the hardest thing to do and do it the hardest way possible, but usually it ends up good. 
58. I recently cleaned up my room and feel super awesome when walking into it now. 
59. I want a Autumn/Winter wedding. 
60. My favourite restaurants of all time are Yo! Sushi and Wagamama's. 
61. Along with everyone else in my last year of school, I was given a medal for finishing senior school and sixth form. People laughed but I bloody deserved that thing! 
62. I don't tend to hang out with guys because I don't feel comfortable around them, I was bullied pretty bad by some guys in my senior school and it's ruined an aspect of general social interaction for me. 
63. I hate and have a vendetta against the above mentioned guys. 
64. I've learned to stand up for myself and for others. 
65. Social interaction has become easier for me at College. 
66. It's sad that I find it unusual for my College art teachers to like me. 
67. I keep ALL of the packaging from my MAC and 'high end' products for absolutely no reason. 
68. I have a collage of all my 18th birthday cards in my studio room. 
69. My favourite colours are purple, red, black and pink. 
70. I want to learn how to make candy.
71. I would love to be on 'Cupcake Wars'.
72. My ideal man is probably Wolverine...he's nuts. 
73. I don't like hipster but I do like indie.
74. I don't like the moustache trend, I think it's overworked. But, I do like the mugs that make you look like you have a moustache when you drink from them. 
75. Tim Burton is my FAVOURITE creator, director, writer, whatever-er! 
76. I enjoy vlogging a LOT more than I expected to. 
77. My YouTube is turning into a vlog channel and not a beauty channel, who expected that? Not me!!!
78. I'm scared about going away for New Year's, the big house we go to scares me so much. It's got a room called the 'Red Room'. EURGH! 
79. I have already bought my Christmas tree. 
80. I am saving up to buy my friends, family and you guys Christmas presents.
81. I work in a coffee house.
82. I hate most root vegetables, parsnips, swede etc. But like carrots and some beetroot.
83. Salted Caramel is my favourite flavour of everything, if I have a Salted Caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks, I ask for more salt. But I don't really like salty food... 
84. I panic and get angry really quickly.
85. I am unbelievably arachnophobic and insectophobic. I even hate butterflies (bad childhood experience).
86. Cooked sushi is my favourite kind of food.
87. My first and only copy of 'Rolling Stone' is the 2013 Johnny Depp edition.
88. I'd love for my room to look kitsch, homey and cute, but I've realised that I hate clutter and mess. 
87. I have an electric guitar called Selena and an acoustic guitar called Taylor, after Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner. 
88. I'm more scared of Freddy Kreuger than ANY other horror movie villain/serial killer.
89. I'm scared of masks.
90. Next week I am going to the Tulley's Farm Horror Night...bricking it...and it was my idea. 
91. I chose my bed sheets because they were inspired by two of my favourite famous people, one by Marilyn Monroe and the other Marie Antoinette. 
92. I like bedazzling things, if it can have glitter, sparkles or shine, it should. 
93. My favourite indie makeup companies are Dark Heart Designs and Glamour Doll Eyes. 
94. My favourite vampire/supernatural TV programme was 'Being Human' (original not US) but they ruined it when the killed off my favourite character (then all the other character) and started talking about a 'war child'...WTF BBC? 
95. I don't eat shellfish unless it's a prawn cracker.
96. I am non-religious. I respect other people and their beliefs, I find religions EXTREMELY interesting, but hate it if others try to push their religion on me.
97. I HATE being over influenced by others and pushy people. 
98. I like finding new things to love.
99. Pretty Little Liars is my favourite teen programme. 
100. I'm a 'leave me alone and let me deal with it myself' kind of person.

I just shared 100 things about me on the internet for all the world to see. Now it's YOUR TURN! 
Link your 100 Little things posts below in the comments! 
I tag my friend Alice from Alice Poppy to do the 100 little things tag! 

Monday, 21 October 2013

LUSH Haul #2 Christmas!

