Saturday, 14 September 2013

The First Time Tag!

Whoop 50th post! It seems like time has flown by! 
I was tagged by my good friend Emma to take the First Time Tag, I really enjoyed doing this tag, it seems that my first times have been both good and some are unmemorable. Check out Emma's tag first before reading mine! 

1. First Best Friend? 
Honestly I don't think I've ever truly had one singular best friend, but I do have two or three friends that I am extremely close to, friends that are like sisters. So I guess that they are my best friends because we have been friends for a long time, however I don't want to reveal them on here...just in case. Sorry. 

2. First Kiss?
I've no idea to be honest, wow I'm already really successful with this tag eh? I've never had what I'd consider a 'real' kiss... 

3. First Concert?
I'm ashamed to say that it was seeing the X Factor tour. Fortunately it was Olly Murs' X Factor tour so I think that justifies it a bit more...But I'm really looking forward to going to my first ever ROCK concert this year...ahhaha! Nickelback! 

4. First Celebrity Crush?
Okay, this I'm proud of, my first celebrity crush was Johnny Depp. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean way back in year 5 (8-9 ish years ago) and instantly loved Johnny Depp. I then started watching a whole load of Johnny Depp films. Whilst I still do love Johnny Depp's films and his general hilarity, I have to say Tom Cruise is still my favourite. 

5. First Word?
No idea.

6. First Pet?
I didn't have a pet of my own for quite a while, my parents had two cats when I was born but I don't feel like they were mine. I got fish in year 3, but in year 6 we got two kittens and I got my own pet. Her name is Lillypees, (or Lilly for short) we bought her from the RSPCA, and she's a beautiful little tuxedo cat. Lillypees came as a strange (self-created) abbreviation of Lily Pad, it's taken a long time for me to explain to every vet/cat hotel etc. that she has two L's in the middle of her name, not one. Oh the kitten exasperation. The other kitten was my Mum's and her name is Cleo, she's a dark fluffy short haired tabby mix. 
It's the first time I've ever really bonded with an animal. 

7. First job?
*Cough* Never had one *Cough* please employ me *Cough*

8. First Phone?
My first phone was a Nokia, I'm not sure about the model, but it was awesome. It had lights on the side that flashed when the phone rang or whenever I got a text. My second phone was by far one of my favourites, it was a Motorola Pebl in green. It rocked. 

9. First Tweet?
No idea. 

10. First make-up?
I'm very proud of this one too. My first makeup was a MAC kohl eyeliner in Smolder. My Mum bought it for me when I wanted to start wearing makeup, she wanted to get me something that I couldn't wreck my eyes with because she knew MAC was a good brand. I think that's what foreshadowed my love of MAC products...thanks Mum!!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this tag as much as I did doing it, and I hope y'all take it upon yourselves to do this as well...I'm tagging my friend Alice, and I TAG YOU! 

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  1. Hey I'm a new follower from the blog hop. I really enjoyed reading this tag :) I've just created my blog and I'd really love it if you checked it out, there's a lot more to come! Thanks x


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