Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nail art stamping plates review

I recently purchased some 'Fauxnad' (faux Konad) nail stamping plates to use in my nail art. I love painting my nails and making them look wicked, but it's really hard when your one hand dominant to get the other looking JUST as good as the other. Also, my nail art pens are really old now and I need new nail art stuff, so decided to buy some stamping plates instead of nail art pens this time around. 
I was also starting to really love Konad Addict's nail art designs and wanted to attempt some myself! 
I purchased these from Amazon at the end of last week and received the plates on Tuesday and the stamp on Wednesday. 
I chose against investing in Konad plates simply because I was unsure whether I would enjoy using this kind of product, compared to nail art pens. 
The first product I purchased from Amazon was the 2013 GALS "Princess Set" for only £8.99. This includes 25 metal stamping plates, these are much smaller than the other plates that I bought but the designs are almost the same size as on the larger plates. You can see the one I used, it has blue paint on it. 
One piece of advice for these kinds of plates is to scrub them with a bit of nail polish remover straight away! My nail polish remover isn't particularly strong which is why not all of the blue has come off the outer plate yet. But it has all been removed from the stamping design. 
The second set I purchased were the Cheeky Summer 2013 set of nail plates. In this kit you get a nicer box than the GALS set, and 26 bigger plates. I'm just waiting for the right time to start using all the Rock themed plates in this set! 
This set also comes with a little pink and white checkered mini credit card-type thing, I use this to scrape excess nail polish off of my scraper. Brilliant. 
Ironically the one thing that actually broke and really frustrated me, was Konad! I bought the Konad double sided stamp (I got this for £3.45 but it seems to have gone up a bit since then) because being a newbie at nail stamping, I decided that having both ends would be better for precision application. Also my fingernails are pretty tiny because I have tiny hands compared to the rest of the human population. The stamper (right) has a large pink end, for full nail designs on larger nails, and a small bright green end for small individual designs and full nail designs for small nails. Unfortunately after the FIRST use, the green end started to pop out of the stamper and now tries to escape me at all chances! It's a tiny green demon. 
The scraper (right) was hard to clean, probably because I didn't want to wreck my newly designed nails with polish remover, and my nail polish remover is crap. 
So over all, my Fauxnad stuff was great, my Konad stuff was baaaad, but still useable. 

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