LUSH'S Christmas stuff is hugely anticipated every year, unfortunately I missed out on it last year which SUCKED. So this year I made sure to grab what I wanted as soon as the products came out earlier this month! I managed to get some real goodies, and the sales assistant that I spoke to this time was super helpful, and so nice. She really made it a pleasant experience shopping there! 
When I walked into the LUSH store one thing immediately caught my eye, the bright pink Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar. 
Yes, it's EVEN BRIGHTER in person! This thing is quite small, and very, very buttery and creamy. You can pick it up and it instantly feels like its starting to melt in your hand. Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar is a soft buttery massage bar filled (and I mean FILLED) with silver's crazy and I love it. It's so Christmassy and sparkly, smooth and buttery. I got this product because of the colour, sparkle and it's basically a solid bar of buttery moisturiser scented like Snow Fairy Shower Gel. This bar is £4.95 a bar, which I think is pretty pricey considering it's much smaller than the other massage bars etc. But hey! In real life the product is a bright, highlighter pink. Another super cool thing I've found (this is definitely my kind of thing) is that you can see how LUSH products are made! How freakin' cool is that! Check out how Snow Fairy Sparkle Bars are made here
I have wanted to try So White for a long time, I love how it's pure white and it's actually a decent sized bath bomb for £3.25, it is slightly bigger than the palm of my hand. So White is named after Snow White and smells very apple-y and fruity. I'd definitely recommend this for anyone that likes apple scents, I'm really looking forward to trying this one out. 
Hmm...I wonder when I'm going to use this bubble bar? Christmas Eve maybe? After much consideration and sniffing around the different bubble bars available this year, I decided on this one. It smells lightly of jasmine and maybe a little lavender. I don't necessarily like lavender but LUSH seems to use lavender really well! I'm saving this one up so that I can have a nice, hot, relaxing bath on Christmas Eve...or maybe I'll use this one and buy another for Christmas? (Be serious, that's more likely!) These little treats are only £2.95 which I think is a pretty good price, especially considering you can search around and pick out the biggest one (yeah, I'm that person...more bang for the buck eh?). The bubble bar is bright blue and yellow, soft, but doesn't give out a lot of oils like the Yuzu and Cocoa one. 
Obviously I wasn't going to walk out of 'that weird soap company' without buying some soap! I hugely deliberated between Snowcake and Orange Jelly, but decided on this marzipan scented delight...I will be picking up Orange Jelly when I go shopping in a few weeks (FIRST PAYDAY!!!) for next spring/summer or if it gets really snowy and I need a pick-me-up. The scent isn't as strong as I'd like, when compared to Sultana of Soap, but I really like it and will be switching it in for the Winter. It's creamy and sweet, and leaves a little bit of gold shimmer on the skin. I like how the top is covered in gold shimmer though! I got a 100g bar for around £3.25. Check out how Snowcake Soap is made here
I'm really looking forward to picking up some more goodies, maybe trying out Let the good times roll or Abominaball (online)? I'm feeling so christmassy writing this, and I've already recorded a Christmas DIY for Vidmas! AHA! 

Which LUSH Christmas products do you have on your Santa list this year? 

