Monday, 30 September 2013

September Favourites 2013

So for once I seem to be doing this, honestly I've no idea why but there are a few things that I've been loving this month that I want to share with you guys! 
 My first two picks this month are OPI's Goldeneye nail polish. It's super sparkly and it dries in a couple of layers to look like a crazy sparkly foil on your nails, I'm currently sporting this on my toenails, but around Christmas time you guys'll start to see this more on my finger nails. 
I seem to be really into sparkles this month because the second polish is a recent purchase but definitely a new favourite, it's Revlon's Nail Art Moon Candy polish in Moon Dust, it's so lush! The black polish dried opaque in one coat, fans of black polish will know that is RARE. When the glitter polish is applied you do have to manoeuvre the particles around a little, but it's definitely one of the better glitter chunk formulas that I've used. The glitter dries a greenish/teal on the nail, so it's perfect for Halloween. I feel like I have Katie McGrath's perfect Morgana nails! (Review coming soon...once I get the printing ink off my
 I'm a HUGE candle person, and Yankee Candles are my faves. I decided to take advantage of a sail at Haskins and bought this little jar of Mandarin Cranberry for £6.45 rather than £8.45! I'm glad I picked this up, but will probably use this up before the Christmas season because I'm burning it so much. This is such a pretty, fruity yet subtle scent for the holidays. 
You guys just saw me haul some Lush, but this is something I bought last year and am still just as in love with it as I was back then, it's Twilight shower gel. Unfortunately I think that they have discontinued this Lush-ious (<- see what I did there?) shower gel. However the bath bomb is still on sale and smells just as good! It's a sweet lavender, so not that yucky flowery scent but manageable, sweet and perfect for night's sparkly. (I think I must be a magpie or something!)
 I got both pairs of these earrings from Claire's a couple of weeks back and LOVE them, I'm really into quirky jewellery at the moment. On the left are black bats, these are not in their Halloween collection, and they have little goggly eyes attached. To the right are some plastic dangly lightbulb earrings, I thought these'd look good with a Doc. Brown inspired updo for College. 
 So obviously I haven't arranged this post by categories...I've really been enjoying a warm, spiced eye look so far this season. My favourites to do this with are MAC's Blanc Type, Ricepaper, Woodwinked and Mystery. I like combining shimmers with really matte eyeshadows. The contrast looks wicked! 
I will do some looks with these eventually, but my Romwe leggings arrived on Friday!!! The ones on the left look like metal, with creepy metal red electric insides exposed through a slash that curves around one leg. I call these my Wolverine x Terminator leggings. The right pair are my Vampire Castle leggings, they are white with grey clouds at the top, a castle/cathedral in black print and black bats flying around the belfry and on to the opposite leg. I love how these leggings feel, I hate normal leggings, the cotton-y kind, and these are silky and smooth and stretchy, they are so perfect! I will definitely be purchasing more! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the post, and please link your monthly favourites blogs down below in the comments! 

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