Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back from Orlando!

Hey guys, so I'm finally back from my vacation in Orlando and wanted to share a few pictures with you guys whilst I get to work on some YouTube vacation vlogs! 
I will probably be adding a few more pictures to this post as the week develops as there are some awesome pictures on my Dad's phone that I want to share with y'all. 
First day of Florida sun by the pool.
Peach tea at the pool cafe. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando on Universal property so the location was BRILLIANT!!!
I'm a huge rock fan, so seeing all the memorabilia around the hotel was one of my favourite parts of the entire holiday. Warrant are one of my favourite rock bands and I just couldn't cut this down to landscape or else I would've cut off the bottom - 'EAT CHERRY PIE TONIGHT!' bahaha! 
Again, another picture I couldn't bring myself to cut down to landscape. In the little elevator corridor on the ground floor they had this massive window with a LOAD of Twisted Sister memorabilia...again another of my favourite hard rock bands! You can probably tell I was walking around the hotel 'squee'-ing at everything! 
Me and Gary the snail in Universal Studios...they've built this brand new Spongebob Squarepants store hidden round a corner in Universal, it's WICKED. If you remember Spongebob, you'll remember the 'goofy goober' song, this song was on whilst we were in the store and I figured out that it was a rip off of 'I Wanna Rock' by Twisted Sister!!! Music-inception! 
Y'all should know's Hogwarts dammit! 
They sometimes have rock stars cook in The Kitchen restaurant with the chefs, this is Joan Jett's chef-ing outfit! It even has a black heart on the right for Blackheart Records. (This was the least blurry photo out of all the ones I took of this)
Front of the Hard Rock Hotel. The fountain was giant guitars...wicked.
My friend Hannah had this MASSIVE chocolate cake for her dessert at Charlie's Steakhouse...she ate it ALL! (I know)
At Sea World I had a penchant for taking pictures of baby animals, so above you can see baby Shamu at the One Ocean show in Sea World. The new show is SO much better than the last one (with the tacky wooden whale tail story) it's literally wonderful, I almost cried...such a weirdo.
We got to see a one month old baby bottlenose dolphin and it's mama. It was so cute doing little flips out of the water.
We saw manatees in the Sea World Rescue centre next to the turtle enclosure. This guy just wanted to post for a photo. 
During the new One Ocean show you find out a whole lot about Sea World Rescue and all the work they do the rehabilitate wildlife in the wild. It's phenomenal.
It wouldn't be Florida without ice cream eh? Cookie dough and mint-choc-chip ice cream in a waffle cone. Perfection. (Also check out my nails!)
Hannah and I got sparkly airbrush tattoos in Downtown Disney, I got Stitch and she got Piglet. Mine's still there! 
I hope y'all enjoyed this post and stay tuned for some YouTube updates and some more pictures of what I've been up to for the past few weeks! 

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  1. I hope you had a lovely holiday my dear! (It definitely looks like you have!!) xxx


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