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

100 little things part 1

Yup, it's exactly what it says in the title image, a WHOLE POST on 100 little things about me! I'm doing this because I love when my favourite bloggers and YouTubers share random little facts about themselves, it makes them more identifiable, I like finding things that I have in common with them and I want to share some of those little things about me with you guys! 
So, here goes! 
1. I'm a HUGE Harry Potter nerd (Potterheads unite!), I grew up learning to read from the books and I can thank J.K.Rowling for my strange and unusual sense of self, and imaginative childhood. 
2. I'm an only child, it can get lonely, and it can really, really suck sometimes. But I do like being an only child, it means I don't have to compete for anyone's attention. 
3. I have no cousins...yup it's literally just me! 
4. I'm a massive Tom Cruise fan...can you tell?
5. I don't like how whiney Elena Gilbert is becoming in 'The Vampire Diaries', Elena please, we already have a Bella Swan. 
6. I predicted the entire final episode of Season 4 of 'The Vampire Diaries'...I have a very good intuition when it comes to TV series'. 
7. I have a really good sense of direction, I lead my family straight out of a maize maze when I was 6 with no map. 
8. I have the same red bunny phone case as Jess in 'New Girl'.
 9. 'Rizzoli and Isles' is my all-time favourite TV series. 
10. Sometimes I hate the singers on 'Strictly Come Dancing', they can't sing Gaga. 
11. I'm kinda attracted to Nick from 'New Girl'.
12. I found out about two weeks ago that I'm lactose intolerant, needless to say it's incredibly annoying to someone who likes milk, cream and cheese...chocolate (burgh!). 
13. I still can't bring myself to watch the last two episodes of 'Merlin'. 
14. I love my cat Lillypees more than most humans. 
15. My biggest fear is becoming a psycho and chained up in an old 1800's style asylum. 
16. I have been prescribed glasses, but the prescription is so low that one of the lenses is just clear glass.
17. My favourite eyeshadow of all time is MAC's Vex. 
18. The reason MAC's Vex eyeshadow is my favourite is because it looks like the eyeshadow used on Lucy Hale in 'Pretty Little Liars', also the alpha wolf in 'God Save the Queen' is called Vex...and I love him. 
19. I like the Anita Blake novels, but the 'raunchier' scenes freak me out. 
20. I don't eat pork. 
21. I wear a checked shirt to feel like a lumberjack. 
22. I'm feeling bad about the 'Vampire Academy' movie promotion, the posters look like they belong to the modern 'St. Trinians' movies. 
23. I am emotionally unstable.
24. I'm trying to make a pair of walkable shoes out of papier mache and card. 
25. I have a fish called fluffy. 
26. I own a cream shirt covered in cowboys. 
27. I am so body conscious that I wear a maxi dress by the pool all the time, and didn't even attempt to put a swimsuit on whilst on my cruise this year. 
28. I want to visit Moscow.
29. I want to visit Dubai. 
30. My future goal is to live in America. 
31. I'm starting to really like the idea of becoming a housewife (sorry feminists). 
32. I bought 'Rock of Ages' on DVD, then saw that the Blu-Ray version was the extended I bought that too.
33. I dance around my room like crazy. 
34. There's not one day that I don't listen to a song by Bon Jovi, Def Leppard or from the 'Rock of Ages' soundtrack. 
35. I think that my old art teachers hated me. 
36. If I could look like any actress it'd be Lucy Hale. 
37. If I could look like any singer it'd be Katy Perry.
38. My favourite movie of all time is 'Top Gun', my second favourite is 'The Breakfast Club'. Can you tell I love 80's movies? 
39. I wanted to be Lydia Deetz growing up, and am still looking for a 'Beetlejuice' dress.
40. I force my family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving together every year, no, we're not American...yes it's kinda ironic, but hey! 
41. I will never stop loving the Supernatural, I grew up around it, it's the norm to me. 
42. I think its funny watching people at my new job using the WiFi to do their jobs. 
43. My favourite older actor is Billy Nighy...he is MAJESTICAL!
44. Orlando is my favourite place in the world. 
45. As crazy and fantastical as my personality/mind may be, I still want my pink room to make me feel like a french princess. 
46. My favourite monarch of all time is Marie Antoinette.
47. My favourite song of all time is 'Wanted Dead or Alive' by Bon Jovi. 
48. I LOVE Christmas more than any time of the year. 
49. I recently got my first job, which I'm super excited but super nervous about. I had my first shift on Wednesday and found out I can't use squirty cream, but have decent interpersonal skills...maybe...I don't know! 
50. I don't drink. I don't club. I hate parties. I'm not a 'normal' teenager. 

BLIMEY I'm half way there already! The second half of this post will be coming soon, but I think that I should spread these posts apart a little. Maybe? Yes.
I am tagging my friend Emma from 'Anchors Away Beauty' to do this as a little tag, and feel free to do it yourself! Let me know in the comments if you do and leave a link to your blog! 

LUSH Review - Big Shampoo

LUSH's 'Big' shampoo is probably the best thing I bought in my LUSH haul. I literally LOVE this stuff, I can honestly say I've never had better hair! I can see why Elle Fowler raves about this little miracle, my hair feels thicker and fuller than it has in a long time. 
You need about an equal amount of this as you would your regular shampoo, it feels thick and sticky on your hands and initially when you put it on your head. You do need a lot of water to be able to successfully lather this up, more than you'd expect, but it lathers up surprisingly well and much like regular shampoo! 
Most of the flaked salt will dissolve in the water, but some bigger chunks do have to be washed out afterwards. My hair feels so clean afterwards, and when I pull my hair to get the water out it's literally squeaky clean
You can either leave your hair to dry naturally, in which case it dries in waves and makes your hair feel thick and full. But I've found that this product really shines when you blow dry it. It adds 'oomph' to your hair like crazy, you've seen Elle Fowler's hair? My hair seems to now dry just like hers! It's B-E-A-UTIFUL
If sea salt spray works well on your hair, I think that you'll get on well with this shampoo. It's definitely worth the money, I've never loved a shampoo this much. 
Now, onto the scent. I expected this to smell like sea water, salty and fresh but it's actually fairly light. The addition of neroli oil, mandarin oil and orange flower absolute creates a beautiful, light orangey scent that isn't super strong but ladylike, sweet, light and fresh. It's really lovely and I hope that they've put this scent in something else, I really, really like it. 
I would totally recommend this as a first-try product for those looking for a really nice LUSH shampoo. I'm considering trying out some of the solid shampoos, but the little white pieces kinda look like little maggots to me, and once I have something like that in my head it's  hard to get rid of. My friend pointed out that she thought that they looked like little cake sprinkles, which I guess is a better thought eh? 
Look out for my new (yeah I have a problem) LUSH haul coming up in the next few days, I went a little crazy with the Christmas stuff! 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My favourite Halloween movies

I recently spotted a post over on Christina's blog about her favourite Halloween movies. Anyone that knows me, knows that Halloween (excuse the phrase) is my crack around this time of year. I LOVE scary movies more than any other kind, but I'm the kind of idiot that will watch them alone and love it at the time, then be mentally scarred by it for a fortnight. For example, after watching 'The Woman in Black' (how was that a 12?) I couldn't look in the mirror for days
Halloweentown: It's been one of my favourite Halloween movies for years, it was probably the first Halloween movie I ever watched. It's definitely a classic kid's Halloween movie, I'll never forget the skeleton taxi driver or that I really wanted my grandmother to secretly tell me that she was a witch, alas that has not happened yet. 
Obviously Halloweentown's follow-ups are also pretty good, my favourite of them being Return to Halloweentown simply because I really like Sara Paxton, don't know why. I just do. 
Hocus Pocus: I think that this is in pretty much, every 90's kid saw this at Halloween throughout their childhood, and if you didn't what have you been doing? I love Sarah Jessica Parker in this, because honestly, I HATE Carrie Bradshaw, so I like seeing this side to her. This movie is more of a novelty for me, but gosh I nearly cry every time at a certain moment (the cat bit...don't want to ruin it for y'all that haven't seen it), it really pulls at my heart strings! Anyway, this is a classic favourite of mine, and it's a definite watch for everyone at least once in a lifetime. The Uninvited: I don't know what it is about this movie, but there's something scary but watchable about this movie. It's creepy and strange, it's weird and keeps you guessing like crazy. I LOVE how there's the big reveal in the end (won't ruin it for you) and it makes you second guess yourself, as if you haven't watched the movie quite right or haven't paid attention. The attention to detail in this movie is amazing, I honestly (don't hurt me) prefer this to some of the classic Halloween movies, because it is so mind-bendy and twisted. I LOVE IT! I'm more of a fan of mind-bendy horror than gruesome Saw-style horror. It stars one of my all-time FAVOURITE actresses, Emily Browning. I will literally watch anything with her in! 
Scream 1, 2, 3 & 4: Can you tell that I LOVE the Scream franchise? This seems to be one of those things that I was destined to love, I realise now that I grew up with a load of references to this movie but never really realised it. Again, this movie comes down to some of my favourite horror movie actors and actresses that particularly shine in this franchise, Skeet Ulrich (OhMyGoshILoveHim!), Neve Campbell and David Arquette. There is literally nothing about this franchise that I dislike. 
The Lost Boys: Okay, so there's no way that I'm not going to include at least one vampire movie in my top picks, anyone who knows me, knows that vampires are my thing. I've loved vampires ever since the age of 11 when I first read Justin Somper's 'Vampirates'...I digress. The Lost Boys is a classic vampire movie, I love it! It's creepy, weird, unusual and downright bizarre. It's absolutely brilliant, Kiefer Sutherland it bloody brilliant. It's a brilliant vampire movie and a definite MUST if you can catch it on the Movie channel this Halloween. 
Fright Night (original): Fright Night is one of those scary films that was so brilliant that they decided to remake it in 'modern day' circumstances. The modern version, frankly, is crap. Watch the original. Fright Night is one of my favourites because it contains one of my all-time favourite vampire-werewolf transformations by Evil Ed. If you're into that kind of thing watch this. If you're scared of big, oversized mouths watch this. It's one of those old films that is genuinely creepy.

I think I should wrap it up there, I have so many that I've love to share with you guys but I feel like you'd probably become disinterested after the thirteenth movie eh? I would definitely recommend all of these, and I think I've listed something for everyone, monster movies, family movies and even some brain-twisting, mind-boggling creepers! 
I hope you have a wonderful (and safe) Halloween, and don't steal my costume idea...

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

LUSH Review - Floating Island

If you read my last LUSH haul post, you'll know that Floating Island was a product that I've wanted to try for a long time. I basically wanted the water to be creamy and white, to make me feel like Cleopatra without the gross milk thing. 
When first crumbled into HOT water this went kinda bubbly, but obviously not as bubbly as a bubble bar, the bubbles were small, lush and silky. I did have one BIG problem though. The Floating Island didn't give me the milky white colour I expected, intact it made my bathwater look porridgey and brownish/cream. 
The water was definitely moisturising, and left a soft creamy residue on my skin, but the kind that sunk in once I got out of the bath. I thought that this would be soft like the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, but it wasn't and I found it extremely hard to break up into smaller chunks, eventually resorting to using a pair of hair scissors as a knife-type thing to cut pieces off the main bath melt. 
The scent was pleasant but not strong or overpowering, as with the bubbleroon I would have liked for the scent whilst in the bath to have been stronger. 
Altogether, I liked the faint scent that lingered on my skin afterwards, however would have preferred a stronger scent in the bath, I would have liked it more if it was easier to break with my fingers rather than having to resort to scraping at it with a pair of scissors whilst in a bath towel, and a less porridgey look to the water would have been nice. 
I'm feeling that maybe I went for the wrong product for what I wanted? I do want to try out the pink Melting Marshmallow Moment, because, who doesn't want pink bathwater? 

What do you guys think I should try out to give me the milky white bath water I was searching for?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

LUSH Review - Sultana of Soap

I bought this block of Sultana of Soap and showed it to you guys in my LUSH haul, it's the first time that I've ever purchased this soap so naturally I was a little curious. 
This is definitely one of my favourite soaps from LUSH that I've had the chance to try, it's smells super sweet and is melty and creamy to the touch. 
I've actually been using this to shave my underarms, it's really creamy enough for that! The smell is sweet and warm, it's a lovely scent for this time of year and I also like how it contains sultanas that are used in christmas cakes! I haven't found any problem with the sultanas so far, although I can imagine that they might start to fall out once the 'outer' layer of soap that's holding them in rubs off/starts to disintegrate. There are little things in it that I thought were nuts but they are actually smaller translucent pieces of the soap that are a little less creamy.
With LUSH products like this, you can easily cut them into smaller pieces to use. I managed to cut the above piece into four smaller rectangles. Surprisingly this soap doesn't melt in the shower like I expected it to, I do already have a square LUSH tin, but I've found that you don't actually have to keep it in there. You could just leave it out in a soap dish, or on a shower shelf and it would be totally fine and it shouldn't melt like I found Rock Star soap did in the past. 
Altogether, I'm surprisingly impressed with this soap, I feel like it's a little gem that not many people know much about and I'm a huge advocate of it. It's literally that perfect 'pick me up' that keeps you feeling moisturised and squeaky clean! 

[Sidenote - I feel like I'm doing a lot of reviews etc. recently, I'd like to know if there's anything else you guys would like to see? Thanks!]

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Makeup Tutorial - Katy Perry - Killer Queen

I've been wanting to do this tutorial for a LONG time now, I absolutely LOVE the advert for Katy Perry's new perfume 'Killer Queen', it's already on my christmas list after smelling it last week in Boots. The advert is loosely styled after Marie Antoinette, who is one of my favourite historical monarchs. There was huge debate about the similarity of this advert and the advert for Beyonce's 'Mrs Carter' tour. But I have to say I prefer Katy's (I'm not a huge fan of Beyonce), it feels sexier, sassier and isn't so 'strange'. 
I think that you should definitely check out the perfume, it's sweet and sassy, just like my favourite songstress!  
I took inspiration from the images above, remember this won't be EXACTLY the same as Katy's makeup, this is just my interpretation. 
1. Apply a primer all over the lid, under the eye and up to the brow. Then apply a slightly shimmery cream eyeshadow all over the lid concentrating in the inner corner, and then washing up onto the brow bone. 
2. Apply a small piece of Sellotape from the outer corner of the eye diagonally up to the outer edge of the eyebrow. I like to stick the tape to the back of my hand and peel it off before I stick it to my face, meaning it'll come off easier (and less painfully) in the end. Apply a wash of cool toned dark brown eyeshadow up the side of the tape, into the crease, and concentrate into a triangle on the lid. 
3. Apply a dusky mauve shadow into the crease, use this to darken up the brown areas and wash it over the outer half of the lid. 
4. (My favourite part!) Use a black eyeshadow to trace up the tape line and to create a small triangle on the lid. I found that an angled eyeliner brush worked best! Then smudge the black shadow into the crease lightly, concentrating it only in the crease and not blending onto the lid or brow bone! If you smudge it along the outer half of the lash line, your lashes will appear fuller and thicker! 
5. Mix together a shimmery/metallic gold and a dark shimmery/metallic brown and (using the blackened eyeliner/pencil brush) thinly smudge along the lower lash line and into the lower eyelashes. 
6. Take a little of the shimmery cream eyeshadow and apply again to the inner half of the eyelid. 
7. Apply your favourite volumising mascara, Katy's lashes are always super fluttery, thick and long. You can apply false lashes too if you want, but I didn't have any to hand. 
8. Grab a red lipstick and apply it over the top of a red lipliner. You can then add a little gloss if you want some shimmer. Katy's lips in this advert are a little shiny, not matte and not super glossy. 

You should end up with something like this...
 I apologise for the quality of the photos, I couldn't find my fujufilm camera cable, so had to make do with my iPhone. 
I really like how this turned out, I thought it would turn out really bad first time round, but it didn't! I think that this would be a really good look for the autumn/winter time because everyone seems to start using darker makeup and going on about red/berry lips. 
You could easily swap the shadow for some chocolatey browns and the lips for a purple/reddish berry shade and it would be a beautiful autumnal look! 

I hope y'all liked my first makeup tutorial on here! If you have any requests leave a comment below, email or tweet me! 

Monday, 7 October 2013

LUSH Review - Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon

A while back I shared with you guys a small LUSH haul, I have since been back and purchased some bits and bobs from their Christmas Collection ahead of the Christmas rush (simply because I missed out on it last year), I digress. 
I purchased the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, or as I have come to call it Terry's Bubble Bar (like the chocolate oranges...get Okay). I have to say this was my first go at 'properly' using a bubble bar, as in crumbling it under running water rather than just tossing it in and seeing what happened...and I was DELIGHTED! 
It doesn't 'crumble' because it's full of oils so it becomes slightly squishy, and you have to try and crumble it like that, it kind of reminds me of the texture of rubbing butter and flour together. 
It broke up into little pieces (I snapped it in half, therefore I can now use it for two baths rather than one) and sort of sunk to the bottom of the bath. I was expecting a soft foam, but is became SUPER BUBBLY! Remember the bubble bath that we all had as kids (the kind shaped like sailors or pirates?), it was THAT bubbly. 
Once in the bath the scent is dulled, but its still there, it's light and pleasant. The bubbleroon is very moisturising, even with my weirdly textured rubbery skin, I felt moisturised. It was actually really nice to get out of the bath and feel rejuvenated. Once my skin had dried, there was a very slight scent left on my skin, but I have to say it was something I had to search for. 
Overall, I really, really liked this bubbleroon and will probably ask for one or two for Christmas this year. I think I'll leave the green one to try for the Springtime though as I'm totally in the Autumn mood at the moment! 
If you are looking at starting to try out LUSH products, definitely give this a try! But remember my tips in my last LUSH haul, they are all priced at £3.25, but aren't necessarily all the same size...walks out enigmatically. 
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